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Bane to our Batman

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Shocking news

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Oh baby baby
How was I supposed to know
That something wasn't right here
Oh baby baby
I shouldn't have let you go
And now you're out of sight yeah
Show me how you want it to be
Tell me baby cause I need to know now oh because

My loneliness is killing me
I must confess I still believe
When I'm not with you I lose my mind
Give me a sign
Hit me baby one more time” A blond Roxy sang to the audience of pure males. She had donned the school uniform that Britney had in the video and was carrying out a dance that I suspected would also be from the video. Why was the audience all males? Well that’s because it was guys v gals this week to perform, we had to perform three songs that had some link between them in some way.
The day Roxy took me home after the Jake incident, everyone automatically knew that any ill in the past between was resolved and that we clearly still had feelings for each other, but none of us wanted to act on it. Even Victoria had started to warm to Roxy and started to at least be civil, or so I thought but looking at her now as she watches Roxy I think I may have miss judged this as she was currently pulling a funny face from the other end of the stage as the former was dancing and singing with a small group of girls dancing in the same way. It wasn’t until the now Black haired Victoria stepped forward with her little group and started to sing a Christina Aguilera song that I think most of the guys got that they was acting out the rivalry that was between the two females when they released their songs. The reason they were acting it out so well was because of the fact they did, if not still do, hate each other. Half way through Victoria’s performance I notice Roxy walk to the side of the stage and behind the small red velvet curtain that was put up a few weeks ago. Trying to see the reason for the sudden exit I leant to the side but as I suspected I couldn’t see anything. When Victoria finished I spotted Roxy walk back with what looked like fake fur coats, one around herself and one that she handed to Victoria with a slight smirk on her face as they both pulled off their wigs revealing their natural colours, they had their back to us as their final song began.

Ladies and Gentleman the Chicago Theatre is proud to announce a first,
The first time anywhere there has been an act of this nature,
Not one little lady, but two,
You’ve read about them in the papers,
Now here they are,
Chicago’s own Killer Dillers,
The Sintilating Sinners,
Roxy Hart and Velma Kelly.” One of the other girls spoke in to one of the microphones as the music started softly and the two girls started to bump their hips.
You can like the life you’re living
You can live the life your like
You can even marry Harry
But mess around with Ike.” They winked at each other smirking, as they sang nowadays to us from the movie Chicago. Roxy was playing Catherine Zeta-Jones’ Velma Kelly whereas Victoria was playing Renee’s Roxie Hart. Now I had seen the movie one night when an old girlfriend stayed over but despite her name being Roxy, she was much more suited to her assigned role now and not just because of her hair. She was very feisty like Kelly was, and sometimes that got her into some trouble.

And that’s good, isn’t it grand, isn’t it great
Isn’t it swell, isn’t it fun, isn't it... but nothings stays
In 50 years or so, it’s gonna change ya know,
But oh it’s heaven, nowadays.” As they finished singing the same girl made another announcement as they started to act out the dance routine perfectly, step by step in perfect unison, then came the guns which they started shooting just like the in the film and the names appeared both looking at each other proudly. At the end of the routine they hugged each other smiling and they seemed so genuine, I saw all the guys write down their scores as they ran to the back of the curtain to presumably get changed out of their silver sparkly flapper dresses and into their usual clothes.

"Alright guys bring it on!" Victoria smiled as she came from behind the curtain, you've got a hard act to follow" She winked as she kissed Gerard on the lips softly. Working with Roxy has really made her have a bit of fun, before she would of never have held Gerard's hand let alone kiss him.
"You can't kiss him he's the enemy! He's the Bane to our Batman!" Roxy called out whilst taking my hand and jumping off the stage. Taking her seat next to Victoria and Ray's girlfriend I watched as she blew me kiss with a small smile playing on her lips just as we started with our songs from cheesy boybands. We decided to make the girls laugh and over emphasize the cheese of these groups. We slowly finished and the girls wrote their scores down then it was up to Gerard and Victoria to count them up.

"Ok ladies and gentleman without further ado the winner of this week’s challenge is" Victoria paused and looked over at Gerard smiling.
"The girls" he said humphly as they all cheered and hugged each other. "Ok ok thank you all for coming let’s finish early today." He said after a while.
"Wait I have an announcement." Roxy spoke up as we all turned to look at her, she hasn't told me anything I think as I Gerard looks at me with a puzzling expression. She quickly walked back on the stage.
"There's no easy way to say this but I'm leaving. My mum has decided to move house and this isn't the nearest place for me to go. Today was my last day before I go back to England." She looked at the floor "So if its ok I'd like to sing a final song for you all." She looked at us for approval as we nodded still in shock.

"I've paid my dues time after time." She began singing 'We Are the Champions' by Queen as she smiled slightly looking at us as we joined in. To say we all generally disliked her when she first auditioned I don't think there was one person who didn't have a sad look on their face. "I've taken my bows," she bowed smiling "and my curtain call, you brought fame and fortune and everything that goes with it I thank you all." She pointed to us smiling even more as she continued to sing the stripped down version of the classic song. They all waited until she finished to hug her and wish her luck but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Why hadn't she told me? I waited until everyone had gone to ask her. "Frank it's nothing personal toward you it's just it would have hurt more to tell you separately, I mean I -" I didn't give her time to finish I just had to kiss her. She didn't resist she welcomed it as we kissed more and more each becoming more desperate and passionate.
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