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[A/N] – Umm yeah this band ‘Waiting For Tomorrow’ that I’m writing about… I can’t write songs so they’ll be basically singing songs by other bands :)

“Guys, guys, guys, guys, guys, guys-“ Penina went on chanting for so long that the rest of her band, Waiting For Tomorrow, got fed up.

“Do you actually have something to tell us or are you just gonna keep on chanting?” Raven asked, raising her eye-brows.

“I have something to tell you and you’re gonna love it!” Penina squealed “My Chemical Romance are holding a contest! Right?”

“Yes Penina, we’re with you so far.” Samantha teased.

“And it’s for bands to send in one of their original songs and whichever band they like the best gets to go on tour with them!” Penina shrieked as she finished her sentence.

“Oh my god, that’d be awesome!” Maria cried, standing up and dancing around with Penina.

“Wait, there’s gonna be loads of entries.” Daniel sighed “They’re never gonna pick our band in a million years.”

“Don’t be so negative!” Maria yelled at him.

“It’s okay, I talked to Jennifer. She’s got a job as their sound tech! She promised to try and make sure they at least see and take our band into consideration.” Penina grinned “So now we just need to pick one of our songs, record it and send it to MCR.”

“We should write down all of our songs and then pick our favourite.” Alex said, getting a piece of paper and a pen.

“But we all have different favourite songs.” Penina pouted “We should all just pick our favourite and then write them down on little pieces of folded up paper and pick one out of a hat and just sing that song.”

“That sounds fair.” Raven nodded and started handing everyone little pieces of paper. They all wrote down their favourite songs and put them in the hat.

After arguing about who should be allowed to pull the song out, Maria reached into the hat and pulled out a small folded up piece of paper “The song that we’re singing is ‘No, Thank You’. Whose favourite song is that?”

“Mine!” Penina grinned.

“Oh great I get to sing all in Japanese.” Raven replied, rolling her eyes “Will Jennifer film it for us?”

“Yeah, I’ll give her a call and she’ll come straight over.” Penina smiled, getting her mobile phone out of her pocket.

“I didn’t agree to this!” Gerard yelled “Did you guys agree to this?”

“I agreed to it.” Ray admitted.

“Why would you agree to something like this?” Gerard snapped “I don’t wanna go on tour with some stupid ‘no name’ tour that’ll do nothing but fan girl over us the whole time!”

“What if the band chosen was an all-male band?” Frank asked him, raising one eye-brow.

“Oh they’ll fan boy. They’ll do nothing but get on my nerves. Do you know how long we’d have to tour with them? A whole year! That’s a long time.”

“Actually, I know a pretty good band.” Jennifer said, walking over to them nervously. She didn’t really wanna get involved but she’d promised Penina “They said they were gonna enter. They’re called ‘Waiting For Tomorrow’ and they’re really good. They’re-“

“Was anybody talking to you?” Gerard asked her harshly. Jennifer blinked at him and then ran out of the room to see if anybody else needed help.

“Dude, you need to stop freaking out at everyone.” Mikey told him “Just have a drink and chill out. All of this fame is getting to your head.”

“Don’t tell me fame’s getting to my head.” Gerard hissed “I’m fine just the way I am thank you very much.” Gerard groaned loudly and stormed out of the door that Jennifer had ran out of.

“Well personally I think the competition is a good idea.” Ray said “We’ve already got a few entries. I’m gonna watch them.”

“How on earth are we gonna watch them all?” Frank asked, sitting down next to Ray and looking at his laptop screen “There’s fifty entries there and the competition has been up a couple of hours. It’s on for a week. I’m not sitting here and doing the math but that means a lot of entries!”

“I don’t know but we’ll figure a way out.” Mikey sat the other side of Ray “Alright let’s start watching them.”

“That was great.” Jennifer grinned, pressing ‘stop’ on the camera and getting a cable out of her bag to plug the video camera into the computer so they could upload the video to YouTube.

“You kept distracting me!” Raven laughed, shoving Penina.

“You’re just distracted too easily then, aren’t you?” Penina giggled “Did you mention us to My Chemical Romance?”

“Oh umm yeah. We’ll just have to wait and see.” Jennifer didn’t want to crush their dreams by telling them that actually the lead singer of their favourite band was a massive jerk.

“Can we watch the video back?” Alex asked, sitting down on the computer seat that Jennifer was about to sit on.

Jennifer giggled and shoved him off the chair then sat down “Not until I’ve uploaded it and sent it to the band. Don’t you want to win? The competition ends in a few hours!”

“Oh god, quick, upload it then!” Daniel yelled “Hurry up! Oh my god, hurry up!”

“Hurry up Jennifer or we won’t get it in on time!” Penina shrieked.

“It’s uploaded to YouTube; I just gotta send the link to the band.” Jennifer tapped away at the keyboard and then grinned “I sent it on time.”

“YES!” The band screamed and started hi-fiving each other even though they hadn’t officially achieved anything yet.

“When do they announce the winner?” Raven asked, chewing on her lip.

“Tomorrow at nine o clock.” Jennifer replied “I’m at work with them tomorrow. I’ll try my best to influence their decision, I promise.”
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