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“I’m sorry Miss but you can’t come in here.” Said a muscly security guard.

“Oh, no, I work for them.” Jennifer explained.

“I know but nobody’s allowed in. They’re picking the winner for their competition and there were a couple of people trying to influence their decisions so they’ve requested that no one go inside.”

“Oh, okay.” Jennifer sighed and walked away. Now what was she going to do?

Gerard looked at the bands playing and felt miserable. He didn’t want to go on tour with a bunch of people he’d never heard of. Mikey glanced at him “Come on Gee, you’ve gotta admit that most of these bands are pretty good.”

“They’re not good enough to come on tour with us.” Gerard snapped, pulling out his mobile phone and texting someone.

“Fine then, we’ll pick one without your help.” Ray told him, rolling his eyes angrily and clicking on the next video “This band is called ‘Waiting For Tomorrow’ and the song’s called no thank you.”

The video came into life “Wow, that girl’s pretty.” Frank said, pointing to one of them “The girl with the guitar.”

“I think the singer’s prettier.” Ray went bright red as he said it.

“Oh great, so they’re pretty?” Gerard snapped “You can’t just pick a band in the hopes that you can hook up with the singer or guitar player or whatever. Pick a band whose music you like.”

“Well I think this song is great.”

“You can’t even understand it. It’s in some other language.” Gerard groaned and clicked on the next video, dismissing the band completely.

“What did they say?” Penina cried the moment that Jennifer got back “Did you convince them to pick us?”

“I didn’t get to say anything. I wasn’t allowed in the room. And when I casually asked who they’d picked afterwards, they told me to just check the website tomorrow.” Jennifer sighed “I’m sorry guys, I did try.”

“We know you did.” Daniel said “And if we win it’ll be better that way. We’ll know that we got in on pure talent instead of Jennifer bribing them into letting us win.”

“I don’t bribe!” Jennifer giggled “Come on, let’s watch a movie and try to take our mind off this competition.”

“I can’t think about anything else!” Raven replied “It’s not just going on tour with MCR though. We’d be famous. I’m not gonna be able to sleep all night.”

“Whatever, I’m putting Orphan on.” Jennifer said “I’ll be working with MCR anyway, no matter what happens tomorrow morning.”

Jennifer put in the movie and they watched the first ten minutes in silence before Penina said “If we win the competition then I’m totally gonna get off with Frank.”

“Penina!” Samantha giggled.

“What? It’s my only new year’s resolution.”

“New year’s was ages ago, you didn’t even know about the competiton back then.” Daniel reminded her.

“Fine it’s my new… Resolution.” Penina shrugged her shoulders “Whatever.”

“That’s if we even win which right now isn’t looking too likely.” Alex said, biting his lip.

“We have to stay positive!” Jennifer said brightly.

“I think we should watch movies all night!” Daniel grinned “I mean, none of us are gonna be able to sleep anyway.”

“Speak for yourself, I’m going to bed.” Jennifer got up “I’ve got work in the morning. Night!”

“Night!” Everyone replied and returned their attention to the movie.

“I’m gonna make some popcorn.” Raven jumped up and while she was waiting for the popcorn to pop she checked the video they’d submitted to the MCR competition. It had over five hundred views and just over one hundred comments and all of them were positive feedback. Raven smiled. How could they possibly lose?

The next morning Penina was the first to wake up. They’d fallen asleep during the third movie in awkward positions. Daniel was curled up with Alex, Raven was asleep with her head and back on the floor but her legs were on the sofa, Maria had her head on Raven’s stomach, Samantha was using an empty bowl of popcorn as a pillow and Penina had been sleeping at the computer table. The My Chemical Romance website was still open. She’d been checking it every five minutes before she’d fallen asleep just to make sure that Jennifer hadn’t been wrong about the time. She’d said they were uploading the winner at nine in the morning. Penina checked the time. It was five past ten!

“Guys!” Penina screamed “Guys, the winner should be up now! I’m too scared to refresh it by myself! Come on, get up!”

Alex got up and shoved Daniel off of him which woke him up, Raven sat up causing Maria to wake up and Samantha got up complaining that her neck was now killing her “Is the result up?” Raven asked.

“I dunno. Come here so I can refresh the page!” Penina yelled.

They all ran over and Penina hovered over to the refresh button “No matter what happens,” Penina said “I love you guys.”

“Shut up and press refresh!” Samantha roared.

Penina clicked refresh and they started reading a blog that Frank had posted explaining that they were going on tour soon and that the support band they’d chosen were… Were…

‘Kiss The Corpse.’

“We didn’t win.” Raven whispered, her heart sinking.
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