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Its okay to be messed up, cause you know there are four other guys that are just as messed up as you are

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CausethereisahugetankbuiltsteroidtakingjockwhogoestoourschoolandisamateofAlex’scoming overcausewhileyouguyshadyourlovydoveym,mentionboredandtookthepissoutofhimandnowhe’scomingovertoourcarANDHE...

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Chapter nine: Its okay to be messed up, cause you know there are four other guys that are just as messed up as you are.

Gerard’s point of view:

I jumped up, having successfully silenced my brother who was cussing me to hell in a mixture of Italian and American.

Wow silenced him? You sound like some CIA agent who just killed someone for letting out secret government information and you got sent out to assassinate him. Bad ass.

Oh be quiet and stop letting your imagination go into overdrive.

Technically, it‘s your imagination that is going into overdrive too ya know.
Eh what can I say, I’m a very creative imaginative guy.
Yes you are.

Wow insert heart attack here. The voice in my head is actually agreeing with me.
“Hey Ray! Mind not crushing my friend there?” I asked hand on my hip while I grinned.
Ray is my and Mikey’s childhood best friend. Ya know, we’ve only known him since pre school and now we’re in the same high school and same year. That classes as being childhood best friends right? And considering Mikey is my brother who I’ve been friends with since I first saw him in the hospital room. (Plus his first word was Gee. Yeah like I’m totally not proud of that.) So yeah the three of us have pretty much been inseparable since.
Ray is the same age as me, having turned eighteen two months after me, was nearly six feet tall (though me and Mikey say that’s because his fro makes a foot of his height.) and was my fellow misfit in crime.
And a complete metal head. Not that like his head was made of metal, just that he loved metal music. If he did have a metal head, he’d suddenly start thinking he was the terminator. Then again he does love those movies.
Ray blinked in shock while me and my brother laughed as Frank gasped for air, “Shit dude I thought that was, well you!” Ray exclaimed pointing at Frank who raised an eyebrow at him while rubbing his rib.
“Yeah and I thought I was gonna get swallowed into the abyss.” Frankie admitted pointing at Ray’s fro.
I snickered, “Yeah his fro is that big, it does feel like that.” I smirked folding my arms.
“Oh shut it you sassed up, vamp looking, Dracula related.” I rolled my eyes as Ray went on, “coffee addicted, walking zombie with psychotic issues.”
“AW really? Thanks, feel so much love coming from you, its unbelievable.” I replied sarcastically, earning me to get flipped off, “Anyway, the person you almost crushed is Frank; he’s new to our oh so sweet hometown.” I said sweetly.
“Pity you bro.” Ray said looking at Frank sympathetically while I just tutted.
“NJ is not that bad, hell it’s the best.” I pouted; what can I say, I get defensive about my hometown.
“Coming from a guy who hardly leaves his basement!”
“Shut it Mikey mouse or I will not hesitate in castrating you Edward Scissor hands style.” I said sharply.
“Know what? I could really use coffee. Anyone want a coffee? Yeah coffee sounds good, Imma go get some coffee!” Mikey all but shot up then bolted into the kitchen-slamming the door behind him.
The three of us just blinked rather blankly at the door, “Gerard?” Ray spoke up.
“Yeah?” I asked.
“Have you mentally scarred your brother or what?” he asked, making me frown.
“What? I thought he was already.” Frank said, disbelief colouring his voice looking at Ray in shock, “Like, I thought he was already mentally scarred cause he’s been like that since I met him!”
I felt my eye beginning to twitch slightly.
“Oh yeah, Mikey always does that. Annoys his brother. Brother threatens him next thing you know, Mikey acts like he’s a saint or something.”
“Yeah seen that a lot.”
“You get used to it.”
“Oh really?”
“After about ten years.”
“Does that include getting used to them yelling out rape?”
“Uh huh.”
“So it’s a usual occurrence then?”
“Is that even normal?”
“For those two it is.”
“But they ain't exactly ‘normal’ are they?”
“Not really, how long have you been in this city?”
“Three days.”
“You met these guys on your first day?”
“Yep, met Gee at his work, met Mikey the next day when we went to see Saw and stayed over last night.”
“Learned anything?”
“Yeah, that these guys are not normal, act like four year olds, have an addiction to coffee, like to make horror movie torture style threats on one another, insane, have the best music taste and are awesome guys. Insane, but awesome.”
“Fuck you learn fast.”
“What can I say? I’m a fast learner.”
“All I can say is that I’m still here and don’t appreciate getting called insane by people who are meant to be my friends.” I muttered, pouting as I folded my arms and glared at the kitchen doorway where Mikey was temporarily seeking cover, “I got a brother for that-unfortunately.”
Frank and Ray just sniggered at me. Gee, I have such good friends. Not.
“Gerard, stop trying to kill me by death glaring at the door, it won’t work!” Mikey called.
I blinked and I felt my jaw drop in shock, while the other two started giggling.
“How- but I- like-ah-HOW THE FUCK DID YOU KNOW I WAS DOING THAT!?” I spluttered.
“I didn’t I just guessed.” Mikey replied simply and my jaw dropped again, “Looks like I was right though.” he added in.
“Fuck you.” I said in a sort of sing song voice, flipping him off.
“Yeah like flipping me off is way mature.” Mikey called back no doubt rolling his eyes at me.
“How’d you know that?!” I yelped, “And quit smirking smugly and rolling your eyes! I know you’re doing it!” I added in sharply feeling my eye twitching while Frank and Ray laughed hysterically.
“Because you’re way too predictable bro.” Mikey said smirking as he skipped out the kitchen holding a mug of coffee in his hands. And no I’m not even fucking shitting you here, he actually skipped out the room, “ Plus you’re my brother who I've had to put up with for fifteen years so I kind of know what you’re like.”
I couldn't think of a smart ass comeback to that so I did the next best thing and stuck my tongue out. Mikey rolled his eyes, “Plus brotherly connection.” he pointed out matter of factly as he pointed at his head, “Comes natural no matter how much I hate it.”
I looked at him blankly then shook my head, “Yeah yeah whatever smart ass with a vocabulary range to match philosophers and uses it against people who don’t understand a word of it cos they don’t see the need for it, shut the fuck up before I shove your beloved straighteners up your ass and tell everyone you fuck toasters.” I replied sassily flipping my hair back and putting a hand on my hip.
It was silent-then I heard what was suppressed laughter. I and Mikey groaned and rolled our eyes-me covering my eyes letting my other hand fall limply to my side whilst Mikey simply kept his arms folded and muttered something about ‘this place becoming a lunatic asylum for the insane.’- as Ray and Frank burst out laughing.

Frank’s point of view.

After playing some video games, and listening to music plus meeting the Way’s brothers parents again-slightly awkward to be honest- Ray had given me a lift back home. Though he said it was the last time as he doesn't appreciate getting his ‘classic, baby’ (a 1960’s pick up truck) getting labelled a piece of junk so slow a turtle could outrun it by ‘a midget leprechaun descended punk with an attitude problem.’ Part from constantly getting digs at me for my lack of height, Ray seems a pretty cool dude and someone I could definitely class as a friend.
Gerard and Mikey also said I gotta meet their other friend from Chicago called Bob. He’s coming on Friday so we've arranged to go on a weekend road trip which should be awesome.
And Gee also said he would pick me up at half seven for school today.

I opened my eyes slowly blinking as they took in the annoying bright summer New Jersey sunshine and groaned.
“AH GIMMIE FIVE MORE MINUTES MOM!” I called back childishly before curling up underneath my covers.
Suddenly my alarm clock went off, “AW COME ON GIVE ME A MOTHERFUCKING, COW SHITTING BREAK!” I yelped slamming my callused fingers down upon the snooze button and covered my head with my pillow irritably, “What’s a guy gotta do to get some sleep around here?”
“Called going to bed early.”
“Huh?” I blinked stupidly underneath my pillow-before I was rudely doused in ice cold water making me jump about a foot in the air, “AH! WHAT THE FREAKING, FUCKITY FUCKVILLE FULL OF FUCKING FUCKERS WAS THAT FOR YOU CRAZY LADY!?” I screeched looking at my mom in shock as she stood there, bucket hanging over her wrist as she smirked at me.
I looked down at my now soaking wet body and boxers, breathing heavily from shock, “HAVE YOU FINALLY FLIPPED!?” I yelped flailing my arms around and going in a rant, “HONEST TO GOD YOU ARE FREAKING INSANE! WHAT KINDA MOTHER GOES AND, AND POURS ICE COLD FREAKING WATER ON HER ONLY SON AT SEVEN FREAKING THIRTY IN THE-” I was cut off by a towel getting thrown in my face.
“Quit your bitching half pint, and dry yourself off and get dressed, your friends are coming in a few minutes.” my mom said smirking still before leaving my room, “Oh and morning sweetie.” she added in sweetly smiling at me before she left.
I glared at her retreating figure, slightly annoyed as I took the towel off the floor and began drying myself off, “Crazy lady, honestly what kind of mother goes and does that? Seriously?” I muttered.

I looked in the mirror with a look of disgust on my face; no not because I thought I was ugly or fat, or whatever it is people think that I must think because of my look but the uniform. It was fucking horrible! Seriously! Like right now, I can tell you, blue is definitely not my color. I have to wear a white shirt, grey trousers and a blue motherfucking blazer! Hell even my mom think it looks horrible!
“You alright nerd?” my mom asked innocently peering into the room again grinning.
“I swear if you weren’t my mom I would kill you.” I muttered trying to figure out on how to make my uniform look less, well, nerdy.
My mom just laughed, “God that uniform is terrible.” she said.
“Thanks, I feel so much better wearing it now.” I replied sarcastically, “Mom please, please let me wear my skinny jeans please!” I begged, actually getting down on my knees and clasping my hands together. Honestly that is how bad this uniform is. Its worse than the shitty uniform I had to wear at that Catholic school I went to before I got kicked out.
Mom just laughed, “Yeah you better. Especially if your ‘friend’ Gerard is picking you up.” she smirked slyly at me and I flushed.
“Mom!” I whined.
“And nothing too tight, don’t wanna be called a cock tease at your new school on your first day do you?” she grinned.
“Shut up!” I yelped going red, “You got two seconds to leave my sanctuary or I’ll throw my doc martens at you!”
“Though it might make Gerard jealous if he sees you chatting up other guys.” my mom said thoughtfully before giggling like a teenage girl and exiting my room, closing the door just when my doc marten hit off it making a loud thud sound.

I grumbled as I scrambled out my shitty uniform and dragged on a pair of black skinny jeans instead and put a red silver studded belt through the belt hoops. I stuck on a pair of red doc martens which were covered in white and black marker writing of Misfit and black-flag lyrics. I threw off my blazer and white shirt and pulled on my red homophobia is gay shirt, slinging my tie on lazily and my Misfits wristband before grabbing my black eye liner and smudging it on just when I heard a loud car horn coming from outside-and again and again and again.
“hat the fuck?” I muttered going over and opening my window to look outside to see Gerard’s bright red dodge parked outside-and Gerard and Mikey shouting t one another.
“Mikey! What the actual fuck dude! You only need to press it once!”
“I’m bored though.”
I winced then started giggling like crazy as Mikey reached in the car window and pressed the horn again
“Jesus Christ Mikey! What the hell is wrong with you!” Gerard’s sentence was punctuated with a horn blast every two words, “You trying to wake up the whole motherfucking homophobic neighborhood you crazy assed scum fucker!” Gerard threw his arms up in exasperation as Mikey continued to press the horn with a poker straight look on his face.
I laughed, “Hey guys!” I called out waving.
Gerard and Mikey looked up; Mikey simply waved before pressing the horn again.
“Hey Frank!” Gee called before throwing his arms up again and shoved his brother into the nearby hedges making me laugh hysterically.
“Ahhh!” Mikey screeched, “Gee! I just fixed my hair this morning you fucking ass!”
“Told you to stop pressing the motherfucking horn you dumb fuck.”

Mikey’s point of view

I glared at Gee from the back seat of the car, hoping he would get incinerated by my look of death. What is his problem? Hi fault for letting me ride shot gun when I've had four cups of coffee and a can of cola before we left. That’s what happens when you decide to keep your younger brother up all night all cause you couldn't sleep yourself you insomniac, vampire looking walking dead fucker.
Anyway not wanting a repeat of the horn incident, Gerard shoved me in the back (literally cause I decided to be a stubborn fucker and sit on the sidewalk) and threatened to strangle me with the seat belt if I kicked his chair again . I've done it like ten times already but fuck it one more can’t hurt.
“FUCKING HELL MIKEY WHAT IS YOUR MOTHERFUCKING PROBLEM!” Gerard screeched me while Frank burst out laughing.
“Am bored what else do you want me to do?” I whined childishly.
“Uhhh not kick my chair so I almost hit the dashboard maybe?” he suggested while Frank just smirked in amusement and shook his head.
That’s what am trying to do.” I smirked evilly before giving the chair a good kick with my biker boot clad foot causing Gee to lurch forward and smack his head off the dashboard, “Yes!” I yelled happily, pumping my fit to my side in triumph.
“Ohh ouch!” Frank said trying to sound sympathetic-though that’s kind of hard when you’re giggling like a twelve year old.
“Fuck Mikey are you trying to make me crash? You are so lucky we stopped in traffic when you did that!” Gerard scowled at me, holding a hand to his head, sweeping his black hair aside with his other one.
“Eh what can I say I got perfect timing.” I shrugged smirking earning a growl from my older brother.
Frank laughed and looked closely at Gee making Gerard blush and stutter like a lovesick teenage girl as frank leaned in closer to look at the damage on Gee’s head. There noses were almost touching and Gerard’s skin went even redder. I groaned pointedly though they took no notice.
“Looks like its gonna bruise Gee.” Frankie muttered, running his fingers over the already protruding bump on Gee’s head.
“Oh, really? Heh.” Gerard laughed nervously, “No worries man I’ll be fine heh.”
“Am not.” I muttered frowning as I looked out the window at a nearby car parked next to us in the traffic, “Think am gonna be sick at the sick cuteness in the atmosphere.” I muttered; the guy who I think is a jock in our school was in the next car and looked over at me. I flipped him off out of boredom making him go red in the face. I smirked and stuck my tongue out at him.
“Want me to drive? Might have a concussion.”
“NO, no I’ll be fine, had worse living with that walking hazard.”
“I plead the fifth on that one.” I called loudly before making faces at the jock who looked as if he was gonna kill me.
“You sure, looks quite sore.”
“Yeah am sure, hey the bump might take peoples’ eyes off my obvious disfiguration.” Gee joked making me groan and hit my own head off the window making a loud thud sound.
Frank and Gerard raised their eyebrows at me before Frank said, “What disfiguration? You look beautiful to me.”
I made a retching sound, putting my finger in my throat earning a glare from Frank-and the jock in the next car who looked as if he had enough of my mocking and was unbuckling his seat belt.
“Oh shit.” I muttered paling, “Gee! Frank! Sorry to interrupt your sick lovey dovey moment but can you put your foot on the fucking break and move it!”
“Hey we were not having a lovey dovey moment four eyes.” Frank frowned at me while Gee, still pink in the face rolled his eyes as the traffic began to move.
“Whatever just move it!” I yelped as the guy said something to his girlfriend who glared at me underneath her obviously fake eyelashes.
“Why should I listen to you?” Gerard asked, “You know you did just kick my chair and make me hit the damn dashboard.”
“Okay am sorry like a million times over and promise not to annoy you the whole day can we just hurry up and get to school? Pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaassssssssee!” I begged as the jock stepped out his car.
“Why what’s he hurry?” Frank asked looking at me in confusion.
“CausethereisahugetankbuiltsteroidtakingjockwhogoestoourschoolandisamateofAlex’scoming overcausewhileyouguyshadyourlovydoveym,mentionboredandtookthepissoutofhimandnowhe’scomingovertoourcarANDHE’SGONNAFUCKINGKILLM,ESOFUCKINGSTEPONIT!” I shrieked hysterically as the jock came over looking ready to beat the living shit out of me.
Gerard and Frank looked over to where I was looking and paled, “Oh shit way to go Mikey just piss off Alex’s right hand man why don’t cha!” Gerard scoffed sarcastically.
“I don’t care if its Alex’s secret butt fucking buddy! Just fucking drive god damn it!” I shrieked.
“He’s got a point Gee you might wanna move it.” Frank pointed out.
“Why should I?”
“Gee he’s got a crow bar.” Frank said as if it was obvious.
“Who the fuck walks around with a crow bar in his car?” Gee yelped.
“Gerard! Stop being a fucktard! We’re in Jersey! Who doesn't walk around with a weapon!” I shrieked.
Gerard was about to reply when the jock hit the roof with his cow bar, “You fucking emo faggot come out here and try to be a smart ass!” he shouted.
I shrieked loudly. “You gonna drive now Gee?” Frank asked.
“Fuck the speed limit.” Gee muttered before pressing down on the accelerator so hard the tires grinded and drove off at probably 60mph right now making the jock hit the road face first.
I sat back in my chair letting out a sigh of relief, “Thank fuck for that.” I grinned relieved, then noticed Gee and Frank were glaring at me, “What?” I asked pushing my hair back.
“Are you trying to kill us off or what?” they both shrieked at me.
“What gives you that idea?” I asked innocently.
“Why the hell did you piss him off for!” they screeched at me in unison.
“That’s kind of creepy you two.” I pointed out.
“Shut up and answer the god damn question!”
“I was bored!” I yelled in defense.
“Fuck me.” Frank muttered as Gerard hit his head off the steering wheel in exasperation.
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