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Frank meets a familiar girl

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July 2011, Leeds, UK

We'd finally come back to Reading and Leeds festival in hopes that no more bottles of piss would be thrown at us as we performed. We were all currently sat outside our trailer as the weather was hot and sunny for once when we heard a young voice coming from one of the neighbouring trailers "Na Na Na Na..." the voice started with the music blaring out behind it. We all looked at each other smiling with proudness.
"Drugs, give me drugs, give me drugs..." another voice started that sounded older than the first and as it continued to sing the verse I couldn't help but think that I'd heard that voice somewhere before, but where? Just then two girls jumped out of the offending trailer with hair brushes and sunglasses on whilst singing and jumping around "Remember when you were a madman, thought you was Batman, and hit the party with a gas can, kiss me you animal." The older girl sang as she knelt down for the younger girl to kiss her cheek. They finished the song high fiving each other smiling as Gerard started to clap.
"I need to be careful guys I think someones better at singing our song then me." He laughed as he walked over to the neighbours slowly.
"Hi, I'm Gerard." He shook the young girls hand as she smiled and told him her name was Summer before he turned his attention to the taller girl.
"I'm Roxy." The older girl responded as she shook his hand and took her glasses off, and that was the point that I remembered her from. How could I forget her eyes, I couldn't when the day she left, them clear blue pools were icy and glazed from the tears she was trying to hold in. Gerard to must of recognised her because his short intake of breath didn't go amiss. There was something in her stare that told Gerard not to react as he just simply said hi before going back to talking to Summer.
"Mum can I go get an ice cream?" Summer looked up at Roxy after she had finished talking to Gerard.
"I'll take her if you want?" Gerard asked smiling at Roxy who paused a minute before giving him some money as her way of agreeing as the pair had a race to the van.
"Hi" I walked over after a few minutes of contemplating how to play this. I mean she's a mum!
"Hi" She spoke chewing on her lip nervously.
"How have you been?" I asked whilst motioning to the seat next to her.
"I've been fine," she nodded "yourself?" she looked up at me for the first time and I noticed she still looked exactly same, still beautiful.
"Yeah I've been well, we all have." I noticed Gerard returning with the little girl "can I meet you later on to well you know, catch up?" I looked at her hopefully.
"If Cameron will have Summer yeah, I'll come to your trailer if he can." She looked at me smiling.

It was late after our set when there was a knock on the door, I heard a soft voice asking for me as Gerard moved to let the guest in. Slowly she climbed in wearing a summer dress and boots as she looked round nervously "hi' she waved as everyone was staring "I came to see if you wanted to play out?" She smiled at me as I nodded and grabbed my jumper and led her outside smiling. We walked a short while before I decided to break the silence.
"So what have you been doing since you left?" I looked at her smiling. I can't believe she's here!
"I graduated from university and became a barrister," she smiled "I already know what you did, I've seen the interviews. Congratulations." Her smile was warm and genuine.
"Oh thank you and you've done well too, a career and a mum." I hoped this would lead her to clarifying about Summer.
"I'm not her real mum," my hopes weren't lost "I adopted her. She knows but I adopted her when she was 3 days old that's why she calls me mum." She looked up at me slowly to see how I would respond.
"So you adopted her with your partner?" I asked slowly.
"No that was what shocked me as to why they accepted my application. Since adopting her I've not had a partner." She smiled.
"But you mentioned a guy before?" I looked confusedly at her.
"Cameron?" she waited until I nodded to continue, "he's just a friend, he invited us to come here because he like is part of the team so we did." She smiled "I own the company so I pick my own holidays, perks of being the boss I guess." She laughed cutely. "I best get back I promised a bed time story for her." She told me after awhile of general chit chatting. I nodded as we started to walk back with brief moments of silence between us. Once we got back to the trailer I realised this was probably the last time of seeing her again considering we left tomorrow for Reading so that was what caused me to do next.
"Forgive me." I whispered on her lips as I held the back of her head softly and kissed her.

The next morning Gerard and I was just coming back from buying everyone coffee before we had to set off for Reading, talking about seeing Roxy again, when she appeared out of her trailer with who I assumed to be Cameron they clearly had an issue of something. "It's fine honestly, Summer and I will get the train there." I heard her say to him whilst rubbing the top of his well muscled arm.
"Hey." Gerard waved as we walked past smiling.
"Hey man can I ask a favour?" The guy now approached us, "do you have any room on your bus for two people." He asked us smiling just as Roxy walked over.
"Cam it's fine honestly we can get the train." She smiled at us a little before looking at us.
"We have enough room for you." Gerard smiled "and we wont mind taking you, we are all heading in the same direction anyway. Plus Summer is amazing a proper laugh." Gerard looked at her slowly.
"Then it's sorted Rox you don't need to get the train now." Cameron smiled before heading off to tell Summer.
"Thanks," Roxy smiled at both of us, "but you are going to regret this. She will talk your ears off. You were all she talked about last night." Roxy looked at Gerard smiling.

There was a small knock on the door followed by the two girls walking in. "Rule number 3?" Roxy asked the young girl who was carrying a Alien teddy from Toy Story and had a matching backpack.
"The bus isn't big enough to play twister on." She said grumpily. Satisfied with the answer the older girl looked up at us, armed with her own bag.
"Hi again." She waved as the younger girl looked up at us and beamed.
"What you got in your bag S?" Gerard instantly walked over to her as she opened it up and they both emptied the contents out, which contained dvds, sweets, drinks and pencils and a little book to draw in. They both started to line up the dvds in order of watching them as they quickly turned one of the sofas into a bed using Gerard's bed covers.
"He's just as bad as her." Roxy laughed watching them standing next to me.
"I know always knew he was a big kid." I laughed looking at her "what's in that suitcase?" I nodded to her shoulder bag.
"Nothing near as exciting as hers. It's work and case files. I carry them around everywhere I go." She smiled a little.
"Oh shame I was going to say we could go set up camp and make our way through your stuff." I looked at her winking as her cheeks flushed bright red.
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