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Part 12

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Frankie gets her first acting gig and is interested in the dark path of drugs...

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-FF 2 Weeks-
We had finally gotten the hot water on,I was still in negations with my boss to get Motley to play,and I had informed Tommy of my hopes of being an actress. His initial response was "You have too many tats to be an actress,". I then went on to explain how it had been a dream of mine and how good I was at it, and then he was super supportive and even offered to get a job so I could save money for an agent or something. Speaking of that, things were going relatively good for Motley Crüe...they'd gotten 3 clubs to let them play once or twice as a test,they'd officially gotten Allan Coffman,the brother in law of one of Mick's friends,as their manager. Their  current projects were saving up money for a camcorder to record their performances and make a video to send to radio stations. It was a Friday afternoon and the guys were practicing and I was getting ready to audition to be in a commercial for KFC. I was supposed to dress normally,but I didn't think showing up in stripper heels, a tube top, and leather hotpants would be matter what any of the guys said. I looked for something 'subtle',but realized I didn't really have anything subtle that looked like normal everyday clothes. I decided maybe to wear some of Tommy's clothes,but I didn't find anything that fit. I finally chose blue jeans with rips everywhere,a white shirt,a red & white varsity style jacket,and flip flops. I wore my recently dyed blonde hair down,and I put my baseball cap on. I put on a liiiitle more makeup than usual. I walked into the living room and Tommy whistled "Damn you're lookin' hot!" he said. I blushed furiously. Nikki had just been getting up so he walked over to me and squeezed my shoulder with 2 fingers "Good luck," he said and he walked towards the kitchen. Tommy came over to me and hugged me "Knock 'em out," and he kissed me. Vince came over his new stripper-girlfriend Lacey "I was in an ad once when I was a baby," he randomly said "I was in Playboy once!" Lacey announced loudly. I forced a smile "Okay,Vince,Lacey,thanks for your input!" then I turned to leave. When I got outside I ran into Mick "Hey Mick! I was just leaving," I said as I jumped into my car. "That's what I wanted to talk to you about," he said "Mick if you think you can convince me-" I started but he cut me off "No,no,I wanna come with guardian?" I laughed "Really Mick? I mean what are you? Twenty?" Mick frowned "I'm 29 and I have 3 kids and 3 grandchildren," my eyebrows shot up in surprise "Whaat? Mick! Wait - what-?! Since when- why- how?!" Mick waved his hand in dismiss "So am I coming or not?" I thought for a second "Yeah,get in,". The auditions were at a small theater and when I got there it was nerve racking. I knew I shouldn't have been so nervous,it was only an ad for KFC,it's not like I was trying out in front of like,Steven Spielberg or something. I told the lady who was handing out numbers what I was here for. "Okay,and how old are you,sugar?" she said in a southern accent "Um,I'm 15," she smiled "And is this your father?" she asked while gesturing to Mick "Um,adoptive father," I said as casual as possible. Mick nodded in agreement "Okay,and I just need your first and last name," she said "My name is Frankie....Mars," she smiled "That's a unique name," then she wrote it down and handed me a number to wear. I put it on and joined a bunch of other people of all different ages who were waiting. Me and Mick sat in silence,as did most of the people. One by one,people were called,some coming out looking ecstatic, some crying, some looking the same as when they went in. Finally my number was called and my heart started racing,I shakily got up and turned to Mick,who gave me a thumbs up. I tried not to desperately run to the door,but it felt like I was running towards the audition room. When I came in,2 guys were sitting in chairs,there was a camera guy,and a few other people,probably the helpers. I stood in front of them. The guy who looked in his late 40s smiled "Uh yes,hi,your name is?" he said "I'm Frankie Mars," he nodded and wrote it down. "Okay,I just want you to read these lines..." he said as he gestured to someone,the person ran up and gave me a piece of paper "And try to sound,y'know,genuinely happy," he said. I nodded and read the piece of paper which had a sole sentence on it "It's family time, with KFC!". Then I put on a genuine smile,and said in a happy tone "It's family time,with KFC!". The guy nodded and whispered something in the other guys ear "Uh,yeah,honey could you go over that one more time,with a liiiitle less fake happiness," the other guy said. The late 40s guy made an 'I know' face and waved his hand as to say 'Go on'. I thought for a second,I thought of Tommy and Nikki,I thought of Tommy making me laugh,I thought of Nikki's love/hate friendship with me,my face broke out in a smile and I said the line again "It's family time, with KFC!" the snooty guy pointed to me and said "That's more like it!" the 40something guy nodded in agreement. They whispered some things and the snooty guy said "Well it's obvious we want you in the commercial,you were so much better than those...others that came in," I smiled hugely "Oh thank you! This is great!" the 40something nodded and said "Okay this is the address of where we're shooting it, the date and time,your part,your line just  in case,and the phone number if you need help" as he stood up and held out a piece of paper. I walked over and took it and thanked them again. When I walked out I was bursting with excitement, I ran over to Mick,who had stood up,and hugged him,nearly jumping on him "Mick I got it! Mick I did it! I got it!" and I squeezed him harder and he made a stifled,pained sound "Oh,Mick are you okay?" I asked worriedly "Ah yeah,but,um....just be careful with my back...I have some,um,back...problems," he said nervously. I nodded "Oh. Okay." Mick attempted a smile and said "I'm glad you got the part,but I'm not gonna be covering as your dad forever," I nodded and we walked out of the building. "I need to find a pay phone to tell the guys!" I announced,I ran down the street to the pay phone and put a quarter in and dialed the guys number. "Mmm...mmm....hell...hello?" I heard Vince on the other end,probably making out with Lacey "VINCE I GOT THE PART OMIGOSH OMIGOSH!!!!" I yelled,nearly bursting with excitement. I heard Vince and Lacey shout congratulations and then I heard various things "HEY TOMMY! NIKKI!" "WHAT?!" "FRANKIE IS ON THE PHONE! SHE GOT A JOB!" "WHO?" "FRANKIE NIKKI,YOU DUMBASS!" "MY GIRLFRIEND IS ON THE PHONE?!" "FUCK GUYS,JUST C'MERE!" then I heard muffled swearing and something being knocked down followed my a high pitched man-shriek "Baby you got it?!" I heard Tommy's familiar masculine,deep voice say over the phone "Yep!" I said happily,I heard some rustling and then Nikki's high pitched voice "Congrats bitch,you gonna make it!" I didn't care that he called me a bitch,it was actually a cute affectionate thing we'd do. When he'd call me bitch I'd call him a whore "I know whore,now put me back on the phone with T-Bone," I heard the phone being passed "Hey babe! You comin' home now?" he asked "Yeah,I'm comin' back,see ya there," I said " 'Kay babe,see ya here," he said "Yep," I said and I hung up the phone. I pretty much skipped back to the car,when I got there Mick was waiting. "Finally," he said as I hopped in "It wasn't that long," I said as I pulled off. "Hey,uh,could we just stop at the store? I need some more vodka," Mick said when we neared the store "Sure," I said as I pulled over,Mick jumped out and was back in a flash with 3 bottles of Vodka "Wow,Mick,all for you?" I commented. He shrugged "Just go,". When we got back,we could hear Vince and Lacey's muffled before we even got close to the door "I HATE YOU VINCE!" I heard Lacey yell "I...I don't love you!" I heard Vince drunkenly slur back "Ugh!" I heard Lacey shriek,when we got to the door Lacey whipped it open,looking crazy,tears streaking down her face,makeup messed up,clothes half on,and a nasty looking black eye. "Never date Vince!" she sobbed to me as she ran off crying,one heel on,one off. I ran inside and looked around for Vince "Vince! What happened to Lacey?" I asked,slightly angered he would hit her. "She's a bitch,she doesn't love me,I never loved her it doesn't matter," Vince said as he drank his tequila "Vince did you fucking hit her?" I asked "Yeah,she's irrelevant to me,what do you care?" Vince said coldly. I took a deep breath to calm myself down,I told myself he was just drunk,and then I walked away. I found Tommy in our room,laying on the bed. Most likely high. "Hey babe," I said to him "Heyyy! I heard about your KFC thing," he said,still laying down. "Yeah,it's pretty cool," I replied while searching through our drawers for something to wear. "Babe? You think aliens are real?" Tommy asked "," I said as I pulled my Kiss shirt out "No? Dude,why not?" I shook my head "It's not real,no matter what anyone says,". Tommy sighed and I finished picking out an outfit. I closed the door and started changing,I heard Tommy giggled and I looked over at him "Enjoying this aren't you?" I said. He nodded "I wanna get a stripper pole up in here!" I laughed and went back to putting my clothes on. When I was done I had changed into a black Kiss shirt, Daisy Dukes, and 6 inch heels. I hair sprayed my hair up and put on a little less makeup than before. I put an assortment of bracelets and rings on and then I went out to see if Nikki,Vince,or Mick were anywhere near sober. They weren't. Nikki was high,Vince was drunk,and so was Mick. I was in the kitchen, pondering what to do with myself when Nikki came in. He yawned sleepily and leaned on the counter next to me "Whats up?" he asked "Not much," I replied. He nodded and were silent for a few seconds until I looked up at Nikki "Nikki...what does it feel like?" Nikki looked at me "What?" he asked,confused " What does it feel like?" I asked curiously "It's nice. You get to escape to another place for a little while,let go of your problems y'know? I mean,drugs don't judge you,drugs don't contradict you. And the feeling you get,when the heroin is going through your veins,is amazing. That warm feeling...there's nothing like it," Nikki said,it kind of creeped me out how he talked about drugs as if they were his soulmate,but I was having this weird just try some drugs. Feel that feeling, see what Nikki and Tommy see. But then I thought of how horrible drugs were for you and I quickly shook the thought out of my head. "Oh okay,um,I'll see ya later Nikki," I said as I ran out of the kitchen and out the door,down the steps,and outside. I needed to get away from all the sex and drugs and rock n roll. Just for a while. I breathed in the crisp fresh air,at the moment,free of cigarette smoke. And that's when I thought about something I'd never thought about before in the past month i'd been living with the guys..."Is this really my future?"      
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