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Part 8

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Living with Mötley Crüe

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-FF 1 Week-
I'd been living at the Motley apartment for 8 days. I officially moved out of my apartment and into theirs,Vince had also moved in,Mick stayed with his girlfriend though. Nikki still wasn't that warm to me, Vince kept making advances, Mick was warming up to me,and Tommy was well...himself. One morning I was sitting on the couch,reading the comics in the newspaper and Nikki plopped himself down next to me "Hey Sixxdawg!" I said, he looked at me "Please don't," he said,I rolled my eyes and went back to reading. After a few minutes Vince came in,sat next to me,and yawned and stretched his arms out and then put one arm around my shoulders "Vince," I said "Frankie," he said casually,I laughed "At what point will you realize I'm with Tommy?" he snorted "Yeah,what's he gonna do? Tickle me with a feather? Jump on my back and tackle me? Please, the guy weighs less than you I bet," Tommy then randomly jumped up from behind the couch "Sneak attack!" he yelled,both Nikki and Vince let out a high pitch shriek and jumped off the couch like little girls. I just kept reading the newspaper as if nothing had happened "Aah - aah - ahh! What the fucking hell Tommy?!?!" Vince yelled "What's wrong with you? And you...why aren't you scared shitless?" Nikki said,pointing to me "He's been there for a while,he was just waiting for his prey!" I said "Hell yeh!" Tommy said then me and him slapped five. Nikki and Vince sighed angrily and sat back down on the couch "'s the hunt for a manager goin'?" I asked no one in particular "We're looking," Nikki said simply,I nodded "Hey Tommy..." Vince said "Yeah dude?" "I was thinking...what if we like...I don't know,added umlauts above the u and the o in Motley Crüe?" Tommy raised his eyebrows then smiled "Yeah that'd look awesome!" "I know!" Tommy turned to me and Nikki "What do you two think?" I turned to Nikki "It'd look badass," he said "What about you?" Tommy asked me "Um,I'm not in the band but I think it'd look pretty cool," Tommy smiled "I adore you," and then he gave me a kiss "Get a room," Nikki said,we both rolled our eyes and Tommy got up and walked away. "Hey Frankie?" Nikki said,looking over at me "Yeah Nikki?" I said "In the,what,8 or 9 days you've been here you've made no move to clean this place up...I just suspected you would're a woman," he said matter-of a-factly "I'm only 15 so I'm not really a woman," I said matter of a factly "'re a girl then? And girls like stuff all neat and tidy?" I looked him in the eyes (well in the bangs) "So you're saying you're a girl? You want it all neat and tidy?" Vince burst out laughing "Oh burn, man! Haha,high five sexy!" I looked over to Vince "Sure,just let me move out of the way so you and Nikki can high five,". It was Nikki's turn to laugh "In your face! High five Frankie!" I high five-d Nikki. "I called high five first!" Vince whined "Aww you get a hug!" I said,Vince's eyes lit up and he held out his arms,I hugged Vince lightly and pulled away quickly. "That wasn't a hug," Vince said "Really? Well I don't have time for another one because I have to CLEAN," I said teasingly to both Vince and Nikki. They both mumbled obscenities and I went off to try to clean the kitchen. I realized it would be impossible to clean anything without warm water,soap,a sponge,or any other cleaning object. I went back to the living room "Guys you have like no cleaning stuff...and apparently no hot water?" Nikki looked up "Oh shit! It's the 2nd,we didn't pay the heat bill..." I sighed "No more showers then?" Vince looked at me "I'll jump in there with you to keep you warm!" "No,Vince,you won't," and then I turned and went to me and Tommy's room. When I got there Tommy was jumping on the bed "Hey baby,care to join me?" he asked,I giggled and jumped on there too "Ow...jeez Tommy there's some serious lumps on the bed!" Tommy laughed "Yeah but it's still fun!" I groaned and jumped off the bed,Tommy jumped off too and grabbed my waist and kissed my neck "Tommy...Tommy...Tommy,we need to clean the apartment!" I announced,peeling him off of me "Whaaaaat?" he exclaimed while pulling mock horror faces "Okay not you,but me," I said,he gave me a random hug and then looked at me "What is this sudden impulse to clean? Did the aliens come and implant a chip into your ass that makes you want to clean?" I laughed "Tommy are you stoned?" he shrugged "Maybe," I rolled my eyes "No the aliens didn't get me,Nikki and Vince did,apparently Nikki was shocked that I hadn't cleaned anything yet," "What about Vince?" "Well actually he wasn't apart of it," Tommy shrugged "Fine,if you wanna clean,clean! Maybe then the roaches and mice will move out" I looked at him "There's roaches and mice?" I asked,disgusted while grabbing my purse and baseball cap "Yeah,you been in that kitchen? It's a roach-mouse-rat hotel!" I cringed when Tommy said that. "Okay well I'm gonna go out and buy cleaning supplies and you guys are gonna figure out how to pay the water bill," and then I left his room,a few seconds later I heard "Shit! The water bill!" I giggled a bit. On the way out of the house Vince ran over to me "Hey got any uh...loose money I could take off your hands?" I looked at him sarcastically "Yeah Vince, because I'm just growing money on my money tree," he rolled his eyes and walked off. I was almost out the door when Nikki ran over to me "Where are ya goin'?" I sighed "Out. To buy much needed cleaning supplies," "Oh okay,and while you're at it could you buy some Jack,some vodka,and some Löwenbräu?" "Nikki...what type of money do you think I make?! I can't afford all that!" he mocked me a bit then said "Fine,I'll just come with you and bang the store clerk," I laughed "I'm sure you and him will really hit it off," Nikki looked crazy enraged ''I'm fucking tired of you acting like a bitch and talking shit about me! So if you don't shut the fuck up and stay outta my way i'm gonna-" he was cut off by Tommy and Vince pushing him to the side "Never talk to my girlfriend like that," Tommy warned,then he took my hand and led me away "Was Nikki being an ass?" Tommy asked affectionately "Yeah he was...are you gonna kick his ass?" I cooed "No,because we both know he'd have my ass in the hospital faster than you could say 'Nikki Sixx'" "Your scrawny ass?" Vince chimed in "Shut up shorty," I said,Vince mumbled something but he didn't talk anymore. We all jumped in the car and went in the direction of the store, "So...what's up?" Vince absentmindedly asked "Oh I don't know Vince,maybe we're going to buy some magic unicorns that hurl rainbows," Tommy said sarcastically,me and Tommy laughed but Vince kept silent and crossed his arms and huffed. When we got to the store Tommy and Vince jumped out and then I got out. "Okay i'm gonna get cleaning stuff and you guys can do...whatever," I announced,Tommy and Vince ran off,I got a cart and went to the cleaning aisle. I got an array of cleaning supplies: rubber gloves,Ajax,dish soap, degreaser,floor cleaner,bleach,sponges,rags,air freshener, Windex,broom,mop,and garbage bags. Then I thought of the mice and roaches so I went to find someone to help me find that sort of stuff. " 'Scuse me?" I asked a store clerk who was reading a magazine behind the counter,he looked up and looked at me like I was a dead bird a cat drug in "Yeah?" he asked,sounding bored "Uh, I was wondering if you sell like mouse traps and um..stuff to get rid of roaches?" the guy sighed and got off his chair "Yeah,I'll show you the way," I smiled "Thanks...Waxl?" I said while looking at his name tag "It's W. Axl," he said, annoyed. He led me to the aisle and then walked off again. I bought every one of the traps or sprays,I wanted those roaches out. I went to the counter and the same guy was still there "You done?" he asked "Yep," I replied,he rang me up "30 bucks," I gave him the money and he nodded and then started boredly packing the bag with the stuff "I'll just do it Mr.Attitude!" I snapped and I threw the rest of the stuff in the bag and walked away with a huff to go find Tommy and Vince. I heard the guy cursing me out under his breath,I rolled my eyes and kept walking,soon I bumped into Vince,who was circling the alcohol aisle like a moth attracted to a light. "Frankiiiie!!!" Vince said whiney-like as he held a bottle of tequila in his hands like a child holding a comfort blanket "Viiince," I said in the same tone of voice "Please just buy us some drinks?! We have to pay the water bill!" Vince said,annoyed "Fine! Where's Tommy?" I said while snatching the tequila bottle from him. I found Tommy and he ran up to me "I love you so much..." I rolled my eyes "Vince already pulled out his 'i'm a whiney bitch' moves and I'm buying drinks so you can drop the act," Tommy smiled "Yay! Thanks Frank!" and he started to run off,but I caught him by his tiny wrist "Tommy?" "Yeah?" "NEVER call me,FRANK," Tommy giggled "Yeah okay," then ran off. After we - no I paid for the drinks,we went back to the apartment and when we got there Mick was standing outside with a girl "Hey Mick," I said,he nodded acknowledgment and then turned to Tommy "I forgot the apartment number...again," I stifled a giggle and Mick shot me a glare. Tommy told Mick the apartment number again and then we went in. While we were in the elevator Mick turned to me,Vince,and Tommy "Hey guys,so I might've found us a manager...."           
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