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Part 13

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Frankie's commercial debuts and she slips into the world of drugs.

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-FF 2 Weeks-
"HEY FRANKIE COME QUICK!" I heard Nikki yell from the living room. I jumped up from the bed and ran in "Who died?!" I said panicked "Look!" Nikki said while pointing to the tv set "It's family time,with KFC!" I heard my voice say,I saw myself on the screen just before the commercial ended "OMG Nikki!" I squealed,I jumped into his arms and hugged him "Okay,okay,get off," he said as he pushed me off of him. I bounced up and down on the couch and squealed some more until Nikki put his hand over my mouth "Shut up," he said and then he moved his hand off my mouth. I sighed and sat back, me and Nikki were the only ones there, Mick was with his girlfriend, and Vince and Tommy were at the strip club. I didn't care if Tommy went to the strip club,it was just if he cheated on me with a stripper...I'd be pissed. Then I remembered something I'd wanted to ask for a while,but I kept putting it off "Hey Nikki?" I asked,he turned to me "Yeah?" "I was wondering...who writes Motley's songs? I'm guessing it's you?" Nikki smiled a little "Yeah,I write all of Motley's songs," I raised my eyebrows "Wow! That's so cool, and you write some damn good songs!" Nikki laughed "I try!". I smiled contently and turned to look at the tv, a few minutes later came "You want to try some?" I heard Nikki ask and I turned toward him and he was holding up a straw. I nodded. Lately i'd been dabbling in drugs, with Nikki's help, he'd let me use some of his stash sometimes. Only Nikki knew,and I wanted to keep it that way. I'm afraid that if the guys knew,they'd encourage me to use it more and I'd get addicted or something. So far I'd done acid and coke, I decided I liked coke better than the acid, so that's mainly what I was doing. Nikki was trying to get me to try heroin but I didn't like the whole needle thing and it's highly addictive,so I was refusing. Me and Nikki went into his room and closed the door, he made a couple lines of coke on the night stand beside his bed and then handed me a straw. We both snorted them up, then a couple more, then a last one....and then we drifted off to our own little worlds...
-2 Hours later-
"Frankie?!" I heard Tommy yell,I jumped up from where I realized was Nikki's bed and looked around "Oh shoot,Tommy's back!" I said, Nikki lazily got up "So?" I shot him a look "Nikki! I told you I didn't want Tommy or the guys finding out I'm doing drugs, plus we're in YOUR room! With the door closed! And we've been sleeping so it looks like we had sex or something! Our clothes are all messed up!" Nikki rolled his eyes "It'll be fine,I'll stall for you," and then he walked out the door "Hey Sixxdawg! Where's Frankie?" I heard Tommy ask "Eh,I dunno,in her room or somethin'" Nikki said,I rolled my eyes 'nice stalling' I thought. I ran out of Nikki's room and into me and Tommy's super quick,and jumped into the bed and pretended I was sleep. Tommy opened the door "Frankie?" he whispered, then he came over to me and shook my shoulder,I opened my eyes and tried to act sleepy "Hey Tommy," I said. He smiled "Hey baby," he said and he kissed me,I kissed him back and soon we were making out like there was no tomorrow, he was on top of me and I was starting to get turned on. Things were starting to go in...that direction when Vince burst in. Me and Tommy both shouted and jumped away from each other "Damn it Vince,we don't come crashing into your room!" I yelled "T-Bone does,you don't,but T-Bone does," Vince said. I glared and put a pillow over my head. "Tommy we have a show at the club in a couple hours!" Vince announced, Tommy jumped up "Uggghhh my god I forgot!" he shrieked as he ran over to his drum set and grabbed his gloves and drumsticks and started doing something with the drums. "I forgot too! Shit!" Vince said as he rushed out of the room. I giggled slightly and got up "Need some help?" I asked Tommy. He looked up at me " offense babe,but right now you're looking way less than a million bucks," I giggled "I know,I'll change," and then I went to our dresser and pulled out some random clothes,then ran to the bathroom to change. When I came out,I'd changed into a black homemade shirt that read "MOTLEY CRUE KICKS ASS!" on it in red lettering,black leggings,and bright red super high heels. I sprayed my hair up,brushed my teeth,washed my face,then redid my makeup. When I came out Vince was walking down the hall "Hey babe,this is Moon,my new girl," he said while pointing to a girl who looked and dressed exactly like the other girls he'd been with,except she was a redhead. I smiled "Hey Moon,I'm Frankie," and I stuck my hand out for her to shake it, she looked at my hand with a look of disgust on her face,but she then forced a smile and said in the fakest friendly voice ever "Heyy,nice to meet you,but I thought Frankie was a dude name?" I smiled an evil smile and said "And I thought I'd heard weird names, but Moon...that tops the list,". And with that I walked away,I could hear her loudly whispering to Vince "I don't like her,", I assumed Vince shoved his tongue down her throat because I heard moans. I walked back into me and Tommy's room and put my clothes in the hamper he refuses to use. I went into the living room,where Nikki was pulling on his heels. When he was done,he leaned back and sighed and turned to me "How'd it go with T-Bone?"' he asked. I shrugged "Fine,he didn't suspect a thing,". Nikki nodded and then got up. After 20 more minutes the guys were all ready,Nikki,Vince,Mick,and Tommy rode with me in the Camaro, which had Tommy's drum set on the top. "Drive carefully,I don't want my set to fall," he said as he stuck his head out the window to look at it. I nodded "You're drum set will be fine," I said reassuringly. When we FINALLY got to the place, a club I'd never heard of, they all jumped out really fast, Vince ran in to explain their lateness, Mick was tuning his guitar, and Nikki was helping Tommy with his drum set. Vince ran back out, wheezing "They...they said it's long as-as- we're onstage,in 15 minutes," Nikki let out an exasperated sigh and told Tommy to walk faster because the drum set was getting heavy. The guys all went backstage "Go kick ass Tommy," I said, he smiled and kissed me quickly then ran backstage too. I went back around to the front of the building and went in, I was surprised there was no security there, but I was glad I didn't have to use my fake ID...yet. I examined the club, there were some people dancing to faint dance music, but most of them were at the bar. I went to the bar and sat down in the only empty space, which was next to a girl who looked like a stripper. The bartender came over and looked at me "Can I see your ID?" he asked, I nodded and pulled out my fake ID,which said I was apparently 22. He looked at it and shrugged "Okay what can I get for ya?" he asked while handing me back the ID. "Um,I'll just have a regular beer," he nodded and went to get it. After a few seconds the girl who was sitting next to me tapped me one the shoulder. I turned to her "Yeah?" I asked, she smiled "Hey, do you know if a band is playing here tonight?" I nodded and smiled "Oh yeah, yeah, actually, my boyfriend's band, Motley Crüe is playing tonight, they should be on soon," she smiled "Oh cool, thanks for telling me,I really like to see different bands and just, y'know, absorb the music," I nodded "Yeah,yeah, they're a good band as you can see by my shirt," I said as I unzipped my leather jacket and showed her the shirt "Motley Crue kicks ass, wow, they must be good if it's on a shirt," I laughed "Yeah,get ready!" she laughed too and then the lights went dark and the dance music stopped. "Ooh they're starting,let's go up front!" I said while pulling her up. She laughed and followed me, we stood at the very front of the stage. The shabby curtain opened and the guys were there onstage, everyone clapped and a couple people shouted 'woo!'. Then they launched into their first song "These guys are AWESOME!" the girl said as she bung her head around. I laughed "I know," by the 3rd song everyone in the club seemed to be really getting into it. "Hey, which one is your boyfriend?" the girl asked me "Oh, the drummer, Tommy Lee," she smiled "I figured that,you two look like you'd be a couple!" I laughed and went back to watching the show. About half through Vince winked at me and I smiled back, the girl looked stunned and turned to me "Lucky! He recognized you!" I laughed 'if only you knew' I thought. When the show was over, the girl took me to the side "That was epic!!" she giggled "I know right?" I said. Then she looked at me " close are you with the other guys?" I shrugged "Well I live with'know, pretty close," I replied casually. Her mouth dropped open "You LIVE with them! I so want to be you right now!" I giggled and blushed "So...what's their names?" she asked "Um the blonde, the singer, he's Vince, the guitarist is Mick, and the bassist is Nikki," she nodded "Vince...that's a nice name," she said. I giggled "Lovestruck?" she blushed "Um no, well um, hey who's the guitarist and who's the bassist cause I can't tell their positions apart really, like what do they look like?" I laughed "Nikki, the bassist, is the one with the super hairsprayed hair and it's covering his eyes, and Mick the guitarist, he's the guy with the long black hair and hamster cheeks," the girl laughed "Hamster cheeks?" I shrugged "What? They're puffy,like a hamster!" she rolled her eyes and then looked at me again "Hey um,what's your name?" "I'm Frankie, Frankie Smith," "Oh cool, I'm Jennifer Tyler, but people call me Jen," "Cool name," "Thanks,yours is cool too...hey,um,I was wondering...could you introduce me to the guys?" I smiled "Sure,we can try to get backstage if they're not out here already..." I looked around but they weren't there. So we went around to try to get backstage "Okay before we go back there, lemme warn you about the guys, Vince is a sex machine and he'll probably hit on you the second he sees you, he's a nice guy when he's not drinking or onstage,but sadly he's always drinking or onstage. Nikki can be a bitch with a temper problem but once you get to know him he's okay, Mick is really quiet and reserved, and Tommy is reallly energetic,it's like an 11 year old is trapped inside his body," Jen laughed and nodded, we tried to get backstage but..."Hey you can't go back there," a burly-ish security guard said "Oh I'm one of the band members's girlfriends," I explained. He snorted "Yeah right, if I had a dime for every girl who said that I'd be a rich man,". "Hey dude,she's with me," I heard Tommy's voice say and he appeared behind the guy "Oh okay,sorry," the guy said nervously and he shuffled off, Tommy laughed "Asshole," then he turned to me "Hey babe, who's this?" he asked while pointing to Jen "Oh this is Jen, I met her at the bar, she really likes Motley Crüe's music," I explained. He smiled "Well nice to meet ya Jen, I'm Tommy Lee," Jen blushed "Nice to meet you too,". Vince then appeared, he put his hand on Tommy's shoulder and was about to say something to him when he noticed Jen. "Heyy, who's your hot friend Frankie?" he asked while looking her up and down "Vince,this is Jen,we met just now at the bar, she likes Motley Crüe," I said. Vince took her hand and kissed it "'s nice to be in your presence Jen..." Jen giggled and blushed furiously. Before Vince could make another move Nikki came in and wrapped his arm around Vince's neck "Vince,you have a girlfriend," he said into Vince's ear. I giggled but Jen looked a little taken aback "Are they...?" I laughed "No,no,they're good friends, Tommy knew Vince in high school and Nikki and Vince just like each other I suppose, well right now they may be a little drunk...". Jen sighed what sounded like a sigh of relief. "So honey, what's your name?" Nikki asked while downing a glass of Jack like it was water "I'm Jen," Nikki walked over to her and put his hands on her waist and pulled her in close to him "I like that name...Jen,". Jen blushed like crazy ",". Nikki stood next to her and wrapped his arm around her shoulder "How'd you like to go home with me tonight?" he asked, Jen awkwardly shifted for a bit but then said "Sure," Nikki smiled and winked at me. Vince had wandered off in search of tequila, and Tommy had just returned from begging people for a cigarette, he was unsuccessful though. "This place blows,where's the guys so we can leave?" he said . I giggled and said "Okay,okay, Vince is at the bar,I'll get him while you and the other guys get in the car and stuff," Tommy nodded and starting running around and rounding Nikki and Mick up and arguing with Nikki about carrying his drums. I went to the bar to find Vince, I found him arguing with the bartender "Man,it's only one dollar I'm missing! Can't ya just let me pass this time?" Vince was saying "No, you have to pay full price, simple as that," the bartender said. I waved a dollar bill in front of the bartender "Here," the bartender snatched it and handed Vince his bottle of tequila. Vince snatched it and wrapped his arm around my shoulder "Let's go babe,". Once we were out of the bar Vince let go of me "Thanks Frankie, I owe ya one," I laughed "One dollar," he winked "One dollar,". I rolled my eyes and followed him to the car.       
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