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Part 5

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Tommy and the gang cheer up Frankie.

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After we left the hospital we went back to my apartment so I could change into some different clothes. "You sure you wanna do this?" Randii asked me. I nodded and went to my room to change. I put on some black leather shorts,a black leather corset top,and a pair of red heels. I put my biker jacket on and put my hair up in a tight ponytail. I put on a bunch of makeup,I figured the more the merrier. I painted my nails and toenails red. I stuffed some money into my jacket pocket then came out. Tommy whistled "Damn,you look sexy!" I blushed "Really?" "Reaally!" Tommy said as he hugged me. We piled into my car and drove off with Tommy driving "So I thought we could go to this awesome tat place I go to! That cool?" he asked we all agreed. When we got there everyone except me and Tommy scrambled out,I kinda wandered and when Tommy noticed he said "You okay?" I shook my head "No..maybe...a little," Tommy chuckled lightly "So I see you have a couple tats?" he said while gesturing towards my ankle and back "Yeah,the one on my back is the best,you can't see all of it but it's awesome," I said happily. "Well then,I'll have to check it out sometime!" Tommy said. "I also have one on my finger see?" Tommy looked at it and gave a thumbs up. Just then Nikki poked his head out the door "You comin'?!" he shouted "Yeah!" Tommy called then he turned to me "You ready to party Tommy Lee style?" I grinned "Hell yes," then we went into the tat shop where Nikki was already in a chair and Randii was looking through tattoos. I looked with her and then looked at the ones on the walls and posted on the counter. Tommy nudged me "First tattoo is on me," I smiled "Maybe I'll only get one tattoo..." Tommy rolled his eyes "Puh-lease,you are a more than one tattoo at a time type of girl," he said in a funny snobbish voice. I giggled and replied back in the same voice "Uh yeah totally I'm like a two or three at a time girl!" we both bursted into fits of laughter and Nikki,Randii,another costumer,and the tattoo artists looked at us like we were crazy. I took a seat "What'll it be?" the guy asked "Um well,I want a tattoo on my wrist that says 'Steve' and then on the other wrist I want '1924 to 1980',and then I'm gonna get a couple others too...but I haven't decided yet,I'm also probably gonna get some piercing..." the guy smiled and asked me to select a type of word font,I picked a fancy cursive type (Me: like Demi Lavato has on her wrists,same size too). When the guy started I winced a bit and Tommy looked over at me sympathetically and mouthed 'It's ok!' I nodded and closed my eyes tight. After a while the guy was done,he put the plastic over it and told me what to do to take care of it "Yeah I know what to do,I have others," he nodded "Okay you said you wanted more?" he asked "Uhh yeah...I want a tattoo on my chest....that says Tommy,like I want it right above my heart," the guy smiled "Is one of the guys you came in with Tommy?" I nodded and turned to Tommy who was looking shocked and ecstatic "Are you sure you want a tattoo of my name?" I smiled "I'm sure," Nikki started cooing and mocking us "Ooh it's sooo sweet,Tommy and Frankie sittin' in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g!!" me and Tommy laughed it off. The guy asked me to pick a font for it and I chose this font that looked like the 'Kiss' font. He went to work again and after a bit he was done,he did the same thing as he did with my other. "So anymore or are you done for now?" I thought for a second "Yeah,one more,I want a small black heart outlined with blue on my left ankle," the guy smiled weakly and then went to work. Nikki had been long done and had paid and was starting to get bored "Guys I'm gonna meet you at the bar or something," he announced we all roller our eyes and he left and walked down the street. "Uh yeah,me to,see ya!" Randii said. Me and Tommy laughed "She's totally crushing on Nikki," I said "Yeah Sixxdawg may have a new girlfriend soon," Tommy said "Is that Nikki's nickname? Sixxdawg?"  Tommy nodded "What's Nikki's real name?" I asked "What makes you think his name isn't Nikki?" Tommy asked "No one names a guy Nikki," Tommy laughed "Yeah his real name is Frank...Frank Feranna...Jr.," I burst out laughing "That's a major step down from Nikki Sixx! And Jr.?! That's adorable!"  The guy then announced he was done with my tattoo,I thanked the guy,paid for 3 of the tattoos and Tommy paid for my 4th. Then he paid for his (I chipped in) and we left. As we were walking down the street Tommy said "Your granddad...he must've been really great that you got those tattoos and you're so beat up over it," I sighed "Yeah he was super great,he really cared about me and he was a philanthropist and he spent like his whole life trying to make other peoples lives better,he was like an American hero," Tommy smiled "I would've liked to know him," and he wrapped his arm around me "So...pierces or whiskey?" he asked "Pierces,defiantly," I said he mock cried and then pointed to a shop "There! It's a good good place,obviously better than drinks! Waaah!" we approached it and Tommy said "I'll pay for whatever you want," "Why?" "Because I looooveeee you," I stood there,frozen again,did he say he loved me?! "Tommy,do you seriously love me?" he looked up and down and then finally straight at me,looking dead serious,then he crashed his lips down to mine and started kissing me. I kissed him back,his tongue grazed my lip and I let him in. When we finally broke apart he looked me straight in the eyes "Seriously,I love you,that day when I opened my eyes and you were standing over me I saw just how beautiful you were,I'd seen you before but that one day,I saw you for what you really were. And I fell in love,so here's my you love me?" I got teary eyed "Yes,I do Tommy,I hated you at first...but now I seriously love you," Tommy smiled and we kissed some more. Then we went into the piercing shop and I looked at where I could get pierced. I turned to Tommy "I think in gonna get my belly button,my chest,and my lip pierced," Tommy raised his eyebrows "Damn,you're already becoming one of us!" and he wrapped his arm around me. The girl that worked there sat me in the chair and brought out the piercing tool. First it was my lip,then my belly button,and finally it was time for my chest pierces. "This may hurt a little more than the others but it'll go away quick," I nodded,Tommy squeezed my hand and then a few minutes later the job was done. (Me: they do have chest pierces,not nipple or boob,chest pierces like on your chest,I saw a girl with them once. Look online). After that Tommy got another ear pierce,then we picked out studs or earrings. I had a stud with a little chain hanging off of it in my belly button,a gold ring in my lip (Me: like Ke$ha),and two sparkly faux diamond studs in my chest. "When Motley Crüe takes off I'll buy you real diamond studs," Tommy said as he paid. I smiled "I bet you will," then we left to go and try to find Nikki and Randii. "So...who's the singer for Motley Crüe?" I asked while we were walking,Tommy frowned "Well,we're trying to get this guy I knew from highschool in,but he's in this other band,I keep asking but he always says no,it's frustrating!" I patted him on the shoulder "How about you just march on down to where he lives and tell him he has one last chance or it's gone forever! That always works," Tommy laughed "Yeah,that could work,thanks!" we finally found Nikki and Randii at the Troubadour. Making out as predicted,me and Tommy sat next to them,Tommy wrapped his arm around my shoulder "Guess what?" Tommy said triumphantly "You and little miss annoying are an item?" Nikki guessed "How'd you know?" Tommy asked "Please,I saw you making googly eyes at her when you introduced us a couple days ago," Nikki said,as if it was obvious "This isn't the first time I met you,remember I first met you when I moved in and you were drunkenly pounding on my door?" I said, Nikki thought for a second "Oh yeah,good times," we all laughed and then Tommy turned to me "Hey Frankie....I got somethin' to ask you,".....  
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