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The dreaded note.

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It's a note but please read. *Updated*

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So guys I'm just posting a note because basically I never have enough time to write anymore, between college work, eating, sleepy and then the (becoming common) days where I want to kill myself, it's really hard to find time to write anything, I really don't want anyone who is actually reading this story, because there are very few, to leave or lose interest so this is a note basically saying that:
1. The story is not finished
2. I am planning on writing (tomorrow)but I do have an essay to do for Monday so don't hold me to it.
3. To anyone still actually reading this story thank you so so so much, it means the world to me and that I love you all
4. Also (for any Americans) when I say college I mean your high school.

More reviews and rates would appreciated, the more reviews and rates I get the more enthusiastic I will be to write, like take the last chapter for example, I thought it was pretty good and stuff but no one really seemed that bothered about it...anyway yeah.

Thank you to anyone who reads this! I love you :3
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