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A note

by Poppana 15 reviews

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I haven't updated this story in ages, so I'm pretty sure there are very few, if any people waiting for an update. Which, kind of is the reason I haven't updated. Do you see the huge problem here? No readers, can't write. Can't write, no readers.

Because the thing is, I really can't write this story for myself anymore (the only reason this story dragged out 113 chapters (so far, by my count), is because I wanted to write it. I still do, but not as much. I will still write it, though, if it matters to someone else, too. If not, I can settle for playing it out in my head and pretend I'm doing something with my life... :D

I know this all sounds really pathetic and no, this isn't one of those 'fuckahs gimme two bazillion reviews or i will never write again and i'll murder your entire family and make you watch'. Okay, so maybe I have been watching too much Criminal Minds.

Just... If you're still there, anyone... Drop a word, maybe. Give me a sign of life. It's so lonely out here...
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