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Part 14

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Frankie has a major blowout with Randii and has an experience with Nikki.

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-The next night-
I was at the Whiskey A Go Go once again, as if working 6 days a week for 5 hours in the night and dealing with tough costumers wasn't enough, Randii was on me about Jen and the guys. "Frankie, like, ever since you started hanging out with those Motley Crüe guys-" I waved my hand and cut her off "Randii I fucking live with them and Tommy is my damn boyfriend, why wouldn't I hang out with them?!" Randii made an exasperated sound "But we were so close before they came along! I mean, as a matter of a fact, you hated them before you started dating Tommy!" I rolled my eyes "Hearts can change,". Randii slammed a glass onto the counter "But what about this Jen girl?! You've known her for a little over 24 hours and you're acting like you've known each other for a lifetime!". That's when I lost it - completely. "Well fuck Randii, i've known you for about 3 fucking months and you're acting like you fucking raised me or you were always there with me! Well guess what Randii? Guess what? I fucking hate you! You're a control freak, an imbecile, a bitch, and a worthless piece of shit! I've told more about myself to Vince Neil - who I barely know - than i've told you, my supposed best friend! I bet you don't even know where I grew up! How I got here! What I fucking went through!!!! So why don't you go away and fucking get OUT OF MY LIFE FOREVER!!!". At that point the whole bar had gone silent, everyone looking at us. Randii balled up her fists and raised one, as to hit me, but I punched her right in the nose and she fell to the ground screaming. At this point the manager and security had came "Frankie, what the hell? You know what go home, take a 2 week break..." the manager told me, tears came to my eyes, I probably lost my job "No,no,no please don't fire me, I swear, I'm sorry!" he waved his hand "Im not firing you, you just need to take a break, 2 weeks, okay? Now go before the police get here," I nodded and ran out, trying to not break down into tears, but when I got in the car I lost it. Randii deserved everything I said and did, but why'd I do it there?! I'd probably lost my job for sure, I couldn't afford to lose my job, I was virtually a support net for the guys when they fell in financial troubles...which was always. Then one of those dreaded thoughts hit I'd always thought about, but never ever wanted to do. Borrow money from my mom's side of the family. Everyone in her family is ridiculously successful in one way or another, of course not her, she went and strayed away, so I grew up penniless and fucked over. If I dared try borrow money it'd be either from my aunt Nancy who was one of the nicest people, she'd send me money and clothes back in Indiana, but little of the money got past my mom, and she was always concerned for my well being. My other choice was some long lost sister I apparently had, I highly doubted that, my mom told me a lot of lies to 'make up' for things. Once I controlled my sobbing, I pulled off to go back to the apartment, when I got inside Vince and Nikki were laying on the couch,facing opposite each other and Nikki's legs were on Vince's shoulders. They looked up "Hey Frankie, what're ya doing here? Don't you have work?" Vince asked. I could feel a lump in my throat "I'm on a 2 week b-break..." my voice cracked when I said that "Excuse me," I said, almost whispering and then I ran to me and Tommy's room and shut the door behind me.
-Nikki's POV-
Frankie came back early from her job, wayyy early. It's obvious that's somethings wrong when someone comes back early from their job, but I made an ass of myself and asked her why she wasn't there. I could see her eyes were red like she'd been crying "I'm on a 2 week break," she squeaked out, she said something else I couldn't understand and ran off. I sighed, It's horrible when she's sad, and I just wanna run and comfort her...then fuck her. I can't go in there now and comfort her...god knows what I'll do! Maybe I could send Vince, his horndog-ness seemed to be in dormant state. "Hey Vince could ya go talk to Frankie for me?" Vince looked at me "Dude, why?" I shrugged "She looked messed up," Vince sighed and tapped my foot, I moved my feet off of him and he got up and walked towards her room.
-Frankie's POV-
There was a knock at the door, followed by it being opened, revealing Vince on the other side "Frankie?" he questioned. I wiped away my tears "Uh yeah?", he walked in "Uh, Nikki wanted me to check on you...he said you looked messed up," and then he sat on the bed edge next to me. "Vince I punched Randii at the bar and now I'm a 2 week leave!" I broke down. Vince looked a little freaked out and taken aback but he wrapped his arms around me and hugged me tightly. "Vince I'm totally fired! What am I gonna do?!", he didn't say much but he gave me and extra squeeze. After a little while I looked up and Vince and he looked down at me. For a second we looked straight into each others eyes,his brown eyes looking into my icy blue eyes, and in that second I felt so warm and that everything was perfect, me wrapped in his arms, him looking at me. He leaned towards me more,and I kind of moved towards him too. Our faces came closer until they were only an inch apart, I had an idea of what would probably happen next...and I kind of wanted it to happen. Vince leaned the extra inch in and lightly pressed his lips to mine. He kept his lips to mine for a few seconds, but then he retracted and let go of me "Oh god,I'm so sorry!" he said as he jumped up "I-It's okay," he nodded "Okay,yeah,that was just a friend kiss, right? A casual friend kiss! Yeah,yeah,we're just gonna incorporate that into our lives, okay?" I laughed "Sure,let's just kiss everyone in sight Vince," he let out a panicky voice and ran out.
-Nikki's POV-
Why'd I send Vince in there? At this point they may be fucking, Vince does that. He's a cool guy, kind of shy when he's not drinking or onstage, but he'd been drinking before Frankie came in. Oh man what have I - oh wait here comes Vince, damn he has that panicky look on his face!
-Vince's POV-
I didn't mean to kiss Frankie...well I I didn't! I did! I mean,our faces were so close together and her eyes were so glassy looking and...and...oh god I just wanted it. I just wanted to kiss her, just to see what it felt be honest...I didn't want to fuck her, she's T-Bone's girl, don't get me wrong... she's really sexy. I debated on wether I should tell Nikki or not, what if it slips out to Tommy in a drunken conversation...oh fuck what if I slip it out to Tommy in a drunken conversation?! 
-Nikki's POV-
"Hey dude, how'd it go?" I asked when he came over to me "Einf! I mean, fine! She's good now!" he said fake happily, I sighed and got up "I'll go see..."
-Frankie's POV-
There was another knock at the door and this time Nikki came in "Hey Frankie,what's up?" I sighed "I'm on 2 week leave from the Whiskey," Nikki sat down next to me "Um...why?" I sighed again "I..I got in a fight with Randii and I punched her, in front of everyone, then my manager came and forced me to take a 2 week leave, but I bet when I come back I'll have been replaced," Nikki looked off into the distance for a second "Wait you were in a cat fight and you didn't tell me?! I would've ran to the Whiskey A Go Go so fast you'd freak!" I laughed "Nikki, really, that's all you have to say? That you missed the fight," Nikki exhaled "No...I'm sorry you're on 2 week leave? Was that what I was supposed to say?" I giggled "That'll suffice," Nikki looked at me blankly "That'll work," I said. He smiled and nodded. "Hey Nikki?" I said "Yeah?" "Can I see your eyes?" "Uh...why?" "I wanna see them! They're such a cute shade of green !" Nikki laughed and held his hair out of his face. For the first time I actually studied his face, he actually had a really cute and innocent face, his eyes were light green, and he had a slightly pudgy face. "Okay enough gazing at my mystical eyes," he said as he moved his hand and his hair fell in his face again. I laughed and stood up "I feel better now after talking to you and Vince,thanks!" Nikki stood up "Yep," and then he squeezed me on the shoulder as he left. I decided to change out of my work clothes, I chose this outfit: a black Aerosmith shirt, red skinny jeans that had holes in the knees, black converse, and a top hat-like hat. I walked out into the living room, Vince and Nikki were still there "Hey Frankie!" Vince said. I waved and smiled. Then I walked over and sat next to Nikki "Hey Nikki, hey Vince," Nikki nodded his head while looking at the tv screen, they were watching some horror movie and I couldn't stomach my way past the 10 minutes I saw, "I can't watch this, guys, it's too scary," l announced as I got up "Suit yourself," Nikki said as I walked away. I decided to maybe give Jen a visit, I just had to call her and get her address. "Hey Jen! It's Frankie!" I said happily when she picked up the phone "Oh hey Frankie! What's up?" she asked "Um,well besides punching my ex-best friend, getting fired, and kissing Vince Neil...not that much," I responded, with that Jen told me her address and told me to "Get over here now!".
-FF 15 minutes-
It turns out Jen only lives 10 or 15 minutes, depending on traffic, away from us. Her house wasn't on the was like a classy area. I suddenly became self conscious as I looked around at all the people dressed like celebrities and then there was me - a regular sunset strip girl. I ran across the street to her house and knocked on the door, she answered it and smiled "Hey girl! Gimme a hug!" I laughed and hugged her. We went to her room and closed the door "Okay,first of kissed Vince and punched your best friend?" Jen said as we sat on her bed. "Ugh, my ex-best friend, yes I did punch her, she was being an annoying little fuck and going on and on about how I 'don't spend any time with her' since I met the guys. But I mean, Tommy's my boyfriend, why wouldn't I hang out with them!?" Jen shrugged "I don't know her, but she sounds like a bitch," I nodded "So...what,uh, what was that about kissing Vince?" she asked 'casually' I laughed and put my head in my hands "Vince...he was there comforting me, and then he was holding me and we were looking each other in the eyes...and then a few second long kiss happened...just a peck, nothing serious!" Jen rolled her eyes "Nothing serious? You said your lips were together for a few seconds, that's not a peck!" I waved my hand "No,no,we just had our lips pressed together for a few seconds, there was no tongue or anything,". Jen shrugged "Okay, well I really hope you keep your job," I sighed " too," "But if you don't...the hair salon I work at is looking for a new hairdresser," . I raised my eyebrows "You're a hairdresser?" she nodded "Yeah,5 years strong!" I smiled "That's cool!" she nodded "So old are you? Really?" I fidgeted "What do you mean? I'm 22!". Jen rolled her eyes at me "Please, I don't know how you trick people into thinking you're 22...but it's not working on me," I sighed "I'm...I'm 15," she smiled "I knew it was something like that...but how old is Tommy?" I laughed "He's 18, but please, save me the lecture of 'the law' and stuff," she laughed back "It's okay, I'm not one to point out the elephant in the room,". I smiled "Thanks," she smiled back "Hey,wanna paint each others nails?!" I squealed "Yeah!" she got up and ran to her dresser and got the nail polish bottles "What colors?" she asked. I poked around then said "How about blue and black?" she nodded "Okay and you can do mine red," I nodded too, we both took off our shoes and put our feet in each others laps. I painted hers red and she painted mine black and blue. When we were done, we laid on the bed next to each other to let our nails dry, and we painted each others finger nails. By the time we were done we were giggling and joking and everything. "Hey,hey,let me put some gloss on you!" Jen said as she got a thing of lipgloss and she put a thick layer on my lips "Gimme that!" I said and I put some on hers. We laughed and talked more, then I looked at my watch "Oh man, its 10:00, I really should go, the guys may be worried," Jen frowned, then smiled "Hey, can I come with you?" I smiled too "Yeah!" she grinned "Lemme just change," I nodded "I'll be waiting in the car!". I walked out of her house and to my car, which I pulled up directly in front of her house. I leaned back and rested my head on the seat, I thought about Tommy and the guys, how lucky I was to have them, how I was lucky to have Jen, and how I was lucky to even be here, with people I love. An Aerosmith song came on the radio and I smiled and turned it up "Dream on! Dream on!" I was scream singing along to it when Jen came up and tapped on the window. I shrieked and she burst out laughing, I laughed too and unlocked the door, Jen jumped in and smiled "I'm reeaaaady!" I laughed and looked at her outfit "Ready for Vince impressing?" I asked, she laughed and rolled her eyes "Maybe,". 

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