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A Sick Day

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Based on real life situations that is going on right now!

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Penina's P.O.V

A month had passed, and things were going amazingly well. Molly had started the same school as Hozzie. They were in different years obviously, but they hung out at break times and apparently Molly was settling in well. So, everything was going great. Except from today. I sneezed countless times in only one minute.

‘Okay, that’s it. I’m taking the girls to school.’ Frank said checking my temperature.

‘No, you need to go to the studio.’ I said with a sore throat.

‘I’m taking care of things today. You just relax and feel better okay? I’ll come back soon. I’m going to pick up some medicine for you.’ He said. I wanted to argue, but I was too ill and weak.

I stayed in bed until Frank came home.

‘So, I’ve got cough medicine, cold medicine, vapour rub and chicken soup to heat up later.’ He said. I smiled.

‘Thank you.’ I said before sneezing again.

‘I also got tissues.’ He said handing a box to me. I opened them and blew my nose.

‘You really didn’t have to do this.’ I said.

‘By the looks of it, I did. I hope you like strawberry flavour.’ He said.

‘It isn’t strawberry flavour. It tastes like the stuff you find in the bottom of a public toilet.’ I told him. He smiled and rolled his eyes and put the medicine on the spoon. I opened my mouth and he put the disgusting liquid in my mouth.

‘I’ll go get you some water.’ He said. When he left the room I sighed. Why do I have to like him like that? He’s technically my boss. It feels like we’re just friends that live together, but he pays me to do a job and I’m in love with him. This isn’t quite the situation I had in mind. When he came up he bought water and a movie.

‘It’s not porn again is it?’ I asked. He giggled.

‘No, I think we’ve had enough of that for a lifetime. I got you the Supernatural box set because I know how much you love it.’ He said.

‘Really?’ I asked. He smiled and nodded his head.

‘So, if I don’t understand something, you have to explain it to me.’ He said.

‘Deal.’ I said. We went to the lounge bringing my duvet, and we sat down and watched it.

‘Oh my god. Why is she burning on the roof?’ He asked getting scared after only 4 minutes.

‘It’s kind of the whole reason of Supernatural. Welcome to the show.’ I said.

‘I don’t like it.’ He said.

‘No one likes it.’ I said, laughing because I quoted something from a much later season.

‘Looks like someone not only has a cold, but a case of the crazies.’ He said.

‘I know.’ I said.

‘Here.’ He said checking my temperature again.

‘You’re still warm, but a bit better I think.’ He said.

‘I think so too.’ I said before cuddling up with him to finish the next few episodes.

‘Okay, I’ve got to pick the kids up.’ He said. ‘If you start feeling ill again take the pills I left on the counter.’ He said putting on his jacket.

‘Have fun.’ I said.

‘I will. Let’s just hope no one’s said Bloody Mary 3 times. I do have to check my mirrors you know?’ He said. I giggled and he hugged me. ‘We’ll be back soon.’ He said. Whenever he hugs me I never want him to let go, but he eventually did and I was stuck on my own again. There was a vibration coming from the sofa. I noticed Frank’s phone. I grabbed it and ran to see if he left, but it was too late. He left. I was about to call him from my phone, but then I realised that I couldn’t. However, just before Frank’s phone screen darkened, I saw what was on there. A text from Gerard. I read it.

Dude, will you just shut up and tell her already? It’s been driving all of us crazy! – Gee

I put the phone back exactly where it was. Tell who what? What if he’s in love with another girl? I’d hate her but I wouldn’t be allowed to hate her. My life would suck. I can’t let that happen. I’ve got to start flirting with him, but I’m too scared. I knew who to call though. The phone rang 3 times.

’Hello?’ Raven asked.

’Raven, it’s me. I need you to find something out for me.’ I told her.

’Find out what?’ She asked. I bit my lip.

‘I need you to find out who Frank likes, if he likes someone. I think he does but I don’t know who. You have to find out for me.’ I told her.

’Where did you get that from?’ She asked.

‘I just know okay? Please find out for me. I love him too much.’ I said.

’I knew it. Okay, I’ll find out by tomorrow okay? I wish you better.’ She said. I smiled.

‘Yeah, yeah. Thank you, and thank you again.’ I said before hanging up. Soon enough everyone came home.

‘Penina, we did pictures in art and I won a competition.’ Molly said. I smiled.

‘Well done Molly.’ I said.

‘I had pizza for lunch and it was awesome.’ She said. I giggled.

‘Well, it’s pizza, so I’m so happy for you.’ I said. She smiled a wide smile.

‘And I am going to put the kettle on. You two can start on your homework okay?’ Frank said. I suddenly felt really nervous around him. What if he never loves me?

‘Okay. I wish you better Penina.’ Hozzie said. They both hugged me and then went to the kitchen to do their homework.

‘How are you feeling?’ Frank asked.

‘Um, I’m fine. You left your phone here by the way.’ I answered. His eyes widened.

‘You didn’t read anything did you?’ He asked.

‘Um, no. Why? You’re not doing anything illegal are you?’ I asked. He sighed in relief.

‘No. It’s just that Gerard’s being annoying. He’s convinced I like this girl when I don’t. We’re just friends. That’s all.’ He said beginning to sound nervous himself.

‘Who?’ I asked.

‘No one. You don’t know her.’ He said quickly. ‘I’ll go help them with their maths and science and algebra.’ He said.

‘They’re too young for algebra.’ I said.

‘You don’t know that.’ He said before running off into the kitchen. Now he’s acting even weirder than me. What’s going on?

I feel ill, so that's what inspired this chapter. Ugh. Throat, nose, feelings... :'( If only I had a Frank to love me! I hope you liked this chapter. Rate and review if you want to live! MWAHAHA! XD xx
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