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“We have a bit of a problem.” Ray said, coming onto the tour bus “Remember that band we chose?”

“Yeah?” Bob replied.

“Well the rules were eighteen or over but it turns out they’re only sixteen.” Ray sighed “They were gonna come along and pretend to be eighteen but their parents wouldn’t let them. They said they did it because they never thought they’d win. So now we don’t have a band at all.”

“This is why we should’ve got a real band instead of some no-name band.” Gerard sighed, not looking away from his sketch book.

“Well then we’ll just pick another one.” Frank smiled “And I know the perfect band to pick.”

“Guys, Frank just tweeted saying that the winner has been changed.” Penina said, looking at her phone.

“You get MCR’s tweets sent to your phone?” Raven asked her.

Penina shook her head “No, just Frank’s.”

“Okay wow you’re obsessed.” Daniel laughed.

“That’s not the issue here!” Maria yelled “They’ve picked a new band. What if it’s us?”

“I think they’d have phoned if it was us.” Penina said sadly “We left them our phone number, didn’t we?”

Raven shook her head “We couldn’t agree on a phone number since we don’t have a house phone and we just left our email address.”

“Just check the website. It doesn’t matter if it’s not us. We’ll still go to the concert and it’d be nice to listen to the support band a bit first.” Samantha said, going over to the laptop that was always switched on for some reason and went onto the My Chemical Romance page.

“What’s the band called?” Alex asked “I’ll YouTube them.”

“Don’t bother looking them up on YouTube.” Samantha grinned “The band’s called Waiting For Tomorrow! We won guys! WE WON!”

They all started screaming excitedly and hugged each other “Holy shit we’re gonna meet MCR.” Penina sat down “I need a moment to process this.”

“I’m gonna check our emails.” Daniel said, grabbing the laptop and going onto his emails “Yeah there’s an email from them! They said that if we need to phone this number right now to speak to the band manager. Who wants to do it?”

“We should get our own band manager to do it.” Raven said.

“There’s just one problem with that.” Samantha sighed “We don’t have a band manager.”

“Jennifer could phone them.”

“She won’t be home for a couple of hours. And if their sound tech phones up it’ll seem a bit weird.” Maria said, biting her lip “Who here has the most professional sounding voice?”

“Raven should do it.” Penina said, recovering from her state of shock “She’s the singer; they’ll hopefully recognise her voice and fan girl over her.”

“They won’t fan girl over me.” Raven said but she still pulled her phone out of her pocket and dialled the number.

“Hello?” Said a professional sounding female voice.

“Umm hello this is Raven from Waiting For Tomorrow.”

“Oh hi! We just needed to run some last minute details by you. For a start, you’re definitely over eighteen right? All of you.”

“Umm yeah we are.” Raven went through all the important details with her and then hung up the phone “I can’t believe that just happened.”

“Well when do we start?”

“They’re picking us up from here tomorrow and taking us to the venue. We’ll have a sound check, then a photo shoot, then some free time and then it’s time for the concert.” Raven was in a daze and she sat down next to Penina “I think I need a moment to process this as well.”

“Me too.” Penina whispered, going back into her dream like state.

“Guys, snap out of it!” Daniel yelled “If we’re leaving tomorrow then we’re gonna need to pack! Like right now!”
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