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What Else Could Go Wrong?

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Fiona is finally on her way to L.A. but it proves to be much more difficult than what she had planned.

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Fiona's POV:

I suddenly felt very, very small and insignificant as I saw that my entire life here could be packed easily into three large bags, this was my life apparently. I sighed and flopped onto the bed, purely whacked out after packing all my crap up. Motivated only by whatever songs that were playing on the radio, they weren't as good as Mikey’s music, heck, they were all pretty damn awful, but they were enough to get me through the packing.

The taxi was on its way to my apartment and would be here any minute. So this was it, I was finally getting out of Chicago, I mean it didn't seem like a bad place, it’s just my apartment and maybe where I lived were really quite shitty. I breathed a heavy sigh a relief. L.A. Warm sunshine, rare rains, the complete opposite of the UK, I loved it.

Mikey as well was just an overall bonus with Gerard, Ray, and Frank as other bonuses that came along with the bonus! I heard the impatient beep of the taxi below signalling to go and smiled as a grabbed all three of my bags, including my flight bag. This was it.

Mikey's POV

I woke this morning with a smile, spread comfortable across my face. Everything was going to plan, I had already paid the first month’s rent and bought basic furniture for the place, livening it up a bit more with flowers and girly stuff I thought she might like, or as the very keen shop assistant put it as “Ambiance.” Today Fiona was coming here, she would live here, have a home here, everything. Nothing could go wrong. It was now getting on to about two in the afternoon, I waited eagerly by my cell phone, waiting for Fiona to call.

Fiona's POV

The airport seemed to be having some trouble, not just my flight, the whole airport was in manic panic it seemed, no one knew which flight they were on or where bags would go. It was chaos. I debated turning back and trying to get a flight for tomorrow but I knew that Mikey had his heart set on me being there tonight. I found my flight company and got in a queue that seemed to lead around a corner, I didn't know how long it was but I just hoped I could get on the next flight in time. I crooked my neck around a small family, desperately trying to figure out what was going on by to no avail.

“Excuse me, but do you know what on earth is going on here?” I asked in my most politest voice, the man in front of me didn't look to kind, it had taken most of my effort to have the nerve to talk to him.

“No I don’t. No one does. Something wrong with places and flights I'm guessing.” He answered, he had a very deep and scary voice but seemed polite apart from that.

“Thank you.” I replied in a mouse like voice.

I decided to just wait it out before I did anything too hastily. It seemed like had been waiting here for an hour, so I decided to call Mikey and tell him. I pulled out my cell phone and early dialled his number, hoping he’d pick up. He rang only once before I got an answer.

“Hey Fiona.” Mikey said cheerfully.

“Hey Mikey.” I replied, glumly.

“You don’t sound to too good, you alright?” He asked, his concern peeking through.

“No, I've been waiting in the bloody queue for about an hour, nothing is happening, no one knows what’s going on and we’re not moving.” I said angrily, my British accent hinting slightly.

“Shit, that sucks then.”

“Yeah I know. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get on the next flight or not.”

“Oh well that doesn't matter too much, as long as you get here as soon as you can and safely, that’s all I can ask for really.” He replied calmly.

“Mikey, you always seem to keep you’re cool in times like this. I feel like giving up.” I said answering honestly.

“No, don’t give it up, just wait. I'm sure something will happen soon. It’ll be okay.” He comforted me, his voice beginning to set off my tears, I missed him so much.

“I just hate this! Nothing’s happening and I just want to get to you. I want to be in my new home.” I answered, getting frustrated, tears welling up in my eyes.

“Hey, hey, sweetie, it’s fine. It’ll be okay. Trust me.” He responded confidently.

“Okay, I trust you.”

“Alright, I’ll tell the guys now, call me when you know what’s happening.”

“Yeah sure, love you Mikey.”

“Love you too, Fiona.”

Just as I finished the call the line started move in a much quicker pace and a worker there came up the line yet it was another 20 minutes before I got to the desk.

“Hello Miss, sorry for the wait. We've put you on the soonest flight to L.A. which should leave in two hours. You’re scheduled to be on flight LA9-837. Can you please get your passport for us.”

“Okay then, Thanks.” I said as I opened my bag to rummage for my passport. “It’s in here somewhere, I’m sure” I said with a nervous giggle. “There” I said when I finally found the bugger, I had also grabbed my phone while I was looking as well, giving Mikey a quick text.

I’m on flight LA7-837, it’s leaving in two hours so make sure you’re there : ) xxx

Okay, got it, meet you when you get here, have a safe flight : ) xxxx

I clicked on the button reply before my phone wildly buzzed. “Shit.” I murmured as I looked at the dead phone in my hands.

“ I'm afraid there seems to be a problem Miss.” The worked said grabbing my attention again.

“What? There can’t be a problem with my passport, it was fine the other day.” I asked curiously, perplexed by her statement.

“No Miss, your passport is fine, the flights have been muddled up, we’re now going to have to put you on a later flight that leaves in 3 hours. Sorry for the problems Miss”

“What?!” I shouted. “No, no, no, no. I can’t do that, I have to be on the earlier flight.”

“I'm sorry Miss but I can’t get you on the earlier flight. You’re now on flight LA7-341 Now if you would just like to place your bags on the platform please.”

I did as she asked and headed my way through the security procedures, all the while I was desperately tapping and hitting my phone, trying to get one once of juice left to tell Mikey about my flight change. Fuck. I thought in horror as this day was just getting worse and worse, what more could possibly go wrong?! I'm sure they’ll have a pay phone or something somewhere in the airport. I thought as I tried to calm my jittery nerves.

Nothing more could possibly go wrong I repeated.

Hey look who's back again! You know after the long pause between the other chapter from before I said I would get this done in time but I guess that plan went to shit. It's just COLLEGE guys, it takes the shit out of you and then you've got homework (which I haven't done) and then after all that you just want to go to sleep. I've just added some changes.
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