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I spent my high school career, spit on and shoved to agree- Part1

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Summary: “So this Mr Boston guy.” I said conversationally as if no-one had interrupted us, “What’s he like?” I asked curiously.

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Chapter ten: I spent my high school career, spit on and shoved to agree- Part1
Summary: “So this Mr Boston guy.” I said conversationally as if no-one had interrupted us, “What’s he like?” I asked curiously.
Gerard’s point of view

I pulled up in the school parking lot and we saw Ray perched up on the wall obviously waiting on us.
“Yo puffball! How long till reg!” Mikes called over loudly.
“How long until you die fag!” A jock called earning laughs from his little flock of Katie Price wannabes and thick as fuck soccer mates.
I rolled my eyes while Mikey called out scathingly, “How long can you shut up for asshole?”
“Oh zing!” Frankie grinned.
“How long does it take to learn you’re a whore?!” the jock yelled back.
“How long does it take to learn you’re girlfriend is a slut!?” Mikey retaliated.
“How long does it take to realize you’re brother is a loser!?
Oh boy. You do not want to bring family into an argument with Mikey. I could see my brother was gonna murder that dick already.
“What did you say you steroid addicted, walking dumbass monkey related, slut fucking thick as a piece of wood, asshole!” Mikey exploded storming up to the guy.
Frankie let out a low whistle while I sighed and put a hand over my eyes. Ray looked at the scene wide eyed.
“You wanna fight about it midget!” the jock -Derek I believe his name is- shouted though to be completely honest the guy looked scared. Surprisingly. I mean c’mon my brother is anything but short. Thin and scrawny he maybe, but he’s nearly six feet at fifteen. Five feet nine the last time I checked.
“Midget! Dude I’m just as tall as you are! Are you that fucking stupid that you don’t even know how to measure height!? God how thick can you get?!” Before the guy had a chance to reply Mikey cut him off ,“Pretty fucking thick to think that you can oh so casually insult my brother in front of me! You think you’re oh so tough picking on people cause they’re different and not a thick jackass jock who’s only talent is kicking a ball across a thirty feet pitch and being a walking hormone with a dick probably smaller than my left freaking pinkie!” To prove his point he stuck up his pinkie in the guys’ face which looked priceless, “And if being a loser means I listen to decent music, wear what I wanna wear, like the things that I like and do my own thing rather than being a little sheep following the so called ‘in crowd’ He air quoted the words using his fingers, “Than I’d rather be a loser than some tool who only thinks with his dick! Compared to you and your flock, I’d say I’m pretty much doing well for myself and pretty popular. And you know what I say to assholes who think am a freak?” Mikey challenged him, “This!”
Mine, Frank’s and Ray’s along with probably the full school population’s jaws dropped in shock as Mikey punched Derek straight in the nose causing a loud cracking sound to echo around the parking lot and a fountain of blood to spray across the concrete floor and the jock himself.
“Next time, try thinking before you insult my brother. It might hurt less than that!”
With that Mikey stormed over to our car, looking a bit more sane than he did before though his face was still flushed and he swept his hair irritably out of his face and angrily readjusted his glasses.
Predictably there was a lot of talk while Derek’s’ flock crowded around him and rushed off to the medic room, shooting us looks that could probably kill.
“Holy shit Mikey what the.” I began.
“Hell got into you?” Frank finished off.
“Did you get any sleep last night or decide to PMS for the day?” Ray asked looking at Mikey as if in a whole new light.
“No I did not decide to PMS today and no I did not get any sleep last night and for what the hell got into me? No idea except a lot of caffeine and rage.” Mikey said taking deep breaths, “Plus, I’ve always wanted to do that to that son of a bitch.” he smirked happily.
“Dude.” I said.
“What?” he asked.
“You’re fucking crazy.” Frank said grinning as he shook his head.
“Yeah so? Fucking deal with it.” Mikey said sassily flipping him off and making me and Ray laugh, “Fuck yeah burned.” Mikey continued snapping his fingers across Frank’s face and moving his head slightly.
“Dude, you can so tell you’re related to Gee.” Ray laughed while Frank blinked rapidly in shock.
“And what is that supposed to mean?” I asked tartly, hand on my hip as I tossed my hair back sassily.
“I think that is what he means.” Frank smirked while Ray laughed.
“What does what mean?” Mikey asked, hands on both his hips and pouting at them childishly, “Aw come on tell us!” he whined as they both burst out laughing.
I huffed and tossed my hair back, both hands on my hips as I pouted almost diva like, “Childish much?” I sniffed making them laugh harder,
“Oh my god you two make it so fucking obvious that you’re gay!” Ray laughed, actually crying with laughter.
“I’m not gay damn it.” Mikey said tartly before sniffing, “Just have a habit of exploring with different sexes.”
“Say WHAT!” I yelped as Frank and Ray looked ready to collapse with laughter.
“Nothing! I didn’t say anything that implied that I may or may have not experimented with different sexes! Nope! Didn’t say anything!” Mikey said hastily, flailing his arms around.
“What cha mean ‘experimenting’? What the hell bro?”
“I don’t remember saying that.”
“What you forgetful as well as insane?”

Frank’s point of view.
After we stopped laughing at the Way brothers’ argument, we sat down on Gee’s car; me sitting on the hood with my legs up to my chest, Gerard casually leaning against the body of it, legs crossed at the ankle, Mikey in the front seat with his long legs perched on the windscreen and Ray was in the back seat, legs perched on the door and arms behind his head. We had music blasting from the sound system of the car and for some reason the conversation had turned to cars.
I ran my callused fingers along the hood as the sun shone, making the glossy cherry red paint work shine. It was a vintage 1960’s cherry red dodge and despite how much I teased both Ray and Gerard for their vintage motors I did appreciate them. There was just something about the vintage, retro, almost trashy style of both the car and the pick up truck that gave them an irresistible appeal.
Ray’s pick up was a classy, glossy black 1980’s truck. Part from a few scratches there and there (which occurred just yesterday from some dick who deliberately scratched his car keys across it) and a major dent in the back, it looked in perfect condition and was Ray’s pride and joy-next to his guitar of course. Ray was talking to Mikey about the damage and how his brother had offered to fix the dent in the back (caused by some road raged asshole who couldn’t wait on the traffic moving on Friday) as long as Ray paid for the paint to fix the scratches. After he topped up the fuel tank, it would be set for the road trip this weekend. Gerard was telling me how his dad-sick of giving him into trouble for using the car without permission- was gonna get a second hand ‘66 mustang from a family friend and was letting Gerard-who had passed his drivers test last summer-take it for a test drive when it arrived and let him choose between the mustang or the dodge for his first car.
Mikey was going on about how he couldn’t wait for his birthday as Gee had promised to give Mikes driving lessons to prepare for his test in December. Gerard, being the sweet guy he was, offered to teach his younger brother-though their parents were rather dreading that day considering Gerard was known for being a bit of a speed freak when it came to the empty straight roads on the outskirts of New Jersey.
If Mikey did pass his test, Ray said his brother-who worked in a car repair store- had a vintage car in which was found burned out and abandoned on the outskirts of the city that was still usable and was in the middle of repair. As it had no license plate and no-one had came forward to claim the car, it was under the ownership of the store and the boss gave Ray’s brother the rights of it. He didn’t tell Ray what kind of car it was only it was a classic and should be on the road by December and Mikey could have it free of charge. Needless to say, Mikey was ecstatic.
I felt a small twinge of jealousy. I didn’t have a license or a car and didn’t turn seventeen until October and I didn’t have a job to earn cash to pay to take the test or lessons.
Gerard must have noticed my jealous expression as he looked at me behind his ray ban sunglasses.
“You okay Frankie?” he asked over the music.
I nodded, “Yeah, just envy you fuckers for having cars when I’m stuck travelling the old fashioned way.” I joked grinning making Gee laugh.
“You don’t have a license yet Frank?” Ray asked surprised.
“Nope.” I admitted somehow feeling slightly embarrassed; after all most people my age either had a license or going for one.
“Hey how bout Gee gives you some lessons?” Mikey spoke up, “I mean he’s gonna be teaching me so.” he shrugged then looked at his brother, “What cha think Gee?”
Gerard screwed his face up cutely -making me giggle slightly- as he thought the idea through.
“Yeah don’t see why not.” he shrugged, “Like Mikes said I’ll be teaching him anyway, be killing two birds with one stone-you learn how to drive and don’t need to pay the stupid fee to learn from some old geezer who’s got a limp and can’t drive anyway.”
We laughed, “What, like you did?” Ray asked hiccupping.
“You trying to say your brother is an old geezer?” Gerard asked raising an eyebrow and instantly sobering Ray up while Mikey snickered, “I was just going with the experience your brother told me when he learned to drive.”
“Ray’s brother taught you?” I asked curious.
“Yep, taught Ray too. He was a drivers instructor before becoming a mechanic so he also gave us our tests.” Gee smirked arrogantly suddenly as he nodded in Ray’s direction, “Though unlike him, I passed first time. Ray had to take his twice and just passed this spring.”
“Hey I thought we weren’t gonna mention that.” Ray snapped suddenly, “You promised.” he added warningly as he pointed at Gerard.
“Yeah like you both promised you wouldn’t mention that I drunkenly snogged our chemistry teacher at the end of term party last year.” Gerard replied rolling his eyes then noticed my wide eyed expression, “Long story, save it for the road trip-it’s a favourite of theirs.” he grinned slightly as Mikey and Ray burst out laughing, “Then again we haven’t told anyone of the first test story have we Raymond?” he asked Ray innocently making Mikey-who must have been there or heard of it-laugh harder and Ray to sober up again.
I just grinned, “Why what happened?” I asked eagerly.
“How much time we got?” Mikey asked, “Wanna give the story justice and not cut it short.” he smirked earning a flip off from Ray.
“We only got fifteen minutes not unless you wanna skip reg and just hang out here-no one notices us.” Gerard shrugged taking out his box of cigarettes from the pocket of his black leather jacket and passing me and Mikey one each before lighting his own.
“Yeah say we slept in, cars broke down on the highway and that Frank’s a new kid and got lost on his way to class.” Mikey said, lighting up his cig before taking a drag, “Then that way we’ll miss the first two periods too.” he finished exhaling.
I felt my jaw drop in shock and admiration at how easy the lies came out of Mikey’s lips. Obviously, by how casually they were talking about this, it was a regular occurrence and Mikey was obviously the brains when it came to lying.
“Didn’t we use the ‘slept in’ excuse last week?” Gerard asked, hand on his hip as he faced his brother.
“No we used the whole ‘felt ill and threw up but I thought I would fight it and come in’ excuse cause we got drunk at Ray’s house when his parents were away that weekend remember?” Mikey reminded him.
“Oh yeah. “ Gee realized, “’Man I felt like shit after that.” he admitted laughing slightly.
Something told me I was gonna have fun with these guys. Suddenly feeling rather cheerful at this realization, I lit up my cigarette and took a drag, listening to their conversation.
“Okay use that excuse then.” Ray said decisively shrugging, “Sounds believable, I mean we drive old cars, people are gonna expect them to break down and I’m sure we haven’t used that one.”
Obviously the decision maker of the group. I thought amused.
“What cha think Frankie?” Gerard asked me suddenly making me look up, “I mean it is your first day.”
It may sound corny, but I actually felt happy at the fact I was being included in this. I mean not to sound cliché’ here, but at my old school, being a rebelling misfit, I didn’t have any friends at all so I never got included in anything. So suddenly having three friends after not even being here for a week and already getting included in their activities gave me a sudden rush of emotions.
“Nah I don’t mind.” I shrugged, “I got double gym class first anyway.” I grimaced remembering my reaction when I saw my timetable I received when me and my mom met the school headmaster on Friday.
I noticed the three of them were gaping at me in unflattering disbelief.
Feeling self conscious I asked, “What?”
“No. Way.” Ray said slowly in shock.
“What cha talking about there’s two Ways here.” I said pointing at the Way brothers.
Ignoring my really shitty shot at a joke Gerard quickly grabbed his Misfits bag from the car and searched through it.
“Uh…what cha doing Gee?” I asked confused.
“Looking for my timetable; me and these two assholes have pretty much the same classes and we all have double gym first so.” Gerard pulled out a rather crumpled up, doodled over piece of paper from his bag and shook it out with a flourish, “I wanna see if you do as well; who’s your gym teacher?” he asked frowning at his timetable while Mikey and Ray looked through their bags for their own ones.
“Um….hold that thought.” I muttered grabbing my bag which was perched on the hood as well and stuck my cigarette in my mouth as I rummaged through it.
After finding it beneath my map of the building the receptionist gave me, I said, “Mr Gibbs you?”
“Same.” they said in unison.
“What cha got afterwards?” Mikey asked.
“English with Ms Grech, Chemistry with Mr Crane, Art with Mr Thompson, and Music with Miss Lindsey.” I concluded exhaling.
“Holy shit dude that’s the same classes as Gee.” Mikey grinned, “We’re all in the same music and English class, um you’re in chemistry with Gee and Ray while I’m in biology and me and Ray are in technical design while you guys are in Art.”
“Cool.” I said bemused.
“Oh we got Band for double tomorrow before lunch and double Art tomorrow morning, then Math and English.” Gerard clarified leaning over me to see my timetable, “Oh you’re also in my History on Wednesday morning along with Gym, then you’re in double Math with us after break, then it’s a double free break.” he rallied off, “Thursday uh, double English, history, music, chemistry, and Spanish and then Friday you got band for first, art for second, Spanish and English then gym and a free period.”
“Awesome.” I said grinning before we both hi fived.
“So all agreed to skip double gym and reg?” Ray asked grinning.
“No objections.” I grinned putting my timetable away.
“Sweet.” Mikey grinned.
“You guys do this often?” I asked curious.
“Eh mostly just gym we skip, now and again its our social subjects, like your geography, history and Modern studies but once in awhile we skip math.” Mikey admitted before taking a drag, “Makes it about four or five times we skip a week.”
“You ever get caught?” I asked amazed.
“Now and again we do and put in detention but we uh ‘forget’ we have it if you know what I mean.” Ray grinned air quoting the word.
“Rebels.” I joked shoving Gerard who laughed and messed up my hair.
“Course we are; looks like you’re one too, considering you don’t seem to be following school protocol when it comes to uniform.” he teased.
“Neither are you guys.” I said defensively.
It was true though; Gee himself was wearing tight grey skinny jeans, a slim fitting black rocky horror show shirt, black biker boots, black leather jacket, Batman belt and his black guy liner. His dyed black hair was now cut a bit shorter, just covering his neck and was styled into a messy bed hair style.
Mikey wore an Anthrax shirt, faded black skinny jeans and a faded grey denim cut off shirt with various badges pinned to it and a green studded belt paired up with his Misfit converse, his brown hair straightened and glasses perched at the end of his nose. Ray wore dark denim artificially ripped jeans held with a black leather belt that had the Misfits skull as a buckle, Iron Maiden shirt, Metallica zip up hoody and black doc martens.
“Eh what can I say, we were born to break rules and rules were mean to be broken.” Gee shrugged making me laugh as I exhaled and flicked my cigarette butt onto the concrete, Gerard doing the same.
“So those driving lessons.” he said conversationally leaning on the hood as Ray and Mikey started a conversation of their own, “You up for it?”
“Yeah if its okay with you.” I agreed.
“Course it is; wouldn’t offer if it wasn’t.” Gee pointed out smirking slightly making me go pink.
“Good point.” I grinned.
Gerard grinned at me as Mikey said, “I swear if Mr bat crazy tells me I need to dissect another frog today, I’ll dissect him.”
I cringed slightly before laughing with Ray and Gee, “Who?” I asked grinning.
“Mr Boston, my biology teacher.” Mikey explained before taking a last drag of his cigarette and flicking it on to the concrete, “In his late sixties, white hair, reminds people of the Doctor from the Back to the future movies and a complete psychopath.” he concluded making us laugh.

“Turn that shit off will ya? You losers!” a jock called out scathingly.
Mikey and Ray rolled our eyes while Gee and me flipped the asshole off.
“So this Mr Boston guy.” I said conversationally as if no-one had interrupted us, “What’s he like?” I asked curiously.
“Told ya.” Mikey spoke up as his brother opened his mouth to speak; he frowned in annoyance as his brother talked over him, “The guy’s fucking crazy, loopy, woo hoo, cuckoo, got a screw loose, two cans short of a six pack, absolutely nuts.” Mikey shrugged.
“If that’s the case, then how is he a teacher?” I asked frowning in confusion.
“No idea, all I know is, the last time someone didn’t listen in his class to one of his bored as watching paint dry lectures, the dude flipped and threatened to pour cyanide in his drink last year.” Ray said biting back a laugh, “ Poor guy didn’t drink anything in school for bout a week, didn’t you Gee?”
I started laughing as Gee flipped him off, “Yeah yeah, laugh it up.” he said.
“Can’t believe you took the guy seriously.” Mikey snickered.
“Aw come on give me a break; the guy’s crazy enough to, so I wasn’t gonna give it a risk.” Gee said flipping his hair back sassily and sniffing.
“Aw come on, what’s life without risks?” I joked earning a shove.
“Yeah like am totally gonna risk the chance of drinking something and have my insides burn up.” Gee scoffed making me giggle like crazy.
“That why you chose to take chemistry class this year instead?“ Ray asked smirking, “And burn the class down in the process.“ he added in quickly before bursting out in laughter at Gee’s expression of outrage.
“Hey, hey that was only one time! one fucking time! and it wasn’t even my fault!” Gee said defensively as we burst out laughing, “Okay, hey you guy gotta shut up! It wasn’t my fault alright!”
“Yeah it was, you set the Bunsen burner to high and put carbon dioxide in the phial and put it on the burner, course it was.” Ray laughed actually hiccupping.
“Hey don’t put the blame on me! It was that asshole’s fault for letting me!” Gerard frowned as we carried on laughing, “You guys gotta shut up.” he said in a deadly serious voice.
“Ohh Gee’s getting serious, he means business now.” I said then started giggling again setting the other two off again.
“Oh my god you guys are so bad!” Gerard yelled though he was laughing himself as he shoved me off the hood.
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