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Part 9

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Part 9. Sorry it took a while to post!!

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Tommy's face lit up and he smiled hugely...he's sooo cute when he smiles..."Oh dude that's awesome!! Who is it?!" Tommy exclaimed while jumping up and down and hugging Mick "Mmmmppppffff!!!!" Mick said while trying to pry Tommy off of him. When the elevator door opened Tommy danced out yelling "Mick found a manager! Mick found a manager! Mick found a manager!" I giggled and ran after him,so did Vince,we burst into the apartment all at once,causing us all to fall on the floor. "You got my Jack?" was what Nikki said,I raised my head up and I could see a pair of huge high heels standing in front of me "Nikki what's with the boots?" I asked while I pulled myself up (with Vince holding onto my belt loops) "Whadda ya mean?" Nikki asked,amused "Ugh,whatever,nothing,Vince get off me! You're pulling my jeans down!" I said as I tried to get Vince to stand up and let go of me. "Don't do that Vince," Tommy said "Make me...not," Vince said as he tugged on my belt loops "Vince!" I whined,Tommy dived on Vince and tried to pull him off,he did...but my jeans went too. "Strip party!" Nikki yelled and he took off his shirt and started waving it in the air "Vince what's wrong with you?!?" I shrieked while trying to pull my shirt down to cover myself "Nothing!" he laughed and then ran off with my jeans "Vince!" I screeched and I ran after him. While I was parading around pantless,Nikki was waving his shirt around and his pants were unzipped,Tommy was chasing me and Vince,in the middle of all that we all failed to notice Mick and his shocked girlfriend standing in the doorway watching us. "Guys!!" Mick yelled,Vince screeched to a halt and I crashed into him,then Tommy crashed into me,and we all fell on Nikki. "Guys...this is my girlfriend, Linda, Linda these are my bandmates and one of their girlfriends...the one in the heels is Nikki,the tall skinny one is Tommy,the blonde is Vince,and the pant less one is Frankie," Mick's girlfriend nodded,kind of a  confused/sarcastic nod. "Oh...nice to meet you guys," she said,kind of uneasily. "Nice to meet ya Linda!" I said and got up to shake her hand. She nervously shook it "You too," I nodded and then walked off to find some pants,and try to keep my dignity. I got a new outfit on which was a tight black Kiss shirt,a black leather miniskirt,and some black giant high heeled knee high boots. I took my hair down from it's ponytail and then put on some more lipgloss. I walked out to the 'living room' where the guys were all chittering about something,when Tommy saw me he jumped up "Baby! Mick found us a guy!" and he hugged me,I laughed "Okay...okay...who is it!?" Mick looked up "Its my friend Stick's brother in law,his name is Allan Coffman," I smiled "Oooh that's great guys! High five!" Tommy highfived me,then Vince,then Mick,Nikki lazily put up a hand and I highfived it. "Let's CELEBRATE!!!" Vince shouted "Guys it hasn't been confirmed he's gonna be our manager!" Mick said "We know but still..." Nikki said "I can't party,I have to clean the apartment..." I said,Tommy made a sad face "You sure?" I nodded " are we gonna go get drunk or what?" Vince chimed in "But guys you have alcohol here," I said "That's not gonna last," Nikki said. I sighed "Okay...I'm gonna start cleaning the hellhole we call the kitchen,". I walked in there and looked around,trying to find what'd be easiest to clean first. There was nothing. Everything had some form of grease or spatter or stain on it that looked like it needed hardcore scrubbing. I decided to clean whatever I didn't need hot water for. I started with the walls,which had a couple splatters here and there,when I was done with that,I washed the outside of the fridge,then the inside. I picked up all the trash laying around and while I was picking it up from the floor,I noticed something shiny under the stove. I reached under it and pulled out a syringe 'Ech!' I thought to myself as I put it on the counter,Nikki would probably want it back. I would've thrown it out if I didn't desperately want Nikki to like or even appreciate me,I don't like it when people don't like me,because I feel like a disappointment if they don't. After I got all the trash up I swept the floor. At that point,everyone except Nikki had left,he was in his room being weird. I was mopping the floor when I sensed someone was behind me "Nikki are you watching me?" I asked without turning around. "No," he said as he walked up to me "What do you want?" I asked,stopping mopping and looking at him "Nothing," he replied. I sighed "I have something that's yours," Nikki looked at me "What?" I reached behind me and grabbed the syringe "This," Nikki snatched it from me "Where...did you get this?" he menacingly said "It was on the floor! Don't get mad at me!". He looked at it "I'm not...thanks," then he turned and walked out the door. I stood there in shock for a few seconds,did he really say thanks?! Was he actually being nice?! I went back to mopping with the only possible explanation: he was probably high.
-FF to 4:50pm-
I had to get ready to go to the Whiskey to work,but let me tell you,I had that kitchen sprayed,washed,and sanitized to the bone...if that makes any sense. I managed to clean the living room a bit,make things neater and fresher. Next I just had to clean the bedrooms and the bathroom. But now I had to get to the Whiskey,I took a quick shower and then put on my uniform. I scribbled a quick note to the guys if any of them came back before I did "Guys! I left to the Whiskey to work! - Frankie," then I dashed out the door. I hopped in my car and sped over to the Whiskey,nearly killing a couple pedestrians and myself in the process. I parked and then dashed in as fast as I could. I slid behind the counter where Randii was there "Finally!" she said "I know,I know," I said. I started the normal routine: organizing stuff,wiping the counter off,serving customers. "So did any of the guys come in here?" I asked Randii "Yeah for a little bit,but then they left,and then Nikki came in,he's sitting over there," I looked where Randii was pointing and I saw Nikki sitting alone at a table,seemingly deep in thought. I debated if I should go over there...maybe not. "Does Nikki have a girlfriend?" Randii broke me away from my thoughts "No,I don't think so," I said as I shook my head . She nodded and smiled "What do you think my chances are with him?" I laughed "Low. The only thing you two have in common is that you're both bitchy drama queens," Randii blushed and slightly giggled,then I sighed "He's right behind me isn't he?" Randii laughed "Yeah," I turned and Nikki was standing there,he looked angry but kind of amused. "Yeah? Maybe YOU'RE the bitchy drama queen," he said,I burst into a rant "I'm sorry Nikki! But I just don't get why you hate me so much! What did I ever do to you?! I've been nice to you ever since I moved in,I barely know you and you barely know me but you still act like I'm nothing! So what is it that repulses you about me?!" Nikki looked taken aback and he shook his head and sputtered for a few seconds,then laughed,shook his head and walked away.''Well that was productive," Randii commented. I sighed and went back to cleaning glasses.
-Nikki's POV-
I was kinda shocked by Frankie's outburst. But I couldn't tell her why I was so bad to her,I couldn't tell her why I always insulted her,I couldn't fucking tell her I WANNA FUCK HER! But it's true,she's damn sexy and I get a boner when she walks into the room,but she's Tommy's chick,I can't do her. I didn't wanna be with her,I just wanna to have a meaningless one night stand with her. I was starting to get angry so I hurled my empty JD bottle at the side of the Whiskey,it broke into a couple hundred pieces and fell on the ground. I tugged on my hair and sighed deeply, so many things happening at once, how am I gonna handle it all at once? I swear to god I heard a little voice in the back of my head saying 'drugs'.
-Frankie's POV-
-FF 7 Hours-
It was finally time for me to leave the Whiskey,I was exhausted,it had been a busy,busy night. The customers were pouring in,there was a band preforming there that night,I thought they were alright 'Probably not as good as Motley' I thought. Then it occurred to me,I never heard one of Motley's songs,I always seemed to be out or they were somewhere else when they were practicing. I also wondered who wrote their songs. I'd have to ask them. I was crazy hungry so I stopped at a 24 hour McDonald's to get myself something to eat,then I wondered if the guys were hungry...if they were even conscious..."May I take your order?" I shook my head clear of thoughts and ordered "Ah,yeah,I'll have 5 burgers,1 Mcchicken, 6 Sprites, 6 large fries, and 6 sundaes," the lady rang it up and told me the price,I pulled around,paid,then get my food. I drove back to the apartment,after balancing the bags and trays I managed to get inside,up the stairs,and into the apartment "HEY FRANKIE!!!!" I heard a whiney,high,voice sing/shout,it was of course,Vince, "Food!" he shouted when he appeared,Tommy ran out of the hallway "Where?!",Nikki appeared "All right,",then Mick and Linda appeared "Oh that's nice," Linda said. Everyone grabbed something and then we all sat down in the living room,there wasn't enough room on the couch for everyone,so I sat on the floor next to Tommy,with my back leaning on Nikki's legs. I managed to finish eating before I fell asleep on Tommy's shoulder.
-The Next Morning-
I opened my eyes and the first thing I saw was Tommy looking at me and smiling. I had my head in his lap "Hey baby," he said "Mmmm hey Tommy," I said as I reached up and played with his long hair. "Hey baby?" he said "Yeah?" I said back. He looked at me seriously and concerned like "Babe how'd you get this scar on your forehead? I never noticed it," I frowned...I knew the truth would come out sometime. "Baby,we need to talk..."    
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