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Sugar, We're Goin' Down.

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Fiona tries her luck to get on the other flight, to get home to Mikey who is waiting patiently for her return but is luck in her favour?

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Fiona's POV

I paced the airport waiting area, going around, once, twice, three times in desperate need of contacting Mikey.

“Fuck sake.” I muttered as I made my way to the first flight’s boarding gates, I wasn't going down without a fight; I needed to be on that plane.

“Hello, miss how can I help you today?” The female flight assistant asked cheerfully.

“Hi, yeah I need to get on that flight. I have no other option. Please you really don’t understand there has got to be some way that I get on that flight.” I begged.

“I'm sorry miss, the flight is fully booked and we’re just about to board-“

“Yeah I know that, but I was just thinking that maybe if someone was late, or not coming that I could have their seat. Please just let me have that.”

“Miss, it’s really against regulations.”

“Look my boyfriend expects me to be on that flight but then I got moved to the one that’s later, so my boyfriend doesn't know I'm on the later one because my phones died and this stupid airport doesn't have a pay phone anywhere! So if you could just let me have someone else’s seat if they don’t turn up.”

The flight assistant gave me a sympathetic smile. “I understand, Miss.” She hesitated for a moment and looked at something on the screen. “Look, I can’t promise anything but I’ll see what I can do. Your luggage on the other hand will be on the later flight.”

“That’s okay, as long as I'm there its fine!” I said enthusiastically.

“Okay, take a seat, Miss and wait please.” I did as I was told, found a seat, and crossed my fingers, hoping desperately that I could get onto this flight.

I looked around at the people who were also waiting; two children had their Nintendo’s out, moving along with the movement of what sounded like Mario Cart, giggling and putting the other one off. Opposite me were a very young couple, their wedding rings gleamed with that shiny new look, obviously going on their honeymoon. I smiled, their happiness rubbing off onto me, soon, no matter what would happen, I would be back in Mikey’s arms.

The flight assistant soon called everyone to boar the flight while I was stuck there nervously waiting. Not long after that the waiting area was clear, almost like a ghost town, except there was one lonely ghost sitting there, me.

The flight assistant came up to me. “Okay, Miss if you just wait here. We’ll see in a moment if we can board you.”


Mikey's POV

I quickly jumped off the sofa to attend the knock at my door, opening it see Frank, Gee and Ray, all ready to go pick up Fiona with me, see was due to land in an hour so Gerard suggested we meet up first and Frank and I would go pick her up while Gerard and Ray stay at mine to surprise her.

“Hey guys.” I said and welcomed them in, Frank and Ray immediately made themselves at home and flopped onto the sofa, Frank grabbed the remote and started flicking through the channels. Gerard took me to one side before we joined them.

“What’s up, Gee?” I asked, slightly concerned that he wanted to speak to me in private.

“I just wanted to make sure that you know what you’re doing?”

“What do you mean?” I asked slightly confused.

“Well, Fiona. You've only really known her for a month and already willing for her to move in with you.”

“She’s not though, she’s got her own apartment and it shouldn't matter about how long I've known her for, I love her.” I replied growing sour with him.

“Yeah, near Frank of all people.” He sighed and carried on. “Look all I'm worried about is this turning ugly between you two.”

“It won’t, it won’t.” I said. “I wish you would just believe a little bit more. Nothing is going to happen between us.” I patted him on the back and went back to Frank and Ray with Gee following behind me.

Frank had control of the remote and was still flicking through the channels, pausing only momentarily when there was a dog on TV.

“Fraaank!” Ray whined. “Just put something on, put the news on!”

“No! The news is boring!” Frank whined back as if they were two small arguing children.

“Frank. News. Now.” Gerard commanded simply without glancing at him, staring only at the TV.

“Okay.” Frank answered submissively, turning the TV over to the news.

“Hi, you’re watching California national news, thank you for joining us. We’re sorry to interrupt our daily broadcast of the weather but devastating news has just hit us. A plane travelling from Chicago has crashed. So far there is no news of the passenger’s conditions but we will keep you posted after these messages.”

My heart felt like it stopped and I had stopped breathing as well. I felt numb. “No.” I whispered more to myself than to anyone else. I denied it, it couldn't be hers. “No.” I repeated. It seemed as if no one else was in the room, only me and the TV.

“Mikey...” Gerard said, searing through the numb sensation. “Mikey, it’ll be okay.”

“No. It’s not hers, anything could be flying from Chicago, it’s not hers, it’s not!” I said getting angrier and angrier, I wasn't sure what exactly it was.

Frank and Ray sat almost motionless on the sofa, staring at the TV, Gerard was trying desperately to calm me down but I didn't want this, they needed to stop thinking it was her flight. Tears welled up in my eyes as I more and more frustrated with myself and everyone else, Gerard tried his best to comfort me and placed his hand on my shoulder but I merely shrugged it off and walked into the bathroom locking the door behind me. I placed my hands on the sides of the sink; I noticed that I was shaking violently. I couldn't be her flight, it couldn't and it wouldn't.

“Mikey the news is starting again if you want to watch.” Gerard called from the other side of the door.

I had to know, I had to know if it was hers or not. I tore the door open and made my way to the living room, Frank and Ray still remaining in their statue-like forms. I started to pace behind the sofa, waiting for the last message to finish.

“Welcome back. Earlier on we reported that a plane flying from Chicago had crashed.” I stopped my pacing and placed my hands on the back of the sofa, the suspense was somewhat nauseating.

“We can now confirm that there are no survivors and that the plane was flying to LA. There were only two flights flying from Chicago to LA today, we cannot confirm which flight it is at this point in time but we are hoping to get some more information soon. We now join Ellen Harris at the scene of the crash...” Ray turned down the TV, knowing that I didn't need to know the details of this.

My fists clenched, I swear I could have ripped out chunks out of the sofa if the guys hadn't of calmed me down.

“No.” I stated simply. “It’s not hers.” I started pacing again, running my hands through my hair, tempted to pull at it, I was just so frustrated, we weren't getting any answers, no one was coming to tell me that she was okay. “It! Can’t! Be! Hers!” I shouted, grabbing a vase of new flowers that had been for Fiona and threw them violently to the ground.

“Mikey just sit the fuck down! We don’t know anything at the moment all we can do is hope.” Gerard said grabbing me firmly by the shoulders and pushing down to the sofa.

“This just in…” The TV whirred, getting louder as Ray turned it up. “…recent findings have told us that the flight that crashed just hours ago was indeed a plane flying from Chicago to L.A., flight number LA7-837, there were sadly no survivors. The plane crashed due to technical difficulties that were apparently over looked in procedure, people in the Chicago Airport technical staff are now under questioning from the police.”

Those numbers, they sounded familiar and then it clicked, my stomach and heart dropped and I felt like the air had been sucked out of my lungs, I ran out of the living room, fumbling quickly around the bedroom to find my phone, throwing everything that was in my way, my phone was sitting neatly on my dresser and painfully slowly came to life, I scrolled nervously through recent texts and clicked on Fiona’s last ones.

I’m on flight LA7-837, it’s leaving in two hours so make sure you’re there : ) xxx

The words seeped in my head and I swear I could feel my heart snap in two. I slowly dropped to the floor and the sobs started, turning from muffled cries to ugly hysterics.

She was dead.

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