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Part 15

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"Frankie baby what's up?! I went to the Whiskey and that bitch friend of yours said you got fired?" was what Tommy said when me and Jen came in the door. "Yeah, well, no, I mean, my boss gave me a two week break..." I explained, Tommy came over and hugged me "But why?" he asked, I hugged him back, "I punched Randii,". Tommy looked at me "Whyy?" "She dissed me, you, and the guys," I answered "Well fuck, baby girl, I'm glad you punched her, now c'mere and give daddy a kiss," Tommy said, I giggled slightly and kissed him on the lips...which turned into us leaning against the rickety kitchen table and making out like crazy. "Ew, Vince tell them to stop!" I heard Moon's annoying voice say, I gave her the finger while still making out with Tommy. "VINCE!  This retarded fuck just gave me the finger!". I broke away from Tommy "Hey, Moon, you never, ever even dare call me a retarded fuck!" I yelled as I stomped over to her "Well that's what you ARE!" she yelled back. I got right up in her face and sneered "No, that's what you are,". Then her face balled up and she raised her hand and slapped me across the face. I shrieked and fell over, she had some damn rough and strong hands. Tommy ran over to me and grabbed my shoulders "Oh fuck, Frankie,you okay?!" I nodded, then I heard another scream, followed by a "Vince!" I looked over and Moon was laying on the floor at Vince's feet and crying. Tommy pulled me up and I looked over to Vince "Vince,what'd you do?" I asked. Moon got up "He hit me!" she sobbed "Serves you right," I said. She ran over to me, fists balled up, ready to punch me but Vince and Tommy tackled her to the ground. "You never ever fucking hit my girlfriend again!" Tommy yelled directly in her face. Vince jumped up from the floor and pulled Moon's arm violently, she stood up "Vince,please,you're hurting me!". "Damn right I am! You hurt Frankie, that means you hurt Tommy, and if you hurt fucking hurt me!" Vince yelled "I'm sorry Vince! I'm sorry!" Moon sobbed. Vince slapped her "Not good enough, get the fuck outta here!", Moon cried more "No! Wait Vince! Please!" Vince shoved her to the door "Get the fuck OUT!". "FINE! I'll LEAVE! But don't think I won't call the cops and spill about you, the abuser, that drug addict, that shady dude, and that perverted, illegal, disgusting relationship between the whore and that Tommy guy!" Moon yelled back, full of hate. Vince was about to punch her but I ran over and punched her first "Bitch you better not go to the cops!" I yelled, she shrieked and tried to kick me, I jumped on her on the floor and slapped her multiple times, I stood up and told her to go away, she got up and stumbled down the hall, I went after her "Now you're not gonna call the cops, right?". She nodded and squeaked out a 'no' in-between her violent sobs. I slammed her to the wall "Damn straight you aren't, cause if you do, there's gonna be a beating 1,000 times worse than you ever imagined,". She nodded and I let go of her and she ran away trying (and failing) to hold back tears. When I came back, the guys all looked a little stunned "Aw shit what'd the fuck I do?!" Vince exclaimed, sounding panicked "What?" I asked "I..I punched her! I slapped her! I did it to that other chick too! Someone is gonna tell the police sooner or later!" Vince replied, sounding exasperated. Jen walked over next to me "It's okay Vince, Frankie beat her up more than you, so even if she does go to the cops, they'd probably place it all on Frankie!" she said. I laughed "Thanks for the support!" and then I walked over to Vince and hugged him "Aw Vince it's gonna be okay!" Vince pulled me off him, looked me in the eye for a second then looked over to Tommy who was standing a few feet away, attempting to get a lighter to work. "Hey, T-Bone, me and Frankie kissed earlier today. Sorry!" Vince shouted. Tommy dropped his lighter and looked up quickly "Whaaaaaat?!" Nikki ran in from the kitchen "What? What the hell Vince?! You said everything went fine!" I looked at Vince "What?! Why'd you tell?!" he shrugged "I had to wrong a right! Tommy is my friend!". Tommy stomped over and slapped Vince right in his face "Why the hell did you do that?! I mean, I know you are a massive horndog, but my GIRLFRIEND?! You guys had better not have taken it FARTHER!" he screeched angrily. "No Tommy! Dammit, I told you, I felt like shit for kissing her!". Nikki ran over to us and waved his hand in everyone's face "Okay first, Vince...what the hell?! Second, Tommy, he deserved that slap, third, Frankie... what the hell?!". I groaned loudly "Uggggghhhh! It was a moment of weakness! We were looking into each others eyes, and our faces were so close together, and I was in Vince's arms,". Tommy let out a shriek of disbelief "You were in his arms?! What the fuck? Were you preparing to fuck?" I threw my hands up "NO! Tommy I love you and I'd never cheat! Besides, there was no tongue and it only lasted for a couple seconds!". Tommy sighed and reached out to hug me, I hugged him and he hugged me back. "I'm sorry babe," I said "I know, it's okay," Tommy said. We broke apart and I looked to the side and jumped "Ah! Mick?!". Mick let out an exasperated sigh and walked over to the couch to sit down. Me and Tommy went over to sit there too, while Vince and Nikki sat on the floor, play wrestling or something, and Jen was changing the channel on the tv. Things were quiet for a few seconds, until Mick spoke up "So Allan said he'd meet with us tomorrow about recording a demo   and I tomorrow at like, 1:00 something,". The guys nodded and went back to what they were doing, except for Nikki who started having a deep conversation with Mick about what was gonna happen and music and stuff. Jen stood up suddenly and went off to the side a bit, I was too lazy to see what she was doing so I kept looking at the tv. A few seconds later there was a flash and everyone except Nikki looked up, Jen was holding a polaroid camera and smiling. I giggled slightly and waved, and she took another picture. She then came back and sat on the arm of the couch "Here,"  she said and she handed them to me. I studied the first picture and how 'casual' it looked. Me and Tommy were sitting on the couch, focused on the tv, he had his arm around me, Mick and Nikki talking, and Vince sitting on the floor, leaning his back against my legs. The 2nd one looked a little staged because we were all looking at the camera with huge, fake looking smiles plastered on our faces. I liked more casual pictures, like not so staged. "Lemme see!" Vince said as he rested his chin on my knees, I showed it to him and he took it "That's cool," he said after looking at it for a second. He handed it back to me and turned back to the tv. After a few more minutes I yawned, "Tommy i'm tired," I said as I cuddled my face into his neck and breathed his familiar smell in: cigarettes,hairspray,lemon bodywash, and his hair smelled like the vanilla shampoo we'd all been using. Tommy wrapped his arms around me "Are you tired or are you...TIRED?", I giggled "Just come to bed," he snickered and picked me up in one big swoosh "Guys - if you'll excuse me...I'm 'going to bed'..." and he ran off with me towards the bedroom "Have a nice time!" I heard Mick yell, and the other guys laughed. We went into our bedroom and as soon as we got there, Tommy was on top of me "Okay, okay, geez Tommy, what's the hurry?" I laughed "Mmm..mmm...nothing," he said as he kissed my neck. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him back, soon he was ripping off his leopard print pants and I was wriggling out of my pants. Our kissing grew more passionate and intense and then Tommy went in. "Ah, mmmm, Tommy, deeper," I said as he thrusted in and out, he smiled seductively and he went in deeper. "Ooooohhh Tommy!" I yelled as I came, he moaned loudly as he came too. Then we collapsed together in a heap, cuddled together.
-The next morning-
I slowly opened my eyes and I saw sunlight streaming in through the window. Tommy had his arms wrapped tightly around me, he looked so cute in his sleep, I couldn't bear to wake him. Unfortunately though, Nikki would loudly wake him up a few seconds later "T-BONE!" he squealed/screamed. Tommy shrieked and groaned "Dawg, get out! I'm naked!", Nikki looked at me "Oooh, yeah, we heard you fucking, it was hotttt, in fact, it inspired Vince to fuck Jen a zillion times, well into the morning," I groaned "He got to her?" Nikki laughed evilly "No...he got in her!!". Tommy had fallen back asleep and I was naked under the covers with Nikki standing at the end of the bed. Awk-ward. "Aw shit, Tommy is sleep again, I had something to tell the fucker," Nikki said "What was it? I'll tell him when he wakes up again," I asked "Oh...well, Allan, our manager, he, um, said that we could record a couple songs in the studio in a few days," Nikki replied. I jumped up, while keeping the sheet wrapped around me, "Oh Nikki that's awesome! Oh I'm so happy for you guys!" I exclaimed while wrapping my arms around Nikki, and pressing my self against him tightly to keep the sheet from falling off me. Nikki wrapped his arms around me too, and then proceeded to run his hands up and down my back. I giggled "Nikki, that tickles!", I swear Nikki made a sound that sounded like a small, turned-on moan. I was about to pull myself away when Nikki's hands went lower and lower down my back, and they were resting on my butt. I pulled away "NIKKI!" I shrieked and then I shrieked more when I noticed that Nikki's tight leather pants were showing a  bulge. "BABY WHAT'S WRONG?!" Tommy said as woke up again, he jumped up worriedly just as Vince ran into our room "Is he dead?!" Vince said "Who?!" I yelled "No one!" Vince said as he turned around and ran back out. Nikki ran out too "Holy fuck baby, are you alright, what's wrong, what happened?" Tommy said worriedly "Nikki touched my ass and he had a boner!" I said, near tears, it seemed like I'd betrayed Tommy because Nikki felt my bear ass. Tommy's face was in disbelief "What the fuck?"
-Nikki's POV-
Oh god I was so turned on. My hands on her bare skin, her pressed against me, it had all felt so right. She giggled and said something, but I was imagining us fucking, I guess I got carried away, because the next thing you know, I'm feeling her butt up. Shit. Tommy was right there! She was probably telling him what happened right now "SIXX WHAT THE FUCKING HELL?! YOU TOUCHED MY GIRL'S ASS?" Tommy yelled as he barged into my room angrily "It was an accident dude! She had herself all up against me and -" Tommy cut me off "She had herself all up against you? What? Why?!". I looked up at him "Cause she was hugging me, because I had just told her that Allan called and said that we could come in and record a song or two sometime in the next few days, she was congratulating me, and I got carried away, It'll never happen again," I explained. The look on Tommy's face now wasn't anger or rage, but a totally shocked face. His face burst into a huge smile "Holy fuck! We're gonna record a song! Yes!" and he bounced out of the room, seemingly completely forgetting what had just went down. I sighed and laid back on my bed and thought about how I'd just touched Frankie's ass.
-Frankie's POV-
I heard Tommy shrieking and laughing outside and Vince pleading for him to stop hugging him, so I figured Tommy had found out about the record thing. I was getting dressed and as usual, having a hard time deciding on an outfit. I took a shower and then changed into these clothes: a black leather mini mini skirt, a black Led Zepplin shirt, black flip flops, and a whole load of jewlery. I put my silver star shaped studs on my ears, I put my lip ring in, and my chest and bellybutton pierces in. I did my makeup heavily, as usual, but I wore my hair down. I looked at my hair for a moment and noticed that my dark hair was starting to show from under the blonde "Ugh, I have to dye my hair," I said aloud. I walked out of me and Tommy's room and into the living room, Vince immediately jumped up and ran over to me "Heyyy, Frankie! How ya doing? You doing good? I'm good? Y'know? How're you?" I laughed "Vince, I know you banged Jen, and I don't really care," Vince sighed "Oh good. And also we're out of food,". I laughed and patted Vince on the shoulder "I know," he looked at me and cocked his head "Is it just me or have you shrank?" I giggled "No,I'm really short, I'm just not wearing heels right now," "Well, I was tired of being the shortest one here!" Vince said triumphantly. I laughed "Think again Vincent, I still have a height advantage!" and walked over to him, and I was an inch or two taller than him "Damn," Vince said as he walked away. Nikki came up to me "Ooh you are really short, you're like, fun sized..." "SIXX!" Tommy yelled when he said that. Nikki yelled back "Oh get a grip! I'm not gonna rip off her clothes and start fucking her right here T-Bone!" Vince creepily snaked over "That's what I'd like to do to you," Vince said as he eyed me "Okay well have fun with Nikki, Vince," I said just to tick them off "Hey!" Vince said as I went into the living room. I sat down next to Tommy "Baby, everyone has been....involved with you!!! What next, I find out you went farther with Mick than you did with Vince and Nikki?" I sighed, exasperated "No! I never had any...relations with Mick, and honestly I didn't really have any with Vince or Nikki," Tommy scoffed "Yeah? So Nikki touching your bare ass and Vince ramming his tongue down your throat isn't a sexual relation?". I jumped up angrily and stood in front of Tommy "It didn't mean anything! And you're wrong, Vince didn't ram his tongue down my throat! It was a meaningless tongueless kiss! And y'know what? I kinda wanted it to happen! And Nikki...he virtually sexually assaulted me, so you should be madder at him than you are at me!! And don't fucking act like you haven't been unfaithful once in this relationship!". Tommy looked shocked, but then his face was engulfed in anger...and it was scary as fuck. He jumped up in fury "FUCK YOU!! I've been totally faithful to you this entire time!" he screeched in my face. I laughed "Yeah right! You think I haven't smelled sex on you when you come home drunk or stoned, sometimes both? Well I do, and the lipstick marks? I've seen them. From day one, I knew. And what kept me staying with you, was the fact that you kept coming back to me, and that you acted so affectionate towards me. And I thought 'Maybe...maybe he does love me a little more than those other girls,'...but now Tommy, I just think it was all an act...that your love for me never was real,". At that point I was nearly crying, and Tommy's face had softened "" he started, I waved my hand and cut him off "No, no, Tommy, I'm sorry," I said as I started crying. I rushed out of the living room, towards the door. "Baby no!" Tommy yelled, panicked, I grabbed my leather jacket off the coat hanger and opened the door "Hey! Frankie! Don't go!" I heard Nikki yell. Tommy started to walk over to me "Babe -" he started, I shook my head "I'm so sorry Tommy..." and then I turned and left.
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