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A near-death wake-up call

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Just assume that no one's a morning person!

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Penina's P.O.V

The rest of the trip was spent with Frank and I talking about whatever popped up in our heads, from why we were all put on this Earth to whether or not pigs get ticklish. We decided that they probably did get ticklish from time to time. When we got home, we put the kids to bed after having a small dinner, Frank and I had a celebratory glass of wine, and then we went to our separate rooms.

I was the first one to wake up though. I went to the bathroom and did some bathroom things, and I was going to go and eat some breakfast, but when I walked past Frank’s room I looked inside. His door was wide open and half of his body was hanging off the bed. He was snoring deafeningly loud, so I decided I’d get him back for tickling me about a week ago. I tiptoed close to him and bent down so my mouth was right by his ear.

‘Oh what a beautiful morning!’ I screamed. He jumped up. I didn’t stop singing though. ‘Oh what a beautiful day! I’ve got a wonderful feeling, everything’s going my way.’ I sang.

‘Penina. What the fuck?’ He asked.

‘I just found it too perfect an opportunity to waste.’ I said innocently.

‘You’re a mean girl.’ He said. I smiled and was about to leave until Frank grabbed my wrist. ‘You’re not getting off that easily. I’m tired, and I need to go back to sleep.’ He said.

‘Well, it’s the morning Frank, what do you want me to do?’ I asked.

‘Be tortured. Get chopped into a thousand tiny pieces. Have your carcass boiled in a soup which I will then eat while sitting on your skull as a chair with your skin as the leather.’ He said angrily. I stared at him wide-eyed.

‘Oh my god.’ I said.

‘No. I’m sorry. I didn’t really mean that. I’m just not a morning person.’ He said.

‘I’m sorry for waking you up. Let’s have some breakfast though.’ I said.

‘Yeah okay, oh, I forgot to tell you, the guys and their girlfriends are coming round today to say hi and meet you. I hope that’s okay.’ He said. I smiled.

‘That’s fine. But if I’m asleep and they wake me up, I will chop them into a thousand tiny pieces. I will have their carcasses boiled in…’ I started.

‘Oh shut up.’ He said smiling. We went downstairs and ate our food. When Molly and Hozzie woke up, we got them to do the same, and we all got dressed and waited for the others to arrive.

‘Who’s she?’ Molly asked pointing to an old, white, small dog.

‘That’s Peppers. She will outlive us all.’ He said. I smiled and nudged him. There was a knock on the door. Frank answered it. Ray and his girlfriend, Raven, were standing there. ‘Hey dudes.’ Frank greeted.

‘I want those dogs away from me now.’ Raven said.

‘Well I want a pet monkey but life sucks.’ He retorted.

‘Hi. I’m Penina, and this is Molly.’ I introduced. She shook my hand.

‘I’m Raven, and that is a nightmare.’ She said pointing at Sweet Pea who was licking her lady area. Eventually everyone came. They’re all great. Amanda Zarae, Mikey’s girlfriend, has short, black hair with 2 longer pieces at the front with a straight fringe, and hazel, almond shaped eyes. She’s 17 and the youngest in the group, and she’s awesome.

Bob’s girlfriend, Jennifer Flores has black wavy hair with pink highlights that go up to her shoulders, and she’s got brown eyes. She’s Mexican American and so full of awesome she could burst!

Lastly, there was Gerard’s girlfriend, Kayako Hayashi. She’s got long, black hair with green highlights and a full fringe, and a dark brown, but almost blackish eye colour. They’re all awesome. Hozzie loves them all too, and Molly just shoves her drawings in their faces.

‘So, are you into Frank at all?’ Raven asked when she went into the kitchen to help me serve tea.

‘Oh, um, we’re just friends. Really.’ I said unconvincingly.

‘You can’t lie to me.’ She said.

‘Well, I don’t know. He’s so hot and he’s so amazing and stuff, and we’re going to watch porn together, but I think he just wants to be friends, besides, we’ve got a good thing going on here.’ I told her.

‘You’re going to watch porn together?’ She asked in shock.

‘Oh, yeah, he can’t say the word vagina so I’m going to give him a sex ed lesson kind of thing.’ I told her.

‘Well, you guys are perfect for each other. You’re both unbelievably weird, you’ve both been put in the same situation, and you both live together and much about all the time. You’ve got a great friendship, but it needs some romance in it too.’ She said.

‘Raven, don’t do this to me. I just think that if we spend enough time together I can get over him, and I need to get over him you know?’ I asked.

‘Fine, but if you ever decide that you want to, I’ll help.’ She said. I smiled.

‘I appreciate that.’ I said. She smiled at me and we brought in the drinks. Molly and Hozzie had milk and biscuits.

‘Can we get another dog?’ Hozzie asked Frank. I could tell Molly was putting things into her head.

‘Maybe at some point in the future.’ He answered.

‘Molly, what’s your favourite thing to draw?’ Jennifer asked her.

‘Trees.’ She said. ‘Because they’re easy.’ She added.

‘Not for me.’ I said. ‘I can’t draw to save my life, or your life, or anyone’s life.’ I said.

‘Maybe we could watch art porn.’ Frank whispered to me. I burst out laughing. Damn it. This will never be over.

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