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Part 11

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Frankie makes breakfast and later ponders what she'll do in life.

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The night was normal: I went to the Whiskey at 7:00pm,dealt with the usual costumers, dealt with drunks, sleepily drove home at 12:00,walk in and hear Vince banging some girl (loudly) and Nikki banging some girl too (loudly) so then I got  Tommy to bang me (loudly). When we were done 'doing it' for the 3rd time in a row we both collapsed next to each other,panting "Oh baby I love you," Tommy said breathlessly "I love you too," I said as I curled up in his arms.
-The Next Morning-
"DID YOU USE MY HAIRSPRAY?!" was what me and Tommy were woken up to. Nikki crashing through the door,nearly taking it fully off it's already loose hinges,and shouting in our faces. "Fuck Nikki,I used it,stop bitching!" I yelled back after he came up to the bed and started yelling random things about expensive hairspray and using your own. For a slight second I thought I saw Nikki's face soften and a look of guilt in his eyes,but then he snapped "Don't do it again!" and then he stormed out,slamming the door. "That's Nikki for you," Tommy said,chuckling. I chuckled too and then got up "I'm gonna take a shower," I said "Okay,just watch out for Vince,he lurks around the bathroom," I made a weird face and then put my bathrobe on and walked into the hall and ran to the bathroom,Vince was in fact there outside the bathroom door. "Morning Vince,anyone in there?" I said,he shook his head no so I went in. I took a very quick shower (we STILL didn't pay the water bill) and then came out. For the first time, I inspected the small,dirty,cluttered bathroom. I noticed all the empty hairspray bottles laying around and newly appeared empty makeup things (not just mine,the guys started wearing heavy amounts of makeup recently). There were also cigarette butts and an overflowing ashtray next to the sink 'Man,I need to clean this' I thought to myself. I dried myself off and then put my bathrobe on,someone lightly knocked on the door "What?" I said "Okay," I heard Mick's voice say. I opened the door and Mick was standing there "Hi Mick," I said, he nodded and then brushed past me to get to the bathroom. I went back to me and Tommy's room and Nikki was in there with Tommy "Hey babe," Tommy said. "Hey," I said and then turned to Nikki and I almost burst out laughing. Nikki's usually crazy high hairsprayed hair was all long and resembled my hair on a good hair day. "Aww look at that Nikki! Look at your supermodel hair," I said teasingly "That's because you used all my damn hairspray!" Nikki said angrily. I went over to him and stroked his hair "Awww it's all soft and silky like a hamster!" I said,Tommy reached over and started petting his head "Hahaha it is dude!" Nikki tried to get us off but we held on to his hair. Finally I let go because I wanted to get dressed,but Nikki refused to leave the room as revenge on us. "Nikki leave!" I said "No." "Leaaave! Pleeeeaaase?" "Go in Vince's room and change," "Get out!!!!!" I yelled. Nikki covered his ears and ran out. Tommy laughed and jumped off the bed and hugged me "You have a way with words," I laughed "No,I have a way with yelling,". Tommy shrugged "It's all the same to me,". We both went over to the dresser and started rooting through it,we didn't separate our clothes so sometimes i'd accidentally wear something of Tommy's and he'd accidentally wear something of mine. Tommy pulled out a pair of magenta colored spandex pants that had black leopard spots on it "These are mine right?" he asked "Yep," I said. While Tommy looked really hot most of the time in his tight pants,heels,and ripped shirts and fishnets...he made some questionable fashion choices sometimes. He pulled them on while I rooted through the clothes. I finally decided on a white strapless satin see-through-ish top,black leather mini shorts with gold buttons on the crotch,and my usual black sky high heels. Tommy wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my neck "Mmm baby why do you wear those huge heels?" he asked,I laughed "Why do you wear your huge heels?" he shrugged "Its cool,but you're already cool and why the heels?". I stepped back "Tommy you do realized without 6 inch heels I don't even come up to your chin?" he laughed "Yeah I suppose you're short. Even with the heels you only make it up to my chin," I frowned "Oh sorry," Tommy said. I shrugged "Whatever," and walked out of the room. When I went into the living room Vince was there with some busty blonde who was wearing too much makeup and was probably a stripper. Mick brought Linda over and Nikki was sitting with a tall,skinny redhead who looked like a model. And just for the record, he had his hair ponytailed in what I swore was one of my hairbands "Hey guys,hey Linda. So Nikki,Vince,gonna introduce me to your respective partners?" I said, the blonde jumped up,her boobs sloshing every which way "Hi! I'm Kandi! Who are you?" she said in an annoying and high voice "I'm Frankie...I'm Tommy's girlfriend," I said as I held my hand out for her to shake it. She looked at it, confused so I put my hand down "Is that Tommy?" she asked pointing behind me I looked behind me and saw Tommy dancing across to floor toward us "Yeah," I said. She smiled and then sat next to Vince again "This is my boyfriend,Vince!" she announced. I nodded "Yep. And what about you Nikki?" I said while gesturing towards him and the redhead "This is Hannity K.,she's a model," Nikki said simply while nodding his head towards her. She stood up a bit shyly and ferociously smoothed out her outfit. "I'm Hannity K.,nice to meet you," she said while extending her well manicured hand, I shook it as admired her enviable figure. She was nearly as tall as Tommy PLUS she was wearing huge heels so it made me feel like a giant. She had a cute fashionable  sparkly little black dress,perfect skin,satiny soft shiny hair,warm blue eyes,and perfect makeup that wasn't too much or too little. It looked as if Nikki had pulled her right out of the pages of a fashion magazine. I instantly wanted to sink into the ground with my lame looking outfit,my short stature,my dry hands,and my for some reason unmakeuped face. She pointed at me "I like your outfit," she said, I smiled "Thanks,your outfit is cool too,". She smiled awkwardly "Thanks," then she sat back down next to Nikki. I sighed and went to find Tommy and makeup. I found him in the bathroom,applying heavy amounts of eyeshadow. "I was just totally embarrassed in front of that model chick," I said "How?" Tommy asked while ever so carefully putting eyeliner on "I came in there without any makeup!" I said,exasperated "Pfft,you may look rough in the morning but the other times of the day you're a stunner," Tommy said. I sighed and started putting on my makeup too, a little more heavily than usual. Me and Tommy both came out 20 minutes later,Tommy with his heavy lipstick and eyeliner and me with 2x more makeup than I'd usually wear. Vince obviously took notice because he raised his eyebrows and winked approvingly. "So I'm gonna make breakfast,everyone who wants some raise their hand!" I announced,everyone raised their hand and Kandi waved hers back and forth "Me! Me!" she shouted,like it was a classroom and she wanted the teacher to pick her. "Okay!" I said as I went into the kitchen and debated what I should make. I settled on pancakes and bacon, no eggs because we were out. I went to put that on the notepad I had tried to get the guys to write stuff we needed on it when we ran out,but so far the only thing they'd put was 'Jack' (probably from Nikki) and 'cigarettes' (defiantly Tommy,I could distinct his bubbly, big, naturally cursive like writing anywhere)....over and over,plus Nikki had written over that 'HAIRSPRAY!' I sighed and scribbled eggs in a corner then went to make the food. While I was stirring the pancake mix,Hannity,Linda,and Kandi came in "We're here to help!" Kandi announced. I smiled "Cool,Kandi...why don't you stir this?" I said,thinking there was no way she could mess that up. She clapped her hands and took it from me and started to stir viciously. I rolled my eyes and turned to Linda "Hey Linda it's nice to see you again!" I said "Yeah it's nice to see you too," she said while fidgeting with her hair. I took out the bacon "Who wants to make the bacon and who wants to make the orange juice?" I said "ME!" Kandi yelled while waving her hand around. I forced a smile and handed her the frozen orange juice and the pitcher "Just follow the instructions," I said. I handed Hannity the bacon "You wanna make that?" I asked,she nodded and took it over to the stove. "I guess you can help me with the pancakes," I said to Linda,she smiled and nodded. After a while the food was done,I served in onto plates (with 'help' from Kandi). I brought it into the living room and everyone hungrily attacked it,grabbing the syrup from each other and talking over each other. "Hey Frankie,can you get me some Jack to put in here?" Nikki asked while holding up his glass of orange juice, "Could you get my vodka too?" Vince chimed in. I sighed and got up to get the last bottle of Jack and Vince's vodka. I handed it to them and Nikki poured some Jack into his cup and tasted it. He curled his face up "Shit,that tastes nasty," he said. Vince was pouring his vodka into his half full glass of orange juice. When we were done,I put the rinsed the dishes and put them on the escalating pile of dishes we couldn't wash,Vince and Kandi left (probably so he could dump her),Nikki went to work, Linda left, it was Tommy's turn to look for agents,places to play,etc., Mick decided to stay. "Hey Mick," I said as I plopped down on the couch next to him. "Hi Frankie," he said. We sat in silence for a while until I broke the silence "Mick do you think I should get another job?" he turned and looked at me "If you want," I sighed and looked at the tv. "It's just that we've been without hot water for a while now,and we barely have enough money for food,and then the guys blow all their money on drinks,cigarettes,hairspray,and in Nikki's case...drugs," Mick shrugged "Yeah,it seems like you have a lot of stuff on your plate,". I rolled my eyes "Ya think? Ugh,I mean besides....what job could I get? I already worked at a McDonalds and I'm not working at some crappy restaurant," Mick shrugged "What do you really want to be?" I instantly said  "An actress,". Mick looked at me,surprised "Yeah,like ever since I was little I've wanted to act,I'm good too,I mean,I was in like every school play," I said excitedly "Yeah's not like acting jobs just fall out of the sky Frankie,you need a right now job,not something as complicated as acting," Mick argued "Mick seriously! I have potential,I have the looks,I have the talent! This could be my calling!" I said back "What? I mean what are you thinking? You can't even get into that business at your age without an adult's permission and I'm pretty sure the parent has to be present on set too...and...and there's way to many complications and hardships for you," I jumped up "I don't care Mick,I'm gonna figure something out and you'll see that I can and will make it,"....
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