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Part 16

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Frankie goes back to the man she hates the most but manages to escape his grasp.

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-Tommy's POV-
Fuck, fuck, fuck! What the fucking hell had I done?! No...what the hell did Nikki and Vince do? Its their it's mine, I guess. I was cheating on her, more often than not...but I did feel something with her...something more than I felt with those other girls. I do love least I think I do. Fuck, I need to figure this out at the one place I think best....the bar.
-Nikki's POV-
Well now Tommy drove Frankie away, probably to never be seen again, shit, I'm gonna miss her, her cooking, her cleaning, and her sexy ass self. But maybe it was for the I can't help her cheat on Tommy...hey...they're probably not together anymore...maybe now I could make my move, now, where to find her?
-Jen's POV-
I heard screaming and at first I just thought it was the guys being loud or something, but then I heard Frankie yelling and I knew something was wrong. I rushed to put my clothes on and I ran out to where everyone else was. Frankie was no where in sight "Where's Frankie?!" I exclaimed "She left," Tommy said sadly. "What?! Where? Why?" I asked worriedly "She and T-Bone got into a fight...and I don't think she's comin' back," Vince said, answering my question. "Oh no," I said as I started for the door, I had to find her. But Vince grabbed my arm "No! No, it's not worth it. She's gone and if she does decide to come back, then that's her decision...but don't leave Jen,". I sighed and hugged Vince, I guess he was right. If she wanted to come back, I guess she could. Besides I don't know her that well, but I'm sure she'll make the right decision.
-Vince's POV-
I guess I would miss Frankie...but it's not like she said she was never coming back, for all I know she could be back here by the end of the day.
-Frankie's POV-
I shakily and lightly knocked on the door. I hoped I had the right address...but I also hoped to God that he wasn't home, I couldn't believe I was doing this, why was I doing this? I should just - "Pet,". My thoughts were cut off by his familiar, soft, creepy voice that gave me the shivers. I looked up and the very man who had put me through hell for so many years before was standing in front of me. "Hey Trent," I said softly. He cocked his head to the side and studied me, I could virtually feel his stone cold blue eyes looking me up and down, studying and judging me. "Pet, you came back," he said, holding back tears I nodded "Yeah...I need a place to stay, just for a little while,". He reached his hand out and grabbed my shoulder and squeezed it tightly with his thumb, index finger, and middle finger, something he would constantly do...before. "Sure pet, you can stay as long as you want...because I'm ALWAYS here for you," he said as he pulled me in for a tight hug, he put his hand on my butt and pushed my butt so I would go in closer to him, and he pushed his crotch onto me. He moaned softly, and I started to slightly cry as all of the memories came back to me, memories that I had blocked out for so long. "Mmm, come inside," he whispered, he took my hand and led me inside. "This is where I live, there's the kitchen, the living room, the bathrooms are over there and upstairs, the bedroom is upstairs, and that's pretty much it," Trent said really quickly, he did that when he was excited or nervous. I nodded and wiped my eyes "Don't...cry," Trent said as he roughly wiped away my tears with his thumbs, I shook my head "I'm...not,". He frowned "Don't lie to me," I shook my head "Yeah, okay, I'm..I'm not anymore," Trent smiled slightly "Are you hungry?" he asked, I nodded "Okay, come on, Pet," he said as he took my hand again and led me into the kitchen. " you want?" he asked "Um, can I just have some eggs and toast or something?" I said timidly. The fear he instilled in me was crazy, everything about him was creepy. He'd take long pauses in between words, he had cold blue eyes, he felt the the need to lead me around by holding my hand, he called me 'Pet' and nothing else and I never knew why, but what creeped me out most about him was the way he looked at was a cross of extreme lust and compassion...and that was something that had stuck with me, every time I saw him, I could remember the way he would always look at me, the same way every time. As I sat at the kitchen table, with Trent standing with his back to me...there was something very familiar about this. And then it came back to me, one of the worst days of my life...
-Flashback, Summer 1973, Gary, Indiana-
"Bye mommy!" I called, she waved and left for her job. I stood at the door and watched her drive away, and I watched until I couldn't see her car anymore. Now I was gonna patiently wait for her to come home, I miss her already. I felt a pair of hands on my shoulders "Come in...are you hungry?" I heard my mom's special friend ask. I turned to him and smiled "Yeah!" he laughed slightly and led me inside "C'mon Pet... sit here at the table. You want some eggs?". I nodded and he turned his back to me and started cooking. Everything went like regular at breakfast, we ate and when we were done he told me to go get dressed for school. I was in my room, putting my school clothes on, when he came in without knocking "Hey!" I exclaimed while putting my clothes over me. "Shh, shh, it's okay," he said as he came closer to me. "Go away!" I said, he shushed me again " is gonna be okay Pet," I looked up into his eyes and I was scared. His eyes were full of something I'd never seen before, but I knew it couldn't be good. I don't remember everything after was blurry. Maybe because I didn't fully understand what was happening. I just remember him telling me everything was gonna be okay, then I remember me on my bed bed, a few tears from me, and him telling me that I had to keep 'it' a secret. I just didn't know what 'it' was.
-End of Flashback-
I was silently crying and vigorously wiping away my tears so Trent wouldn't see them. He set the plate down in front of me and sat down next to me. He grabbed my chin and turned my face toward him "Pet, how I've missed you," and with that he forcibly pressed his lips onto mine and shoved his tongue into my mouth. He kept making out with me for about 2 minutes, and I just sat there, remembering every painful day with him that I had for over 6 years of my life and then some.
- Nikki's POV-
I decided to look for Frankie, she was probably on the rebound and I wanted to be the one she....rebounded...on. Or something like that. But I wasn't having any success, I checked key places: the Whiskey A Go Go, the Troubadour, the mall, and the piercing shop, but she was nowhere to be found, so I went back to the Whiskey to see if Tommy was there, he said he would be. And he was. "Hey T-Bone," I said as I sat next to him at the bar "Nikki," he said, acknowledging me. "I'll have a Jack Daniels," I told the bartender, he nodded and gave me a glass of it, I drank it down and sighed "So are ya doing buddy?" I asked while rubbing him on the shoulder "I'm great dude! I'm totally fine!!" he said excitedly. I chuckled, there was the same old Tommy I knew "Yeah, dude, no, I'm doing good, y'know?" Tommy said. I nodded and sighed "I'll be back," and went to the bathroom to shoot up.
-Vince's POV-
 Well here I am alone on the couch. Why the fuck am I alone? Jen left, Tommy left, Nikki left, Mick is god knows where, and I'm here all alone. I suppose I'll just go to the bar with the guys or something.
-Frankie's POV-
I couldn't stay with Trent. I couldn't believe I even came here in the first place, I was ready to forgive Tommy and go back to him. He was a better person than Trent...I couldn't stay with the very man who had molested me so many times and never said he was sorry. I doubt that son of a bitch even felt any guilt. He had just did it again, he made me have sex with him and told me that if I didn't he'd cut me with a knife and leave me to die on the street. But I had to leave. I tiptoed downstairs, only wearing my underwear and a shirt, Trent had kept my other clothes, because he's a pervert. I didn't have any shoes either. I slowly opened the front door and snuck out, then I ran as fast as I could to my car, jumped in, and sped away, putting the pedal to the metal. I started crying as I tried to focus on the road, I sped all the way back to the apartment. I jumped out really quick and rushed up the stairs, I ran passed the same shocked older lady and I burst into the apartment. "Guys?!" I called, no answer, I figured out that they were all gone so I took a shower and I cried some more. I put on a black tank top, a black pair of leggings, my favorite red heels, and my leather jacket. I didn't put any makeup on except for a smudge of lipgloss. I stuffed some of my money into my pocket and then went out the front door in search of the guys. 
-Tommy's POV-
She's never coming back. Never again will I see her beautiful face, I'll never fuck her again, I'll never cuddle with her again. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ME DUDE?!
-Frankie's POV-
I figured the guys probably hit the bar, so I walked to the Whiskey A Go Go first. "Hey, let me see your ID first," a burly security guard said, stopping me before I could go in. Shit, I forgot that I didn't work her anymore, thus I didn't get to come and go when I pleased. "Oh, yeah, well, I know the manager," I said nervously. The security guard scoffed "Yeah right, now show me your ID or go home," I sighed and started to leave when I heard someone say "She's with me, its okay," I looked up and Mick was standing there, dressed in his usual attire: black leather jacket, black shirt, his leather leggings that said 'Mars' on the sides, and his giant heels. The guy nodded and let us past "Thanks, Mick," I said, he nodded "You're welcome, what's up?". I sighed and then broke down, pouring out my entire story and heart and soul and everything that had happened and everything that Trent used to do to me. Mick looked shocked and confused, but mostly taken aback with my outburst. "Holy fuck, the things I miss when I decide to stay home," was Mick's comment when I was done. I giggled slightly and lightly swatted him on the back, he cringed and winced as if I punched him "Mick are you okay?" I asked, confused "Yeah, yeah, just don't do that again okay?" Mick said as he straightened himself up a bit "Yeah okay," I said, still a little shaken by his reaction. I left Mick to himself and went to see if Tommy was there. I searched around and couldn't find him, so I figured he wasn't there. I narrowly avoided Nikki, who didn't notice me, and I went to the bathrooms. When I went it and turned the corner I jumped in shock, stifling a horrified scream. Tommy was in there with Randii and she was giving him a blow job. His face was filled with pleasure, enjoying every second of it. I knew Tommy had cheated on me before, but this was crazy. With my former friend and now worst enemy?! The girl who had cost me my job? And so quickly after what had happened earlier today? I ran out, near tears, angry. I was so angry, I decided that I should get some action of my own...from one of Tommy's friends....then I spotted Vince standing alone in the corner, looking at some girls. I smirked and walked over sexily to Vince.
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