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Hope in this faithless world

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Frank's gone to get his revenge on BL/ind but can Gerard convince him not to go alone?

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Frank's POV

I looked at the clock on my bedside, it was three in the morning, everyone else in the house was asleep, it was the perfect time to leave, leave without a trace, so I could do what I'd planned to do as soon as I'd escaped that wretched place...

Get my revenge.

I'd packed a few things up already, some clothes, food, drink, made sure I still had enough money to get me where I wanted to go, and that was that, I placed a note under one of the guitar strings in the spare room for Lindsey to read when she wakes up, I was about to leave the room when I heard something outside of the window, I walked over to see if I could see anything, but I couldn't, nothing was there, and I can see clear as day in the dark, I assumed it must have been the wind or my imagination, and turned back to leave the room, I shut the door quietly behind me, as I crossed the landing to the top of the stairs I looked to Lindsey bedroom door, it was open a crack, but only the smallest amount, I smiled at the sound of her soft snores and headed down the stairs with my packed duffle bag on my back, I got to the bottom of the stairs and slowly opened the door knowing it was a little creaky I only opened it to a size that I could squeeze through and I closed it gently behind me, I began to walk down the street head down, hood up, keeping to the shadows, trying to stay out of sight, but I couldn't shake the feeling someone was following me...

Gerard's POV

I knew Frank was leaving tonight, he told me, so I went home with Mikey and waited for him to go to bed before going back on myself and waiting in the shadows around Lindsey's house waiting for Frank to emerge...

I glanced at my watch and it was about 3 am, I watched as I saw a silhouette flutter back and forth in one of the rooms, I walked along the side of the house slowly, I kicked an empty flower pot on accident, knowing Frank would hear the noise I quickly but quietly ran to the other side of the street and hid in the shadows of the trees.

It was about ten minutes later when Frank finally left the house; staying on the opposite side of the road I followed him, he had his hood up and his head down, every now and again he’d look around behind him and then shake his head, I slowed down slightly to try and keep myself out of sight but keep Frank in my sight, he turned a corner into a dimly lit alley, I walked until I was in line with the alley entrance and looked down it, but Frank wasn’t there, I stood still and stared down the alley, he must have ran,

why would he run?

I stood for a minute to try and decipher why the smaller boy would have decided to run down the alley but I was dragged from my thoughts when I strong hand wrapped itself around my throat and my back collided against a tree “Why are you following me?” the voice was husky and deep, anger lacing his tone, Frank looked at me with glaring demonic eyes, his once chocolate brown eyes were now a violent shade of jade green and the whites of his eyes black like his pupils, it was unlike anything I’d ever seen, they glistened still in the moon light, but his grip on my throat did not weaken “answer the question Gerard.” Frank said more forcefully “You can’t…leave…” as the words fell from my tongue Frank released me from his grasp “It’s not a matter of can and can’t Gerard, it’s a matter of need and want, I don’t want to leave…but I need to.” He stated bluntly, his eyes fading back slowly into their human state I sighed “I know what you want to do, but you can’t get your revenge on them alone…you’ll die.” I reluctantly pointed out; he looked away from me, his gaze now on the patch of grass beneath our feet “If I die making sure those people don’t succeed in their plans, then so be it.” he went to turn away when I grabbed his hand as I had after we left the park yesterday “What about Lindsey, you’re just going to walk back into her life after nineteen years and walk straight back out again like it never happened? Frank it’s going to kill her…” I muttered he shook his head “I left her once and she coped, plus she’s better off without me…” I pushed him backward slightly “You didn’t leave her! You were taken! How do you think she will feel knowing you walked away from her, when you know she’d die for you?!” Frank pushed me back with more force “I don’t want her to die for me! Don’t you get it? I’d rather never see her again and know she’s alive than have to be the reason she dies!” he shouted tears made his eyes shine before falling and rolling down his cheeks “Frank…you can’t do this alone.” I whispered he looked at me, tears streaming down his face “Then help me…”

Lindsey's POV

I woke up around 7:00am, the sun violently hitting my eyes through the gap in the curtains, squinting, I stood up and sleepily stumbled out of my room, I couldn't smell coffee, so I assumed Frank was still asleep, which was odd of him, he usually wakes up at about 5 am, goes straight down stairs and makes himself coffee, I shrugged to myself and went downstairs, I put the coffee machine on and made sure there was enough for two, I guessed the smell of coffee would wake Frank up, if not I'd just wake him up myself after I got a shower, after making and drinking two cups of coffee, I did just that, I went upstairs and got a quick shower to wash the grease from my hair and such, I got dressed and I went to Franks room. "Frankie..." I said softly as I knocked on his bedroom door, he didn't answer so I pushed the door open, to reveal an empty bed, empty wardrobe, the only thing left in the room was the guitar I'd let him play when he arrived, sitting in the corner, the sunlight hitting it perfectly through the window, making the wooden body light up, it was a beautiful guitar, I noticed a piece of paper sticking out of one of the strings under the neck, I walked over and picked it up, to see it had words on it, in Frank's handwriting...


I hope you know, I never spent a day in that prison where my mind didn't drift to you, our friendship and our childhood games, I miss those days, the days where nothing was wrong and the world seemed beautiful and perfect, but you and I both know, the world isn't beautiful, the world is ugly, people are ugly, society is ugly and there's nothing left for me, I'm not wanted and I don't belong, I don't belong in any coven, pack or even a shitty admin job sitting behind a desk, the only thing left for me now is to do what I set out to do, which is to destroy Better Living and take back the years they stole from me, Thank you for being there for me, and never giving up on me even though I am a lost cause, my sanity fades as qucikly as the night, so this is my goodbye, from me to you, I want you to know, I love you, you'e more than a friend to me, you are my family, and I wouldn't have made it through those years, if I'd never have met you. don't cry for me, or miss me, there is no need.

Frank xx

I felt my breathing become heavy and my heart began to race, Panic flooded my body, what if he gets hurt? What if he dies? What if I never see him again? He's my best friend, my only true friend, my childhood revolves around him and he’s what gives me hope in this faithless world…
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