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Part 10

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Just another day of living with the Motley boys! Frankie manages to snag a gig at the Whiskey for Motley.

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Tommy looked concerned "What?" I stood up "Lets go in your room," I helped Tommy up and then we went to his room,I closed the door and we both sat down on the bed. "Didn't you ever wonder why I'm 15 and here,in California,with no signs of parents around?" I asked,Tommy nodded "Well yeah...but I kinda thought you had lived with your grandpa and then he was paying for you to stay here..." I sighed "I wish. Tommy,I should tell you this now,I..I...I'm a runaway from Indiana," Tommy looked shocked but then his face broke into a huge smile "Aw my baby is a fighter! You come all the way to the golden state from Indiana you snag a job,a place,a car,and the hottest dude out there-me!" I laughed "You're not...mad?" he hugged me "No! If you hadn't I would've never met you! And I bet whatever reason you ran away was a damn good one," I kissed him "I did have a good reason,my mom treated me like shit," "And your dad?" I frowned "He died...when I was 2," Tommy frowned too "Oh I'm so sorry," "Its okay,i've managed to push through," Tommy smiled and kissed me,soon we were making out...then the door flew open,and Nikki was standing there,looking frazzled,me and tommy jumped apart "Ah! Nikki! Really?!" I yelled "You.Coffee.Me.NOW!" Nikki said while pointing his finger at me "Stop bossing my girl around!" Tommy said angrily "Its okay Tommy," I said as I got up and pushed past Nikki,I went to the newly cleaned kitchen and started getting the coffee ready. I made 5 cups,I didn't drink coffee,it stains your teeth eventually. When it was done I brought a cup to Nikki and a cup to Tommy "Thanks," Tommy said,Nikki just made a sound. Vince woke up when I started making food "Coffee?" he said when he wandered in the kitchen "Yeah,I'll get you some," I said,he walked over to me and I handed it to him,he wiggled his eyebrows "What Vincent?" I said,he frowned "Who told you my name was Vincent?" I laughed "Usually people who go by Vince are named Vincent," "Yeah you dumb blonde," Nikki said jokingly as he came in to the kitchen "Frank that's no way to talk to Vincent!" I said,just to irk them "My name is NOT Frank! It's Nikki Sixx! I hate Frank!" Nikki said angrily. Vince laughed "Your name is Frank?!?!" Nikki stormed off angrily. Mick walked in "Torturing them again Frankie?" I rolled my eyes "Bob....come on," Mick sputtered then shook his head and walked off. Vince walked over to me "Whats on the menu waitress sexy?" I rolled my eyes "Im gonna make eggs,toast,and turkey bacon," "Why turkey bacon?" "I can't stand the taste of pork," Vince raised his eyebrows but nodded,then Tommy came in and said "Frankie,we're lucky to have you and your appliances,coffee maker,toaster,pots,pans,plates,utensils, and basically everything normal people would have..." I laughed and hugged Tommy's waist "And I'm lucky to have you and your friends that keep me on the edge," I looked over at Vince and he put his hand on his heart "This is SO touching...I should come and join the hug..." then he ran over at hugged me from the behind "I'm in a Vince & Tommy sandwich!" I exclaimed,the guys laughed and we broke apart. I started making the food and the guys went off to talk or something. While I was making the eggs Linda came in "Hey Linda! How are ya?'' I asked. She smiled "I'm okay,and you?" I nodded "I'm pretty good," she smiled " and Mick are gonna head out now,but I'm sure Mick will be back around soon," I smiled,wiped off my hands  and then went over to her "Nice meeting you,I hope I'll see you again sometime," and I hugged her "Oh!" she seemed a little surprised by the hug,but she hugged me back "Yeah it was good to meet you...bye," "I say 'later',because 'bye' is forever..." "Oh...okay...later!" "Later!" and then she and Mick left. I resumed cooking,I cooked the turkey bacon and put the toaster in the toaster, while I was waiting for it to cook and intently watching it Nikki came in "Smells good," he said,I raised my eyebrows,then he came closer and looked at it "Looks good," then he turned to me and said in a dramatic voice "But does it taste good?!" I laughed and he laughed,Tommy came running "What'd I miss?! What'd I miss?!" I laughed, "It would've been funnier if you were here,but Nikki said something funny," Tommy snapped his fingers "Aw shucks!" then he came over to me and kissed me and pretty soon we were making out like crazy "Ewwww,get your junk off the food!" Nikki said as he swatted at as with a rolled up newspaper "I'll show you junk!" I said and I grabbed the rolled up newspaper and swatted him with it,he ran away but I kept chasing him "Tommy! Take the food out!" I yelled while running after him,I heard Tommy make a panicked sound. I chased Nikki into his room,and he started knocking stuff on the floor to stop me "Im gonna get you!" I yelled,Nikki laughed and stepped backwards,and that's when his heels got the best of him,he went backwards and landed with a painful 'THUNK!'. On perfectly bad timing my feet got entangled in one of Nikki's shirts he had on the floor and I fell...directly onto Nikki 'Oof!' we both simultaneously said. I looked at Nikki and we both started laughing "That was awesome! You were like this when you went down!" Nikki said as he pulled a funny/weird face "Yeah but when you first tripped you were like..." and I made some faces too. We both laughed but then we noticed how our faces were about 2 inches apart and we stopped laughing. I got up quickly ",okay...we should go back in the kitchen," I said nervously,he nodded and got up too. When we went back out Vince looked at us "Did you two have sex?" me and Nikki both looked at him in shock "No! What?! the?! Vince I'm with Tommy!" I said,Nikki also said something that sounded like "Perverted mind,". Tommy didn't really notice the conversation because he was trying to take the bacon out of the skillet "Ah,ah,ah,ah! Frankie I can't!'s hard!" he said,sounding like he was about to have a heart attack "Oh please Tommy,you're overreacting," I said as I took the fork from him and took them all out with ease. Then I took the toast out,then I put everyone some food on a plate and brought it to them. Finally I sat down on the couch in-between Tommy and Nikki. "Damn Frankie,you cook good!" Vince said after wolfing down his food "Aw thanks Vince," I said,Nikki nodded "Yea it's good," he said Tommy smiled and said "YEAH! it's bitchin'!" with a mouth full of food,some of it falling out of his mouth "Thanks guys,but really,this is just eggs,toast and bacon," Vince turned to me "It gets BETTER?!" I laughed "Probably,". When we all finished eating Nikki went to work at the liquor store,Tommy decided to try to find clubs for them to play at,so that left me and Vince alone in the apartment "Do you work Vince?" I asked "Eh,sometimes,not now though," he said while shrugging. I nodded,we watched tv for a little while more and then Vince turned it off and turned to me "Tell me about you," he said,I raised my eyebrows "Uhh...okay...I'm 15,my name is Frankie Smith,I'm from Indiana,I'm 5'2...and that's basic info right there..." Vince nodded "Yeah okay,I'm 22,my name is Vince Neil Wharton,I'm from here in Cali,and I'm 5'9," I nodded "Okay,that's...nice to know?" he laughed "Im just trying to find out a little more about you...y'know! Any tragic backstories or skeletons in the closet?" "Well if you consider my dad dying when I was 2 and my mom kicking me out of the house in winter as a tragic backstory,then yes," Vince frowned "Im sorry," I smiled and patted him on the knee "Its okay," he smiled "Boner alert!" I rolled my eyes and got up "That's right,walk away,I'm just enjoyin' the view!" I waved my hand and went to me and Tommy's room to change. I put on a black vest top (insert pic),a red with green stripes tie (pic),black leather leggings with holes in the knees,fishnets under the leggings,and some black huge high heels (pic). I painted my nails and toenails black,I put on all my makeup,then I fought with my hair. No matter what I did it just didn't look good. I decided to do something totally ridiculous: ask Vince for help. They all wore all that hairspray,and Vince had that silky hair. I walked out and Vince was laying on the couch "You look hot," he said "Yeah but my hair looks crazy," I said he nodded "A little," I walked over to him "What should I do?!" he looked a little surprised by my question but he replied "Why don't you hairspray it up like Nikki?" "I don't have any hairspray!" he shrugged "Use Nikki's,just to make him mad,it'll be hilarious!" I smiled "Haha! Yeah,thanks Vince!" then I ran toward Nikki's room. I opened the door and looked for it,I knocked some things over in the process and accidentally found Nikki's drug stash,that seemed to be more extensive than I thought. I frowned "This'll kill him one day," I said aloud,I put it back quickly and then finally found the hairspray,sitting on the dresser of all places. I took it into my room and started to spray it. When I was done I had a huge head of hair that looked awesome,I wondered why I hadn't tried it before. Nikki's bottle was totally empty but I put it back in his room anyway. When I came out Vince's mouth dropped open "Damn,you can work a bottle of hairspray!" I blushed "Well,it isn't that great..." Vince shook his head "You're's awesome!" I laughed and then I decided to go outside. "If Tommy comes back tell him I went out," I told Vince,he nodded and went back to watching tv. I went outside into the fresh air and took a deep breath...then I started coughing like crazy because of the cigarette smoke and smog. I walked around for a little bit,just thinking. Then I got an idea,I started walking towards the Whiskey A Go-Go and when I got there I went in. I knocked on the managers door,he opened it "Oh! Frankie,what're you doing here?" he asked,surprised "Um,I wanna talk to you about something," I said,he nodded and ushered me in "I hope you're not quitting," he said when I sat down "Oh no,no,no! I'd never quit,no,it's boyfriend has this great band,Motley Crüe,and I was wondering...if..." he waved his hand "You want me to let them play?" I nodded "Yeah,please,I'll do anything,I'll work extra hours,anything,please let them play!" he thought about it for a while,then he sighed "Okay...but we're booked for the rest of the month,so it's gonna have to be sometime in May,who knows,even June or July at the latest," I smiled,they needed whatever they could "Okay! So next month or the months after? They're defiantly on though right?" he nodded "Defiantly," I then thanked him and left,feeling happy and content. I couldn't wait to tell the guys.
-2 Hours later-
I had been back at the house for an hour,Vince was still there and we were sitting on the floor playing cards,war,to be exact. "WAR!" we both yelled just as Tommy and Nikki came in the door "What?!" Tommy exclaimed. I laughed "Me and Vince are just playing cards,no biggie,". Nikki laughed and Tommy shrugged. " was your search for places to play at?" I asked "Not good,not one fucking place would let us play," Nikki said angrily. I smiled "Well...there's one place," Nikki looked at me "Where? We tried every place from here to there," I smiled "Well I worked something out with my boss at the Whiskey and you guys are defiantly gonna play there sometime!" Vince looked shocked and Nikki's face burst into a huge smile. Suddenly Nikki had tackled me in a huge bear hug and was laying on top of me. I giggled and hugged him back "Whoa,whoa! Nikki!" I heard Tommy say then I saw his hands on Nikki's shoulders trying to pull him up "T-Bone I love your chick!" he said as he got up and hugged Tommy too. Tommy hugged him back and cooed affectionately. Me and Vince both looked at them and exchanged a 'awkward' look. They peeled away and then Tommy said "So...why the hell were you on top of Frankie?" Nikki laughed "Bitch got us a gig!" and pointed at me,Tommy's face lit up and he tackled me right back to the ground and started kissing me "Oh baby I LOVE you!!! Where's it at? Where's it at?!" he said when he sat up. I got up "It's at the Whiskey," "When?" Vince asked "Uh,well there's no set date but you're defiantly playing sometime between May and June....or July," Tommy hugged me again "I'm so lucky to have found you!" he squealed and he started kissing me again. "All this love makes me want to find a chick," Vince announced loudly. "Me too,let's go," Nikki said, "Later fuckers!" Nikki called as they left,probably for a strip club. "Lets go have some fun of our own," Tommy said mischievously,we both giggled and ran off to his room.   
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