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Part Sixx

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Frankie meets Vince Neil in this chapter. Hilariousness ensues.

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I looked at Tommy "Yeah?" he leaned in toward me "You wanna move in with us?" he asked mystically "What?!" I said surprised "No!" Nikki said "Frankie!" Randii shouted randomly "Mick?!" Tommy said,looking behind me,I turned "Ahh!" I shrieked,his face was about 2 or 3 inches from mine. "Every time," Nikki said. I pushed Mick slightly in the chest and he took a step back,then I turned to Tommy "You want me to move in with you?" I asked,astonished "Um yeah,why not? We have an extra room but you'd probably sleep in my room," I giggled "If I can stand the smell,roaches,and bedbugs you guys have in there," Tommy rolled his eyes "We don't have any bedbugs and the smell isn't that bad when you get used to it," "So your not denying the roaches?" I asked "I can't because i'd be lying and we don't wanna start our relationship on lies," Tommy said "Oh look whose grown up! But along the way of our relationship we'll build it on lies?" I said sarcastically "If that's what floats your boat," Tommy said shrugging. I laughed "Sure! I'll move in!" I said,Tommy squealed happily "Yay! Now let's get drunk!" I laughed. I didn't get drunk. I didn't do any drugs,Tommy and Nikki were trying to do them without me noticing but seriously,they're...well them. I was kinda worried and a bit disappointed,but it's their body and hopefully they'll learn it's bad for them. Besides they needed someone to drive them home,Randii was super drunk and stoned out of her mind. When they all stumbled out of the bar I took that as a signal they wanted to go. "Its gonna take a lifetime to get them all in the car," a voice said,I shrieked and turned around,Mick was standing there "Why?!" Mick said exasperated "Stop creeping up on me you weirdo," I said sourly. Mick sighed "I've been with you guys since you got here," I rolled my eyes "Yeah sure but at some point you disappeared," "No,i've been here the entire night," I sighed and went to find Nikki,Tommy,and Randii who I'd lost. I found Nikki making out with a girl,Tommy was idly hanging onto a streetlight and swaying back and forth,and Randii was saying random things. When I finally got them in the car,plus the new girl whose name was Barbie. I got in the drivers seat, looked to my side and screamed "YOU ASS HOW IS IT YOU NEVER NOTICE ME?!?!?!" Mick screamed angrily "Mick you appear and disappear like some ghost or something!" I shouted back. Mick groaned and then turned to me "How old are you?" I blushed "I'm 15," Mick remained emotionless,as usual "How are you driving then?" "Legally I can't drive yet,but I still do,I'm gonna get my license soon," Mick turned away from me and I started driving. About half back to my apartment Mick started talking "You're dating Tommy?" I nodded "Yeah," "Do you even know how old he is? Legally you can't be together for another 2 tears," "I know,it's wrong but I love old is he anyway?" I didn't actually ever get his age. Mick let out an exasperated sigh "He's 18," I rolled my eyes "Oh come on,that's only 3 years older than me!" "Yeah but legally he's an adult and you're a teenager," "Whatever,besides how old are you? Or Nikki?" "Nikki is 22," "How about you?" "That's not important," I rolled my eyes and we pulled up to the apartment. Nikki and...Barbie got out first,then Tommy jumped out and then Mick,and then Randii,and finally I got out. " wanna stay with me?" Tommy asked,I nodded and he lopsided smiled and stumbled off towards their apartment. Nikki and the girl were already in his room,probably doing it. I left Randii to fend for herself,wherever she was. Mick had disappeared. Me and Tommy went to his room and we both laid in the bed. Tommy wrapped his arm around me "Night baby," he said,I smiled "Night,"
-The Next Morning-
I woke up the next morning to the sound of someone knocking on the apartment door. I looked over at  Tommy who still had his arm draped over me,I couldn't bear to wake him,plus he probably was hangover,so I went to answer the door. I looked at my watch 'Jeez it's already 1:30' I thought to myself. I completely disregarded the fact that I was in my bra and a pair of tiny night shorts as I opened the door. When I opened it a strange guy was standing there. He had long-ish,messy blonde hair,soft brown eyes,a rounded nose,he was really skinny, and he was pretty short. He was wearing white pants,a faded pink tee shirt,and a white jacket. When he saw me his eyes widened "Damn! You're SEXY! You wanna jump on the Vince express and take the ride of your life?" he said in slightly high,annoying voice that reminded me of the girl Nikki brought home last night, I looked at him,half shocked,half wondering who exactly he was. "Uh...who are you?" I asked "A better question would be who are you baby doll?" I furrowed my eyebrows "I'm Frankie,Tommy Lee's girlfriend," the guy (who I suspected his name was Vince),anyway his face dropped,as if disappointed "Oh,well I'm Vince Neil,I came to see Tommy," I nodded "I'll get him," I walked back to Tommy's room and gently shook him awake "Tommy," I whispered,he opened one eye and smiled "Hey baby,what's up?" he whispered back "A guy named Vince is here,he wants to see you," I whispered. He shot up "Ohh....Vince...ahh..oowwww...Vince...head hurts..." suddenly Vince popped around the door "You called??" me and Tommy jumped "Dude,don't do that!" Tommy said,sounding childish. "He's hungover!" I scolded Vince "Ah dude she's not decent! Vince go away!" Tommy said,noticing my bareness and trying to cover me with the blanket we were sitting on,resulting in both of us falling off the bed in a pile. "Aww yeah,I call dibs on top!" Vince said,diving on top of us "Ahh!" I screeched as Vince fell on top of me "Dude get off! Owwwie!" Tommy wheezed,suddenly another voice said "Whaaat,a three way I'm not in?" and with that there was another weight on top of us,Tommy made this painfully wheezing/hacking/squeaking sound,I let out a pained groan,and Vince said "What? Nikki?". Tommy started waving his arms and I started to squirm like mad,then once again there was another voice,a bored one,"Pile up?",I recognized it as Mick "Mick help!" I said,but he climbed on the piled too. "So why are we doing this? Was Tommy being an ass?" Mick asked,while sitting on us like we were a park bench "Mick move your fat ass off of us and get the guys off!" I said angrily "No,I never wanna leave this position!" Vince said,who was pressed directly on me "Oh god Vince is that your...." "Yes it is baby," and with that me and Tommy went mad,shaking and trying to get them off of us. We finally succeeded when Mick pulled Nikki and Vince off. I stood up gasping,Tommy looked crushed and was all red and breathing heavily,"Oh baby are you okay?!" I said as I hugged and kissed him,he shouted random gibberish and pointed toward Vince and gave him the finger. When Tommy recovered and I put on some clothes,me,Tommy,Vince,Nikki,and Mick all sat in the living room. I knocked empty bottles and cigarette butts off the couch before I sat down. "So,Vince what's up?" Tommy said as he took an aspirin "Not much,just wanted to see's the band going?" Vince said as he twirled his blonde hair with his finger "Mmm okay,how's your band" Tommy replied "Well some of the guys in my band are kinda going on to these other side projects and they aren't really so committed anymore," Tommy had started rocking back and forth "Vince,okay,I'm gonna say this one last time! Do you or do you not wanna be in Motley Crüe?! This is your last chance! You take it or leave it dude," everyone was silent for a second,then Vince said "Well,like I said,my other bandmates aren't that committed...and I really wanna get into more,I'll join the band," Tommy jumped up "Ohh thank you dude! We're gonna kill it together,all of us! Me,you,Nikki,and Mick! Motley Crüe!!!" and he hugged Vince tightly. And with that they were the official Motley Crüe lineup.
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