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You're never gonna fit in much kid

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“Sounds like some sorta disease you get if you have sex in space, like space HIV or something.”

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Chapter Twelve: You’re never gonna fit in much kid.

Summary:“Sounds like some sorta disease you get if you have sex in space, like space HIV or something.”

Frank’s point of view.

I and Gerard decided to leave the new, loved up couple making out at the park and head for a local internet café seeing as how we got chucked out of the local star bucks and the closest one near us was in the town centre. We planned on going back to school for English as I refused to miss it much to Gerard’s amusement. Might be a shock, but I’m actually pretty good at English thank you very much.
“I’m not missing it Gee.” I repeated stubbornly.
“Yeah I know, it was just a suggestion.” He replied giving me a crooked grin that sent my annoyingly perverted brain cells into meltdown.
“Ye-yeah I know I’m, I’m just saying, I mean its bad enough that I ya know.” I spluttered blushing like crazy. And it was not helping that the guy causing my brain to malfunction was now smirking at me. Fuck, he looks so hot….
Wonder what it would be like to kiss him with that hot smirk on his lips? Probably feels good. He probably tastes pretty good too.
Then again, I wouldn’t mind if those soft lips were attached to somewhere else…sure the pleasure would be just as good.
“Yo Frankie!”
Damn he looks so good in those jeans…that tight little ass…god I’d fuck that over a table any day…
“Frank! Watch out for that-!”
“Lamp post.” Gerard finished lamely looking at me in exasperation as I muttered profanities under my breath, clutching my nose; Gee sighed, “You okay?”
“Yeah absolutely fine. Except the fact a lamp post walked in front of me.” I frowned annoyed, glaring icily at the accusing lamp post.
If Gerard looked exasperated before, it was nothing compared to the look on his face now. It was beyond description.
“The lamp post walked in front of you?” he asked looking at me in disbelief.
“Course I am, when am I not?” I questioned, raising an eyebrow.
“More like are you ever.” Gerard muttered before rolling his eyes, “You’re nose okay?”
“Ask it.” I replied.
“Uh huh like it really can talk back.” Gerard replied rolling his eyes, his voice laced with sarcasm.
“Stupid question then ain’t it?”
“Though you’re definitely making up for its lack of voice.” he replied smirking again.
Okay to anyone who doesn’t know Gee, you would probably find him an annoying, smart ass with an attitude problem. Well I’m not saying that isn’t true but most people hate him for it. To be honest, I think they’re just jealous that he’s hot, sassy, makes the gothic art freak outcast thing look sexy and can shoot you down quite easily with his smart ass replies that come faster than a virgin teenage boy having sex for the first time.
Plus I found the ‘attitude problem’ quite sexy.
I did the mature thing and stuck my tongue out at him making him laugh.
“Besides it’s your fault.” he grinned as we continued walking down the street, leaving the abusive lamp post behind us, “You were the one who spaced out and drooled at nothing for like five minutes.” He started giggling like crazy.
I flushed bright red. Shit was I really drooling?
Well he wouldn’t say you were if you weren’t.
Oh piss off I’m not in the mood for your shit.
Good point, you’re too busy dying from embarrassment.
Didn’t I just tell you to piss off?
“So…” Gerard said slowly, grinning as he skipped in front of me, hands clasped behind his back as he walked backwards, “What were you thinking about?”
“Nothing.” I muttered, still bright red.
Oh yeah like I’m really gonna tell him I was drooling over the idea of his lips around my cock ain’t I?
Why not? He might find it a compliment.
How exactly would he find that a-
I was cut off arguing with myself by Gerard clicking his fingers in my face making me blink rather rapidly. Honestly, he does it that quick its like a blur.
“How do you do that?” I asked awe struck.
“How do you space out so much?” he shot back laughing in disbelief, “Honestly, how would you survive on your own? You nearly walked into a-”
I was too busy trying to click my own fingers to pay attention so I paid for it dearly by walking into a-
“Sign post.” Gerard sighed as I started yelling at it,, “Honestly Frankie what am I gonna do with you?”
I don’t know Gee. Tie me up, hand cuff me to your bed, make me your bitch and fuck me over a table, I don’t really have any preferences. Any one of those would do.
“And the ironic part is what the sign says.” Gerard snapped me out of my sexual fantasy by tapping my shoulder and gesturing at the sign post I walked into. In bold white letters was the word stop.
“Ah I see what cha mean by ironic.” I muttered perplexed.
Gerard just shook his head in amusement as we continued walking down the street.
Wonder what he would be like in bed anyway? Probably amazing. God, I would love it if he fucked me over a table. Wonder if he’s a rough kisser? The whole shebang. Like tongues, biting… or would he be soft? Like nice and slow and romantic? Or a rough fuck. Just pounding in over and over.
I sub consciously noted Gerard sighing in exasperated amusement, taking me gently by the shoulders as he guided me across the road.
Damn it, why does my over hormonal brain cells have to be active now? Why can’t they have waited until I was safely in the privacy of my bedroom where I can’t embarrass myself in front of the sex on legs causing me to act like this? Oh and avoid any more concussions by walking into lamp and sign posts.
Just as I was wondering on whether I would end up being so concussed that there would be no need for me to smoke joints to look or get stoned, I hit something with a huge thud and hit the concrete road next to the sidewalk. Gerard being oh such a sweet, sexy, helpful friend did what any friend would do-burst out laughing.
Needless to say, I freaked.
“Frank, Frankie, you didn’t get hit.” Gerard choked out.
“The car.” Gerard spluttered with laughter as he pointed at the silver ford I got hit with, “It, its-” he burst out laughing again, almost keeling over.
“Why are you laughing?” I whined, wondering if Mikey was right in saying his brother was unstable.
“It, the car! You walked into a fucking car!” Gerard all but shrieked with laughter, completely oblivious to the alarmed looks of passer bys who were probably thinking we were a couple of deranged asylum escapees.
“What the fuck?” I yelped, “What cha mean, I walked in to a car?! It fucking hit me! Where’s the driver!? Oh I am so gonna kick his fucking ass and when I’ve done that, I’m gonna kick yours and you will be-”
“It’s parked!” Gerard yelled abruptly still laughing making me look at him in shock, “The car is parked! That’s how you-” he was over come with laughter again.
“What cha mean its parked?” I asked then looked at the car-it was parked, “FUCK!”

After ridiculously embarrassing myself, I somehow managed to make the rest of the way from the park to Starbucks without anymore stupid accidents. Though Gerard giggling like crazy each time I managed to snap outta it just in time to avoid another collision with a lamp post (and once almost managing to walk into a bin) and grabbing me by the shoulders to guide me like am some blind person probably made that possible.
The internet café was rather grimy. Typical jersey style. The walls were painted in a dirty dark red colour and the floor was covered in off white, grimy looking tiles. There were two mundane, muddy coloured leather brown sofas in the centre of the café, a chipped coffee table in-between with a dirty red rug underneath it. There was a set of computers set up in the back of the room and some grotty looking tables and chairs. The place was decorated in photos of 70’ bands and sport icons and the waitresses looked at least in their thirties though they were probably just out of school. Despite how grotty, dirty and grimy the place was, I loved it. It showed everything I loved about New Jersey.
“Nice Gee, really classy and romantic place for a date.” I joked winking at him making Gerard laugh before he old me to grab a table while he got us coffee.

“Okay Frankie.” he sighed exasperated again though he was grinning amusingly as he sat down near the window with our coffees where I was already sitting, gazing blankly outside, “What’s on your mind?”
“Huh?” I asked dumbly, way to go jackass.
Gerard just laughed, passing me my coffee which I took gratefully, “Honestly Frank, I’ve never seen someone space out so much! Gives me a run for my money, give you that.” he held up his coffee as if in toast making me laugh before he took a sip, grinning.
“Sorry, don’t know what’s up with me today.” I said apologetically before taking a drink of my own.
Gerard looked at me thoughtfully, hand tucked under his chin, a small thoughtful grin on his lips. I blushed, hiding behind my fringe, suddenly feeling self conscious.
“Why are you staring at me like that Gee?” I whispered, looking at him beneath my eyelashes like some chick.
Gerard went pink slightly, quickly hiding his eyes behind his fringe. I let out a small giggle and he grinned shyly at me.
“Looks like I’m not the only one who’s spacing out a lot.” I muttered smiling shyly back at him.
He smiled and tapped my leg with his biker boot clad foot and I felt my face go redder/
“Its contagious.” he muttered grinning.
“Really?” I asked perplexed, trying to ignore the fact I was enjoying his foot was sliding up my leg.
“Uh huh.” he muttered back smirking, “Space disease or something.”
I giggled like crazy, making him frown slightly though I could tell he was amused, “What?” he asked innocently, “You got anything better?”
“No, but, space disease? Seriously?” I hiccupped.
“Yeah, why not?” he asked shrugging before drinking some coffee.
“Sounds like some sorta disease you get if you have sex in space, like space HIV or something.”
Gerard snorted in laughter, spitting out his coffee. I burst out laughing ignoring the annoyed looks from other customers. The waitress who served us our coffee, looked over at us weirdly, chewing her gum loudly, hand on her hip.
“Seriously!?” Gerard choked out, wiping coffee from his mouth.
“Well it does.” I giggled, actually hitting my foot against the table. You know when someone says something that is kinda funny yet you both find it so hilarious because it was completely random and you can’t stop laughing once you start? Yeah we were having one of those episodes.
“Its absolutely ridiculous.” I chuckled, “Space disease? I mean [come on/]”
“What it‘s good.” Gerard said defensively still chuckling, “It’s catchy.”
“Yeah well so is herpes.” I stated bluntly, “And no one thinks they’re good do they?”
It was quiet-then we burst out laughing again.
“Oh shit, Satan is pissed.” Gerard muttered glancing at the waitress and smirking; this just made me laugh harder.
“Fuck man we’re gonna get thrown out again.” I muttered in a sing song voice, grinning like a maniac as the over the top made up in make up waitress strutted over, shoes clicking on the dirty white tiled floor as a pretty pissed off customer pointed over at us, glaring.
Sure enough the waitress-Gracie according to her name tag that was pinned on her white blouse walked over. She was actually quite pretty. Her black hair was tied up in a high pony tail, a few strands falling into her heart shaped face. Unlike the other waitresses she wasn’t wearing a mask of make up except from scarlet red lipstick, black eyeliner around her bright blue eyes and she wore a nose ring. She was quite pale almost sallow coloured and her cheekbones were rather sharp. Her body was quite small, fragile and thin and she had rather long thin, dainty legs on show due to the white skirt she had to wear and dainty black shoes.
Though despite how pretty and fragile she looked both me and Gerard tried very hard to sober up our laughter, bracing ourselves for a telling off.
Instead, much to our surprise, she smiled slightly, “You guys having fun?” she asked; her voice was quite soft and quiet.
“Uh yeah sorry about that.” Gerard said hastily, “We’ll try to keep the decimal down.”
“Yeah didn’t realize we were being so loud.” I admitted apologetically, rubbing the back of my neck.
“Hey, I ain’t here to piss on your parade.” Gracie said holding her hands up defensively, “I’ve just clocked off and thought I’d come over to see what was so hilarious.” she grinned.
Me and Gerard glanced at one another in surprise. Then we just shrugged, “You wanna sit with us?” I offered.
“If you guys don’t mind.” she smiled shyly.
“Course not,” Gerard scoffed as if the idea of him actually minding something as small as that was stupid, “C’mon I’ll budge up a bit. Or you can sit beside that midget. Pretty sure you guys can sit together without any hassle. He’s small enough.” he grinned teasingly at me.
I frowned playfully and kicked him gently underneath the table.
“Hey less of the height comments.” I said in mock severity making him stick his tongue out at me playfully.
Gracie giggled and sat down beside me.
“Oh am Gerard and that’s Frank.” Gerard said introducing us.
“Hey so are you guys still in school?” Gracie asked curiously.
“Yeah we’re supposed to be in P.E right now actually.” I muttered trailing off.
Gracie laughed, “Skipping huh? Don’t blame you, only reason I took this job was for my year councillor to get off my back.”
“You still in school?” Gerard asked blinking, “Which one?”
“Bellville, year ten.”
“So are we!” we both yelled in shock making her laugh.
“I thought I saw you last week.” she gasped clicking her fingers at Gerard in realization.
“You did?” Gerard asked confused.
“Yeah I did! You were the guy wearing all black and fighting with your locker!” I bit back a giggle as Gerard blushed in embarrassment, “I didn’t recognize you at first! You had brown hair when I saw you!”
“Yeah I thought changing the color would prevent people recognizing me as the douche who got beaten up by his own locker.” Gerard said, “Pity it didn’t work.”
Me and Gracie laughed while Gerard actually looked disappointed his idea didn’t work.,
It was quiet for a bit then,
“I still say space disease is good.” Gerard muttered.

Gerard’s point of view

After me and Frank had a pretty stupid-not to mention pointless- argument on whether space disease was a good thing to call it when you spaced out, with Gracie adding in that it was more like brain cells going to sleep, we decided to leave for school. Turns out Gracie is quite…eccentric. She’s nineteen years old (she got held back in elementary school for a year due to illness-wouldn’t say what but hey who was I to judge?) loves horror, obsessed with Metallica and really said the first thing that came into her head.
She grabbed her bag (Metallica messenger of course) and quickly went into the café’s bathroom to change out of her ‘shit ass uniform’ as she called it. While we waited me and Frank had a general conversation.
“So what cha think about her?” I asked.
“She’s…nice. “ Frank said lamely obviously struggling to describe her, “But…off centred, eccentric ya know?”
“What, like the rest of us?” I asked grinning making Frank laugh.
“Yeah pretty much. Seems pretty cool though.” he nodded.
Gracie walked over to us, now dressed in dark purple skinny jeans, Motor head shirt, black Doc Martens, a black belt that had a star buckle and a black denim jacket, her black ebony hair now untied loosely around her shoulders. Yep definitely pretty. Hey if I wasn’t gay and crushing on Frank big time, I’d ask for her number.
“You boys ready to go?” she asked flirtingly giving us a playful wink.
“Yeah so ready to go to Hell, sorry did I say Hell? I meant school obviously.” I said sarcastically.
“Easy to get mistaken.” Gracie grinned.
She led the way out of the café and we made our way back to school, arms linked together, me in the middle and Frank on my left with Gracie on my right.
”What you got next Gracie?” Frank asked, as we skipped down the street, attracting a few weird looks.
“Um….English you guys?” she replied.
“Same.” we said in unison.
Without warning, Gracie laughed, letting go of my arm and walked backwards looking at us with her head cocked to the right, her blue eyes wide.
“Aww you guys are so cute!” she squealed.
“Eh?” we both asked perplexed.
She giggled again, “Its so cute when you talk at the same time!” she squealed again “You should totally date!”
Frank blushed furiously while I slapped myself, “We’re just friends Gracie.” I pointed out.
She pouted, “Yeah I know.” she rolled her eyes and huffed, “Hm! why is it all the hot guys are gay and look cute together but aren’t dating?” she muttered under her breath.
Did I mention she was eccentric? Yeah well let me add to it. She’s completely crazy and I’ve only known her for half an hour. She’s crazy but in a good way of course.
After that outburst, we soon arrived at school, meeting Mikey and Ray at our cars -and rather…busy.
“HEY! TONGUE FUCKERS!” I yelled loudly making Frank and Gracie burst out laughing as Ray and Mikey all but jumped a foot in the air, Mikey falling off Ray’s lap.
“WHAT THE HELL GERARD!? CAN’T YOU SEE I’M BUSY!” Mikey yelled outraged, standing up and adjusting his glasses.
“What playing tonsil hockey? And on school grounds too. Tut tut Mikes.” Frank said in mock disapproval.
Me and Gracie giggled like crazy. Mikey rolled his eyes and waved at Gracie obviously already knowing her while Ray looked rather confused, obviously not affected by the fact his best friends just caught him making out with his best friends’ brother, “Who’s this?” he asked gesturing at Gracie who all but squealed going back into fan girl mode again.
“Oh my god you two are cute together!” she squealed, flailing her arms around excitedly; Mikey just sighed and Ray looked rather bewildered while me and Frank started laughing, “Oh am Gracie by the way! Gracie Tyler! I’m Mikey’s partner in Biology hence why he’s not affected by me.” Gracie introduced herself rather rapidly.
“Watch out Ray, this chick is a crazy son of a bitch.” Mikey muttered earning a punch to the shoulder, “OW! See? Told ya!” Mikey yelped rather childishly, rubbing his shoulder and pouting at Gracie who stuck her tongue out.
“I knew you were gay!” she pointed at Ray, “I got a gay-dar.” she smirked , hand on her hip and tapping her head in a sort of knowing fashion.
“Don’t all girls have those?” Ray asked not at all freaked out by Gracie’s eccentric personality. Well he does have me and Frank as his best friends and is dating my brother.
“No it’s a special gift.” Gracie stated.
“Ah I see and you so happen to have it?” Ray asked amused.
“Uh huh, I mean I could tell these little baby dolls were gay the minute they walked in the door.” she smirked jerking a thumb over at me and Frank.
“Hey!” we yelped, “We’re not that obvious!”
“Oh puh-lease you totally are.” Gracie said licking her hair back, “You were giggling like teenage girls.”
Mikey and Ray snickered just as a group of cheerleaders walked past us.
“Aw look, the freak’s finally found her own kind.” Jennifer mocked earning a cackle of laughter from her posse.
Gracie was about to say something back when Frank beat her to it, “Aw look the Zoo did have a few hyenas escape from the zoo!” he said mocking Jennifer’s voice.
WE snickered and Jennifer glared at him, “Shouldn’t you be in the north pole with all the other elves?” she asked in mock innocence.
“WHAT! WHY I OUGHTA -” I quickly grabbed Frank by the waist as he freaked out making Gracie look at him rather bewildered.
Jennifer and her pack of hyenas just cackled wildly as they strutted past us.
“God she is such a bitch.” Gracie said icily as I let Frank go who pouted, arms folded glaring at Jennifer’s’ retreating back.
“Ya think?” Mikey asked raising an eyebrow, “What’s her deal with you anyway?”
“we used to be best friends.” Gracie shrugged, lighting up a cigarette and sitting on my car’s hood, her long legs sprawled out, “Until she started getting into pop music and make up and sleeping around.” she said bitterly, exhaling, “So I told her she had better choose who she wants to be friends with: me or them.”
“So….who’d she choose?” Frank asked also lighting up a cigarette.
“Me-at first.” Gracie said, “Told me she stopped sleeping around and what not, but then I caught her.”
“Caught her…?” Mikey asked confused.
“In bed-with my boyfriend.”
We all flinched at that, “Ouch.” I muttered sympathetically as Mikey put a comforting arm around Gracie’s shoulder, “Shit dude I knew she was a bitch but that’s way below the belt.”
“Yeah that’s what I said.” Gracie replied, her head lying on Mikey’s shoulder, “So we had a big argument, told her I didn’t want anything to do with her. Next thing I know, its all over the school that was bisexual and was more into girls than guys and surprise!“ she said sarcastically, “Am one of the most hated girls in the school.”
“Hey don’t worry.” Mikey said bracingly, “You’re just like us then.”
“Yeah outcasts forever.” Frank grinned exhaling; Gracie smiled slightly.
“Don’t bother with her.” Ray said, “You can stick with us. Anyone hurts you.” Ray puffed out his chest trying to look macho earning a small smile and eye roll from Mikey, “Don’t hesitate in asking us to kick some ass.”
“Yeah may look weak and scrawny but I can kick some mother fucking bitch ass.” I smirked smugly, folding my arms.
Everyone looked at me with raised eyebrows, “What?” I asked, letting my arms fall limply to my side.
“Dude, do you remember the amount of times you’ve beaten up by unanimated objects?” Frank asked nudging me in the ribs.
I frowned at him while they all snickered at me, “Okay fine, point made but.” I said suddenly, “If anyone does mess with you. Just say you’ll get Gerard Way to come into their house at night and suck their blood.” I winked, smirking smugly and earning a few laughs.
“I’ll keep that in mind.” Gracie smiled, “Thanks guys.”
“No prob now c’mon we better start heading for English.” Mikey said, giving Gracie a hug before grabbing his bag.
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