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I spent my high school career, spit on and shoved to agree- Part 2

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“Awww, leave them alone Frankie.” I grinned, punching him on the shoulder, “Awww they look so cute!” I squealed like a little girl as they cuddled up to each other, oblivious to us and lost...

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Chapter eleven- I spent my high school career, spit on and shoved to agree-part 2

Ray’s point of view
Me and Mikey were sitting in the car laughing so hard, tears were spilling from our eyes as Gee and Frankie play wrestled on the dirty concrete of the parking lot, giggling like crazy.
“Alright ladies, break it up, break it up!” I called clapping my hands together.
“Who’re you calling a lady!?” they both yelped, stopping in mid fight in a very awkward position as they glared at me.
Both of us looked at each other then at them -Frank pinning Gerard to the ground and Gee’s legs wrapped around Frank’s waist in what was probably an attempt to flip him over- and burst out laughing.
Gerard and Frank looked at one another then realization hit; I swear I have never seen so much color in that guys‘ face through the whole time I‘ve known him. It went fire truck red! And Frank? He looked as if someone splashed bright red paint in his face.
“Heh this again huh?” Gerard giggled, “Getting a bit of a habit this eh?”
Frank suddenly smirked, “Not complaining to be honest.” he said, “Kinda like meeting like this.” he smirked slyly.
I started giggling as Gerard went, if possible, even redder. Mikey just groaned, picked up an empty can from the back seat (mine from earlier) and threw it as hard as he possibly could, hitting Frank directly on the head making him yelp.
“What the fuck was that for!? You lanky, four eyed, severely violent and deranged fucker!” Frank yelled annoyed while Gerard-still pinned to the ground- started giggling.
“Do you mind? I don’t wanna watch my friend try to rape my brother.” Mikey snapped annoyed.
“I’m not raping him.” Frank said rolling his eyes while Gerard flipped his brother off, a frown on his lips.
“Sure as hell looks like it.” Mikey said frowning, folding his arms while I just laughed
“Hey, it ain’t rape, if he’s enjoying it.” Frank said before sticking his tongue out childishly while Gerard looked up at him wide eyed, “So there.”
“Uh….Frank?” Gerard asked innocently, tapping him on the arm .
Frank blinked then looked at him as I laughed while Mikey’s lips twitched.
“Huh? What’s up Gee?” He asked, then suddenly smirked again, “Am I being too rough?”
“No.” Gerard said blushing again, “Just that its kinda uh weird being in this position while people are staring.” he mumbled.
Funny, he isn’t exactly denying the fact he’s enjoying that. Maybe Mikey was right about them having a thing for one another… if Frank’s actions are anything to go by.
“Let em stare.” Frank said throwing his head back and scoffing at the students who were watching them wide eyed, “They’re just jealous.”
“Jealous of what? That Gee is getting up front raped in the school parking lot?” Mikey asked innocently while blinking continuously and making me laugh.
“I’m not getting raped!” Gerard yelled, “Just so everybody knows that!”
“Yeah don’t worry! He consented!” Franck piped in then muttered slyly, “In a way.”
“And what’s that supposed to mean?” Gee asked annoyed.
“Nothing! Just means that you were forced to consent to me dominating you’re tight black skinny clad ass.” Frank said, grinning brightly.
“Hey everybody knows here, that if we were to get involved in any sort of sexual activity, I’d so be dominating.” Gerard smirked.
“Bullshit.” Frank said simply, “I would; considering the position we’re in, I would obviously.” he said smugly.
“You gotta be kidding me.” Mikey groaned making me look at him in confusion while they bickered on who was more dominating, “They aren’t even in a relationship and they’re already arguing over who would top.”
“Admit that I would dominate you’re short, tight midget ass, or so God I will knee you in the balls.”
I and Mikey looked at Gerard wide eyed then started laughing.
“Have to admit it’s kinda funny.” I said fairly.
“You wouldn’t!”
“Try me!”
“Yeah I guess.” Mikey grinned.
Me and Mikey burst out laughing as Frank jumped off Gerard as if electrocuted and now holding his no doubt very sore package, “WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING!? OH GOD YOU ARE A SICK MOTHERFUCKER!” Frank all but shrieked while Gerard was all but rolling on the concrete laughing his ass off.
“I, I did warn you.” he choked out, sitting up, a huge grin on his lips.

Mikey’s point of view.

The bell had rang about ten minutes ago but of course we weren’t there to hear it; we were actually at the local park, me sitting on the slide with Ray sitting on the railing while Frank decided to have a go on the swings with Gerard leaning against the pole, legs crossed at the ankle and smoking a cigarette, one arm wrapped around his body.
A random thought came into my head and, me being me, decided to voice it out loud despite the fact I’d get hit or something thrown at me.
“Ya know you look like a hooker standing like that bro.” I pointed out innocently.
Ray and Frank gasped in shock before laughing while Gerard frowned at me, picked up a stone from the ground and threw it at me.
“Ow.” I winced, rubbing my head, “Knew that was coming.” I muttered as Gerard stuck his tongue out at me before taking a drag of cigarette.
“So is this what you do all the time?” Frank asked conversationally swinging casually with head hanging upside down, “Just skipping class and hang around here?”
“Sometimes.” Gerard shrugged.
“We usually sit and take the piss outta each other, much more fun than trying to run around the track without a soccer ball hitting you in the face.” I frowned, “Yeah playing run and duck with the jocks ain’t all that fun.”
“Oh really?” Frank asked raising his eyebrows, “Wow and I thought it was totally the new rage.” he said his voice dripping in sarcasm as Gerard chuckled, “So what cha wanna do?”
“Let’s play dares.” I grinned evilly, hoping for looks of fear on my friends and brothers’ faces. No such luck. Instead I got hit by another stone-courtesy of my brother who is getting way too good at hitting me dead on the head every time- and looks of disbelief from Frank and Ray, “Ouch! What was that hit and those looks for!?” I yelped annoyed.
“The hit was for being an immature dumbass and the looks are being used because we’re wondering what age you actually are.” Ray explained smirking slightly.
“Shup fro head!” I pouted annoyed flicking his fro just to bug him.
“Hey lay off the fro dude! Or I’ll mess your straight as a fucking rail hair up!” Ray all but flailed his arms around as he yelled this, making me lean back slightly so I wouldn’t get hit.
“Wow, chillax bro, don’t get your fro in a knot.” I said raising my eyebrows, “Bit of an over freak out much?”
“Chillax? Shup? Seriously? “ Frank giggled while Gerard shook his head.
“Yeah why not?” I asked rather defensively.
“It’s stupid.” Gerard stated flatly, flicking his cigarette stub.
“God, what crawled up your ass and died today?” I asked pouting again.
“What drug did you put in your coffee this morning?” he said sardonically.
“Oh mock reply! Zing!” Frank grinned.
I rolled my eyes.

“Yeah whatever, laugh all you want Iero.” I said annoyed before pushing myself down the slide-and hitting the ground face first.
There was a silence, then a few snickers, a giggle.
“Ow.” I groaned.
There was a snort from Ray and that set Gee and Frank off. Soon enough the three of them where in stitches of laughter.
I grumbled as I stood up, wincing slightly and stretched my arms out before dusting off the dirt that got on my clothes and readjusted my glasses as they continued to laugh hysterically.
“”Aw dude! That was priceless!” Frank giggled like crazy.
“Tut tut Mikes;sixteen years old and still unable to go on a slide properly. Should be ashamed of yourself bro.” Gerard said shaking his head as he smirked.
“Oh piss off.” I growled in annoyance.
“Ohhh, Mikey’s pissed we’re in trouble now.” Ray grinned making Gee and Frank laugh.
“You bet your ass you’re in trouble.” I grumbled pouting.
“Oh really? What cha gonna do four eyes? Trip kick me?” Frank asked innocently.
Ray and Gerard burst out laughing.
“Oh haha real witty.” I snapped sarcastically though I was trying to hide back a grin, “You better hope your balls are made of steel Iero, cos I won’t hesitate in coming over there and kicking em.”
“I think your brother already had that covered Mikes.” Frank stated hiccupping slightly.
I rolled my eyes, “They’re gonna stick like that if you keep doing that.” Gerard pointed out.
“Might make an improvement.” Ray joked.
I gasped in mock horror, “Ray! How could you say that!?” I asked feigning hurt while Gerard and Frank laughed.
“What, the truth?” Ray asked laughing slightly.
“Oh so you’re saying I’m ugly then?” I asked trying not to laugh.
“What! Course not!” Ray looked horrified at the actual thought that I would think he thought that, “You’re a very pretty and unique guy!”
“Oh so you think I’m pretty then?” I asked smirking slightly as I raised my eyebrows.
Ray began spluttering and his face got even redder; Frank and Gerard burst out laughing again.
“Ah I’m just messing around with you dude.” I grinned putting an arm around his shoulder, “Don’t take it seriously, I know you’re straighter than a ruler.”
“Well actually….” Ray said grinning sheepishly, rubbing his arm.
I looked at him wide eyed and was about to ask him what he meant when there was a loud thump. Both me and Ray whipped round to see that Frank was lying in a crumpled heap underneath the swing while Gerard laughed maniacally at him, practically slipping off the pole as he pointed at his friend.
“Ouch?” Frank mumbled making it sound more look a question; this just made my brother laugh even more uncontrollably and fall to the ground, rolling around laughing.
Me and Ray looked at each other and shrugged.
“Oh you think that’s funny vamp boy?” Frank asked, grinning rather evilly.
“Heh, yeah.” Gerard choked out, giggling still as he sat up, “You fell off the swing!” With that Gerard burst out laughing again.
“Why do I have a maniac as my brother Ray?” I sighed.
“I dunno, ask your mom if she was on drugs when she was pregnant with him maybe?” Ray suggested; I raised my eyebrows at him, “What! Its possible! Do you know how painful pregnancy is?” he yelped defensively.
“Considering am a guy, haven’t been pregnant and can’t may I point out, no, I don’t know how painful pregnancy is.” I replied bluntly.
“Yeah well, my mom told me.” Ray grimaced, “Told me to never under any circumstances get a chick pregnant if we didn’t want kids cos the pain is unbearable and she could become a pill popper or something.”
“You’re mom has a weird way of teaching you things Ray.” I stated.
“Uh huh, think its possible she was on drugs?”
“It is funny! Admit it!” Gerard laughed.
“Oh okay its on now blood sucker!” Frank yelled before giving out a sort of war cry.
“Oh no.” Gerard muttered instantly sobering up-before getting rugby tackled by Frank, “Ah Fraaank! Gerroff!“ He all but whined, “Fuck! That tickles!”
“Good! Admit your sorry or I’ll tickle you into a laughing induced death!”
I and Ray stared wide eyed. A mother with her two young sons walked past, the mother giving my brother and Frank a look of disgust as they both rolled on the floor giggling hysterically while Frank tickled my brother with no signs of stopping anytime soon. The youngest boy tugged on his mothers’ jacket.
“Mommy, why is that boy pinning the other one to he ground like that?” he asked innocently.
“Yeah and why are they holding hands? Don’t just girl and boy friends do that with one another?” the older one asked.
“Yeah our sister and her boyfriend hold hands.” the younger one piped up.
I frowned as I glanced at Frank and Gerard who were obviously not paying attention to the sudden audience they had, both of them holding hands as Gerard tried to stop Frank from tickling him, his legs wrapped around his skinny waist.
“Don’t look sweeties, they’re just very bad boys that shouldn't be breathing the same air as us.” the mother replied giving us all look of disgust; I noticed my arm was still around Ray’s shoulder and Ray was holding my wrist, the other around my waist so I wouldn't fall off the rail.
“But mommy why are they two boys on the slide have their arms wrapped round another? Are they bad boys too?” the younger boy asked.
Ray went to move his hand and arm away, going red but I gripped his hand and held his arm tightly to my waist, “Don’t let it bother you.” I whispered in his ear.
He nodded, going even redder but tightened his grip on my hand. Gerard and Frank seemed to notice was going on as they stopped laughing, now just breathing heavily, Gerard pinning Frank to the ground and Frank with his arms wrapped around his neck. Both of them were flushed with laughter, their hair messy but the smiles had been wiped from their faces to be replaced by frowns and their eyes were narrowed in anger.
“Yes honey they are.” the mother replied firmly.
“Because sweetie, God says its not allowed for boys to be like boy and girlfriends as it’s a sin.”
“So what will happen to them? Won’t God be mad?”
“Yes darling, he’ll be very mad.” the mother replied glaring at us stonily.
I stared at her coldly and Ray’s grip was so tight my fingers had gone numb but I didn't care. Frank and Gerard stood up, Gerard’s arm wrapped round Frank’s waist protectively and Frank’s arms wrapped round Gerard’s waist. Both of them were staring icily at her.
“So what will happen to them?”
“Well, people like that are usually sent to Hell when they die.”
“What do you mean people like that mommy?”
“I mean people like that who are called Faggots honey.”
That was the last straw for me. I couldn't take this mother teaching her kids how to be homophobic and using us as an example and not even care we could hear every word she was saying.
Before I could say anything however, Ray beat me to it.
“Hey! If you've got a problem with homosexual relationships lady, you better keep on walking cos that’s what you’re looking at right here!” he called icily, “And if you don’t like that well you better learn to respect that and give your kids a lesson in being respectful to other peoples choices in life!”
“I don’t expect anything more than a bad attitude from a faggot.” she spat back.
“Hey!” Gee called looking furious, “You watch your mouth! Think its okay to teach your kids to be disrespectful and homophobic?”
“Don’t you dare speak of my kids you good for nothing faggot!”
"Don’t speak to my brother like that!” I snapped, “How dare you think it's okay to bad mouth us, judge us and label us when you know shit about us!”
“I don’t expect to see such a disgusting sight as I walk through the local park!” she snapped.
"Yeah we may prefer boys over girls, my brother may like to swing both ways but there was nothing wrong with what we were doing! Nor is there nothing wrong with our sexuality!” Gerard snapped
“If you must know we were actually having a bit of fun and a laugh and those two were just holding each other to stop themselves from falling! Talk about judging on sight!” Frank spat in disgust.
“Oh please I know what I saw! And what I saw was four filthy faggots being a lot more than friends in my local park!” the kids’ mother spat back, equally as disgusted.
“Hey you wanna see ‘filthy faggots being more than friends’ in your local park?” Ray questioned, “Fine!” with that, Ray suddenly pulled my head up by the hair and smashed his lips against mine. I instantly kissed back, melting in the kiss and wrapping both my arms around his neck, swinging my legs round to wrap around his waist. He kissed me roughly, our teeth hitting off each other but it was raw and full of emotion and I could tell Ray wasn't just doing this to piss that old bat off. I moaned hungrily and thrust my tongue in his mouth.

Gerard’s Point of view
Me and Frank wolf whistled, and hi fived each other while that old bat gasped in horror, grabbed her two kids who were looking at my brother and my friend make out with looks of curious amazement, by the hands and dragged them away yelling something about how we were all gonna burn in hell.
“Yeah whatever lady! Go and preach your religion elsewhere!” Frank called making me laugh as he flipped her off, “Yo! You guys can’t stop eating each others faces off ya know! She’s gone!” he called over to the two love birds on the slide.
“Awww, leave them alone Frankie.” I grinned, punching him on the shoulder, “Awww they look so cute!” I squealed like a little girl as they cuddled up to each other, oblivious to us and lost in their own little world.
Frank rolled his eye though he grinned.
“What?” I asked defensively, my voice breaking.
“Nothing.” he grinned cheekily at me, “Just that you’re such a girl sometimes!” he giggled.
I huffed dramatically, “Well excuse me for being in touch with my feminine side!” I said indignantly, flicking my hair back sassily and crossing my arms.
Frank just giggled insanely at me.
“Aw come on you have to admit they look cute!” I pointed out, pouting slightly.
“Yeah they do.” Frank grinned then looked at me curiously, a slight frown on his face, “Don’t cha think we look cuter though?”
I blinked, “Well, I don’t know, maybe, possibly, I mean.” I spluttered going red whilst Frank laughed, “We’re not a couple though so.” I shrugged as if that settled the matter.
“Yeah I know but if we were a couple though.” Frank pointed out.
“Well yeah I guess we’d be cute too, I think.” I raised an eyebrow, frowning thoughtfully at the sun streaked sky.
“Cool, I’d think we’d totally beat them at being cute.” Frank smirked evilly.
“Then again, we’re both too evil and sadistic to be cute.” I said thoughtfully, tapping my chin.
“But people find evil and sadistic hot right?” Frank asked hopefully.
“Think some people do.” I replied.
“Well you got the sadistic, dark, mysterious vampire look going on and I got the evil, little, eccentric punk look pulling off.” Frank stated leaning his head on my shoulder and looking up at the sky with me, “Plus we’re both pretty hot, not to sound arrogant anyway, just going with what people have told me.”
“Meh, same here, we are pretty hot to other people I guess.” I said nodding, “Don’t see why they think that.”
“Maybe they’re fucked up in the head?” Frank suggested innocently, glancing at me.
“Probably.” I shrugged.
“So they’re the cute, innocent couple and we-if we were a couple, would be the evil, sadistic hot couple then?” Frank clarified.
“Pretty much.” I agreed.
“Oh.” Frank frowned then shrugged himself grinning, “I’m cool with that.”
“Meh, me too.” I shrugged again, grinning as I put an arm his shoulder.
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