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Part 7

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Frankie & Tommy go on their first date but Nikki is forced to act as Frankie's boyfriend beforehand.

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At about 5:00pm I suddenly remember something. "Oh shit!" I said as I smashed my palm into my forehead,I set down the glass I was cleaning and went outside for a second to make a phone call with the pay phone. "Yello? You reached the king of sexy, Nikki Sixx or just simply may I help you?" I heard Nikki's annoying voice say "Shut the hell up Nikki,where's Tommy,I wanna talk to him?" Nikki grumbled something that sounded like 'asshole' and 'killjoy' I then heard him shout "T-BONE!! YOUR LOVER IS ON THE PHONE!!!" I heard muffled yelling and insults and Tommy saying stuff "Hey sorry baby,what's up?" Tommy said finally "I just remembered,we were supposed to go out to the Troubadour tonight at 7!" I said "Oh yeah dude,I totally forgot,you still wanna do that?" "If I can get outta work..." "Well try baby,if ya don't that's cool,but I gotta go now. 'kay?" "Okay,love you," " Yep,",then I hung up. I went back into the Whiskey and went to find my boss,I found him "Hey,can I take like an hour off from 7 to 8 or something?" I asked straightforwardly. He looked kind of confused "Uh..well..why?" I sighed "I have a date and I totally forgot about it,but it shouldn't be more than like an hour and I'll do overtime," then it was his turn to sigh "Alright...nothing over an hour,you leave at 7 and get back at 8, and you'll work an hour over for 2 days," I smiled brightly "Oh thank you,you've done so much for me!" and then I turned and left. As I stood back behind the bar I thought about just how much ____ has helped me. He hired me at Whiskey A Go Go even though he knew I was only 15 and I was a runaway. I promised to work hard and that's what I did,of course he hired me for my looks too...and as much as I hate to say it...we dated. Only for a few weeks,nothing serious. But we decided we couldn't be together,we're still friends though,but he's really strict and serious about the Whiskey. A few more guys came in and I took their orders,I walked back over with their stuff and one of the guys pinched me on the butt as I walked away "Hey! I have a boyfriend that can kick your ass,so if you so that again you better watch out cause he'll hunt you down and find you and get you," the guy didn't really take me seriously,he mock cringed and said "I'm SO scared!" just then the door opened and I turned my head to see who it was,it was Nikki,Vince,and Mick. I turned back to the guy and glared at him "Never do that again!" but he reached up and groped me,I jumped away and said "Fuck you! You'll have to deal with my boyfriend now,he just walked in,let me go get him!" I walked away thinking 'Oh what the fuck?! Why'd I tell him that?' but I knew the answer good and well: I didn't think Tommy was strong or man enough to put up a good fight. That may be a problem later on. I walked over to the guys "Oh there you are,finally! Anyway-" I cut him off "Nikki I'm in trouble with those dudes at the other table over there so can you pretend to be my boyfriend and go beat them up?" Nikki looked at me for a second then stood up and said "Where's the little punk ass, baby?" and wrapped a feigned protective arm around my shoulder. I heard Vince mumble "No fair," and I tried not to chuckle. This had to look real as possible "Right over there," I said and pointed my finger straight at the guy who was looking a bit concerned. Probably because he was this ugly,greasy looking,5'4 dude and Nikki was a mildly good looking,scary,6'2 dude. "I'll take care of him baby," Nikki said and he walked over to them "You hitting on my girl?" I heard him say,and I was impressed at how good he was at faking,he sounded like he was disgusted by the guy..but maybe he was. "Ah..well...maybe a little,but I didn't...I didn't know she..she..was t-taken..." the guy stammered,all his friends had scattered like roaches by now. Nikki cracked his knuckles "Well now you tell me what do you like more about yourself? Your face or your nuts?" the guy looked confused "" Nikki smirked "Both then?" and with that he decked the guy in the face twice and kicked him in the nuts repeatedly until security came over,while they drug him out passed me he said "You owe me..." I kept a straight face and then turned back to Vince and Mick who both looked at me "Why wasn't I an option?" Vince said,like he'd been deeply hurt by not getting to act like my boyfriend "Because you don't look menacing enough,you probably throw punches like a girl,you have a high voice,and I'm pretty sure you're wearing lipstick and eyeliner,". Mick chuckled "You wear it too Mick," Vince said "Not as much as you..." Mick quipped. Vince let out a "humph!" as he sat back in his chair. "So what'll you guys have?" I asked "I'll take tequila," Vince said as he randomly got up and went over to a blonde who'd just walked in. "I'll just have some Jack Daniels," Mick said. I nodded and went off to get their drinks,when I came back Vince had already gotten the girl in the booth and they were making out like crazy "Does Vince have some crazy uncontrollable sex drive or something?" I said sarcastically when I put the drinks down. Mick shrugged "I don't know him very well,". I shrugged too and walked off. After an hour and 20 minutes it was 7:00pm,I told ____ I was leaving and I'd be back at 8 o'clock sharp. When I walked out the door,Tommy was already there waiting for me. I tried not to giggle when I saw his appearance "What baby?" he said,even though I'm sure he could tell what I was thinking. "That's a...interesting outfit Tommy..." he looked down at himself "Oh this? Yeah I just threw this on,mix it up a little," I burst out laughing and him with me,when we finally straightened ourselves out he said "Yeah I know it could look weird to some people,but now that Mötley Crüe is together,we need to have a badass image," I rolled my eyes "Yeah okay,badass image,got it,now let's go I have go be back here by 8 sharp,". Tommy nodded and we jumped into my car.
When we got to the Troubadour it was packed,we waded through crowds of people until we found a table in a way back corner. "Well at least it's private," I said,Tommy looked at me "Are you suggesting...." "No! What?! No! Ew!" "Ew?!?! If you're thinking what I was thinking is Ew then I don't know if we can be together!" "Maybe I wasn't thinking what you were thinking," "We both know you were thinking what I was thinking," "Yeah probably,". Me and Tommy looked at each other and burst out laughing "You're awesome," Tommy said as he planted a wet kiss on my lips. "No you are," I said as I grabbed his head and gave him a huge kiss on the lips. A pretty girl came over to take our order "I'll have some Jaegermeister," Tommy said and then he looked over at me "What about you?" I shook my head "Nothing for me," the girl nodded and walked off. "Sorry,I forgot you were...uh,y'know....not old..enough," Tommy said "Yeah but you're not old enough either,you technically have 4 years until you can legally drink," Tommy acted shocked and then clutched his heart "" I laughed and we started making out again,we didn't even notice it when the girl put Tommy's Jaegermeister down. When he did he took a long sip of it and then went back to kissing me. After a while I glanced at my watch "Mmmn,Tommy..." I said breaking away from him "What?" he asked "It's 7:35,we only have a 25 minutes left together," he shrugged "Whadda you wanna do?" I shrugged too "I don't know," then Tommy smirked mischievously "I know something we could do...each other," I raised my eyebrows "Oh really..." he smirked seductively and then stood up and picked me up and carried me to the bathrooms. "We're gonna do it in here?" I asked,half shocked half nervous "Mmmhmm," he said as he put me down in the stall and locked to door. He pushed me against the stall wall and immediately started kissing me like mad,I kissed him back,it became more passionate and intense by the second. His hands went down my back and to my mini skirt,he squeezed my butt and I giggled,he started to pull down my mini skirt and I got nervous again. Truth be told,I only had sex once before and it was when my moms psycho boyfriend decided to fuck me when my mom didn't wanna have sex with him. I wasn't worried about bad memories resurfacing,I put that all behind me,it was just that I didn't want Tommy to see me as damaged goods...or I wouldn't be good enough for him. "Baby...i've been whispering sexy things into your ear and you haven't said shit," Tommy said "Oh...I was just...thinking" I said,embarrassed "Stop thinking," Tommy said,sounding breathless,he had my miniskirt off and was kissing my neck "Mmmm Tommy," I moaned. I grabbed his hips and started pulling down his pants. He pulled down my underwear and I pulled his pants and underwear at once. "Mmmmm baby," he said,he started to get harder and bigger. He started moaning and so did I,then in one second he went in "Ohh..." I said,half surprised,half aroused like mad. He started going in and out "Ooh Tommy," "Ohhhhhhhhhhh,Frankie...." we both moaned,he started pumping faster and faster and then we both came,me after him. "AAHHHHHOOOOOHHHHHHHH," Tommy moaned/yelled,I had the same reaction. We stood there for a few more minutes,breathing heavily,then I looked up at Tommy "I have to go..." he looked down at me "Did I rock your world?" he asked mischievously "Like crazy," I said. Tommy smiled and kissed me,he tried to take it farther again but I told him I really needed to get back to the Whiskey. He pulled up his pants and I tried to make myself look like I'd just fucked in the bathroom "It's no use,they probably heard us anyway," Tommy said when he saw my attempts,I sighed and gave up. We went out of the bathroom and tried to look as casual as possible. While we were driving back to the Whiskey Tommy leaned over to me "Baby,I gotta tell ya something," he whispered in my ear "Yeah?" he sighed and sat back in his seat " drugs....sometimes,like it's not super serious,I'm not an addict," I looked over at him "Yeah I know," he seemed surprised "Wow seriously...when did you find that out?" I giggled "Like, the first day I became your neighbor,I mean it's kinda obvious...seeing as you," Tommy chuckled slightly "'re okay with it?" I shrugged "Why not? I mean...I'm worried sometimes but it's your body and eventually you'll figure out it's bad for you,but until then I don't really care," Tommy smiled "I'm so damn lucky to have you," and he nuzzled his face into my neck. I pulled up to the Whiskey and Tommy jumped out and opened my door "Why thank you,Mr.Lee," I said in a cockney British accent "Ah yes,yes anything for the good miss!" Tommy said in the same type of accent. We both had a giggle fit and when we regained composure I looked at my watch "Oh shit it's 8:05!! My boss is gonna kill me!" I rushed into the Whiskey and jumped behind the counter. Tommy laughed "Okay,I'm gonna be back at the apartment,I'll see ya later," I nodded and gave him a kiss before he ran out. Vince was still there and from what I could tell he'd went through an entourage of girls since I'd been gone. "Hey baby girl,can I have Löwenbräu?" he asked drunkenly "Vince don't you think you've knocked enough drinks back?" I asked "No...but I'll tell you I knocked up enough girls to fill something that's like...big....and you can fit a lot in it..." I raised an eyebrow "Okay...Vince you should go," he mumbled something incoherent and stumbled towards the door. I rolled my eyes and went to serve some more costumers.      
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