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Is that even legal?

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Watching porn with your friend/boss isn't as bad as it seems

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Frank's P.O.V

Once everyone left, we all went straight to bed. I needed to be up early in the morning because there was a band meeting. So I guess this was technically Penina’s first day. I left a note telling them where I was and other important information. When I got there we just talked about making a new album and stuff, which was exciting, but we had to fill in paperwork which, well, wasn’t exciting. But I went home soon enough to a strange sight.

‘Something something something something MACARENA! Another something with a something something BUENA…’ Penina sang while her and the girls were wearing bras outside of their shirts dancing the Macarena. I picked one up; put it on me and starting joining in. The girls started laughing.

‘Frank, you’re not a girl.’ Hozzie said giggling.

‘Yes I am.’ I said in a high pitched voice making them laugh even more. ‘What’s so funny?’ I asked in the same voice. The girls’ faces were red and Penina was laughing too.

‘Okay girls, time to clear up.’ Penina said after they calmed down. They picked up the bras and put it in the laundry basket, and Penina put the cushions back. They came back into the lounge once they were finished.

‘Who wants to go out for lunch?’ I asked. The girls cheered and Penina nodded her head and smiled. We got in the car and went to a diner.

‘Who wants what?’ Penina asked.

‘Chicken nuggets and chips.’ Molly said.

‘Me too. How about you two?’ She asked us.

‘I’ll have a veggie burger and fries.’ I answered.

‘A not vegetable burger and fries.’ Hozzie said. I smiled and got up to order everything. I got everyone chocolate milkshakes as well. I got back to the table and we ate quickly.

‘I’m full.’ Molly complained.

‘Me too.’ Hozzie said.

‘I’m not.’ Penina and I said at the same time. We looked at each other and giggled.

‘Why are the adults like babies and we’re like the adults?’ Molly asked Hozzie.

‘Hey, we’re perfectly fine for adults.’ I said.

‘I’ve got an idea.’ Penina said. We left the diner, and Penina made me stop off at a shop that sells DVD’s. What is her motive? She came out with a plastic bag hiding whatever was inside.

‘What’s in there?’ Molly asked.

‘I got you kids a movie for tonight.’ She said nonchalantly. I think she got something else as well. We went home, and Penina set the girls down to watch Barbie Nutcracker, and then she put some chocolate in a bowl, and dragged me to my room.

‘What did you get?’ I asked.

‘Porn. Obviously. I know you have a TV in here, so that’s where we’re going to watch it.’ She answered. My eyes widened. She pulled out a few movies. There were boobs and X’s all over it. We sat on top of the covers and she put in the DVD. The movie started and I began eating the chocolate.

‘Whoa. There’s no way that those are real!’ I exclaimed.

‘Neither is that, but oh my god, if someone’s was that size…’ She said before the action started. ‘Ouch!’ She exclaimed.

‘What? It can’t hurt that badly.’ I said.

‘Okay, lesson number one, yes it can. We have a big, but limited amount of space in that area, and sometimes, especially when you’re not used to it, it can hurt when the activity begins.’ She explained.

‘Wow. I never knew.’ I said.

‘Is there anything I should know about you guys?’ She asked.

‘Well, personally, I don’t like doing all the work. Sometimes I want to lie down and enjoy it.’ I informed her.

‘That’s fair.’ She said. I looked at the screen. Oh god, why am I a man. I crossed my legs.

‘Do you want any chocolate?’ I asked awkwardly.

‘Sure.’ She said. She reached her hand into the bowl. ‘Do you want some space?’ She asked looking down at my, well, area.

‘I think I can handle it.’ I said. The woman’s annoying moan turned me off though.

‘Oh my god. Can she ever shut up?’ Penina asked a few minutes later.

‘I know right? The perfect girl for this kind of thing can moan, but not that loud and stuff. I just want her to get infected with something.’ I complained. Penina giggled.

‘Oh god. She’s gonna need a bigger mouth.’ Penina said.

‘Turn it off! Oh my god.’ I said. Penina grabbed the remote as quickly as she can and turned off the TV.

‘That didn’t go as well as I expected.’ She said. ‘Although, you did enjoy certain parts of it.’ She said.

‘Well, what do you expect? It’s porn.’ I told her.

‘I’m just saying. You know something? You’re bed’s so comfortable.’ She said. I nodded my head.

‘Memory foam.’ I told her. Her mouth went wide open.

‘I love it.’ She said.

‘I got it about a year ago.’ I said.

‘You know what I got a year ago?’ She asked. I shook my head. ‘An abortion.’ She told me.

‘What? Really?’ I asked. She smiled and shook her head.

‘No. You need to do it with someone who likes you like that for it to happen.’ She said.

‘What? You’ve never…?’ I asked.

‘No, I have. Just not in a while.’ She confessed.

‘Well that’s crazy! You’re very hot, so they’re missing out.’ I said. She smiled. ‘Wanna sleep in my bed tonight?’ I asked. She nodded her head.

‘I’ll just put the kids in their room.’ She said. When she left I put on my pyjamas. She came in about half an hour later in hers and we snuggled up together.

‘Thanks for making that porn entertaining.’ I said.

‘You too.’ She said. I giggled.

‘What do you want to do tomorrow? I’ve got a day off.’ I told her.

‘We could go to the park?’ She suggested.

‘Yeah. That sounds fun.’ I whispered before we drifted off to sleep.

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