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Gerard had stayed awake half the night watching Waiting For Tomorrow’s video of them singing ‘No Thank You’. He found a couple more videos of them. He hoped they had more songs than the three they’d posted on YouTube. Once he’d watched all their videos, he looked through their Facebook and Twitter accounts. They all seemed like nice, genuine people. But Gerard wasn’t about to admit that.

Since he’d spent half the night awake he woke up in a worse mood than usual, much to everyone’s disappointment.

However, Waiting For Tomorrow all woke up in great moods. It had been hard for them to fall asleep even though they’d all gone to bed really early but at least no one had fallen asleep using a popcorn bowl as a pillow. Maria was the first one awake and woke everyone up by banging her drumsticks against random pots and pans “Wake up! We’re going on tour with MCR so I guess I should say look alive sunshine…”

“Oh haha how funny.” Said Daniel sarcastically as he came out of his room but he was smiling to show that he wasn’t mad.

“How does my hair look?” Penina yelled, running out of the bathroom.

“How long have you been in there?” Maria cried.

“Four hours. Doesn’t matter. Do I look good? Does my hair look okay? How do I smell?” Penina grabbed Daniel and made him sniff her.

“You smell really nice actually.” Daniel replied, nodding “And your hair looks great. Why are you fussing about your appearance so much all of a sudden?”

“Why do you think?” Raven asked, coming out of her bedroom that she shared with Samantha and ruffling her hair “She wants to impress Frank obviously.”

“Yeah well I know that you want to impress Ray, you just didn’t spend as much time as I did!” Penina cried, going into the kitchen “Who wants some toast?” Everyone said they wanted some “Then you’d better make it yourself.”

“I hate you!” Alex yelled but everyone knew he was only joking.

“I’m looking forward to meeting Gerard.” Samantha said, going into the bathroom and then called “I mean he saved my life after all!”

“I can’t wait to meet all of them!” Maria grinned “Look, I’ll make you all toast if you pack my drums up. I was too tired to pack them last night after my clothes. I’ll put my sticks in my bag though.”

“Oh god yeah we’ll have to take our instruments!” Daniel yelled, running off to get his keyboard packed up.

“What did you think we were gonna do?” Raven laughed “Just mime everything on the stage?”

“Well it’s okay for you Raven, your instrument is just your voice.” Maria replied.

“Actually I’m bringing a microphone. That cool one that I got custom made.” Raven shrugged her shoulders “Call me weird but I think it’ll bring me good luck on stage.”

“I know how you feel. I’ll be wearing my MCR tee shirt under another tee shirt to bring me good luck on stage.” Penina called from the kitchen.

“You do know that you’re gonna sweat like a pig, right?” Daniel yelled back.

“Shit, I hadn’t thought about that…”

Once they were all dressed, packed and ready they sat outside and waited to be picked up “Is the tour bus coming here or just like a car or something?” Penina asked.

“You wouldn’t fit a tour bus down this street.” Daniel told her “So I’m assuming they’re gonna send a car.”

“You should never assume.” Raven said “Because when you do, you make an ass of you and me.”

“I don’t get it.”

“Look at the word and- Oh never mind.” Raven sighed.

“When are they gonna get here?” Samantha asked, shivering slightly even though she was wearing a jacket “It’s fucking freezing.”

“Oh my god look it’s a limo!” Maria cried, pointing down the road.

Sure enough there was a limo coming towards them. It pulled up outside their house “Are you waiting for tomorrow?” The driver asked. They all nodded “Well then you’ve got a long wait.” The driver laughed and the others pretended that it was funny. He got out of the limo and put all their instruments away safely and then their suitcases. They kept their hand luggage with them and got into the back of the car.

“Oh my god we’re in a limo.” Penina grinned.

“I’ve never been in a limo.” Raven said “All my friends had one at the year six prom but they didn’t invite me.” She pouted then snarled “Bitches.”

They all laughed “How long will it take us to get there?” Alex asked.

“I dunno but who cares?” Penina laughed “We’re in a limo!”

It took them half-an-hour to get to the venue. When they got out they saw two girls and a boy wearing MCR tee-shirts “Oh my god look it’s Waiting For Tomorrow!” One of the girls shrieked. She had black hair, down to her mid waist and it was a bit curly. She was obviously related to the boy that was slightly older than her with short black hair. The other girl had long, curly pitch black hair. All three of them were staring over at the band and practically peeing themselves with excitement.

“Oh my god they recognise us!” Penina whispered excitedly “This is so awesome!”

“Hey can we have a picture with you please?” The same girl who had recognised them asked “My name’s Danielle, this is my brother Darren and this is my best friend Connie. We think you’re awesome.”

“Oh thank you.” Raven grinned, going over to them while the others followed “You can have a picture with us if you want even though we’re not exactly famous or anything.”

“You’re not famous yet but you will be.” Connie grinned “Oh my god Daniel! I think you’re so hot!”

Daniel laughed and gave her a hug. They posed for a picture for each of the fans before the driver told them that they had to go inside now. They waved goodbye and went inside “That was amazing.” Penina giggled “Oh my god, we’re famous!”

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