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Way Home.

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The guys try to cope with the news they've just received, each in their own way to the point where Frank can't take it but he later gets a mysterious call from a payphone.

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Frank's POV

From where Ray and I sat on the sofa we could hear the loud sobs of Mikey, his sobs confirmed everything we tried to push away, Fiona was dead, it may as well have been fact at this point. We mindlessly and continuously watched the news for updates, for the final blow, the list of the dead.

Gerard was in the other room trying to calm his brother down and Ray had now gotten up to make some coffee, none of us were going to sleep tonight, not on a night of such pain and misery. It felt as if we had lost a sister and it was too unbearable to even utter a word, my throat felt dry and horse, like it had closed up and all the air in my lungs had been sucked out.

Mikey continued to sob on but none of us could blame him, I knew Gerard was planning to stay the night, too afraid of what his brother might do in a moment of desperation and depression. I ran my hands through my scruffy black hair and down back over my face and my stomach began to churn as thoughts of the plane going down flipped in my mind, she never liked flying anyway, I couldn't begin to empathize with the fear she must have felt in those final moments.

“I need some air.” I groaned as I jumped from the sofa and strode towards the door and began to run down the stairs, positive that the elevator would be too slow. As soon I got outside I felt the tiniest bit better, calmer, cooler as a cold breeze washed over me, making my spine shiver in response. I pulled out my packed out cigarettes and immediately lit one up taking a long deep drag, blowing the smoke out slowly wishing to prolong the experience as long as I possibly could. I just needed a break from it all, just one moment to get my head around everything that was going on.

Fiona was dead. I repeated saying it until it started to sink in, after the 13th or 14th time it finally did and I felt my heart plummet to the pit of my stomach. She was gone forever; one of my best friends was gone! Tears started to pour down my face uncontrollably as I sank to the ground, hugged my knees and buried my head in my arms.

Fiona's POV

I was finally in L.A. In the end they hadn't been able to get me on the other flight and I had been stuck on the delayed on, I had wriggled and squirmed in my seat throughout the whole journey in anticipation on getting here but instead of being confronted to a crowd of smiling faces, mostly for other people on the same flight as me I was confronted with chaos, tears and surprisingly a reporters and cameras.

‘Surely this isn't for me?’ I thought naively, the media wouldn't care for me just because I was Mikey’s girlfriend would they? Or was it completely different in L.A. where all they do is care for celebrities in any shape or form? I looked beyond the horde of camera and noticed people being interviewed, some crying and others just looking plain depressed. ‘What the fuck has happened?’ I thought as I carefully made my way passed them. I went over to one of the reporters who was off duty.

“Excuse me, sorry but what’s happened here?” I asked her.

“You don’t know?! One of the flights from Chicago to L.A. crashed mid-flight. These are just some of the families affected.” She said sombrely.

“Oh my god!” I gasped in terror and instantly raised my hands to my mouth in shock. “How? I mean...Oh god, oh god!”

“Yeah I know, it’s terrible. No survivors either.” She sighed.

“No you don’t know the half of it; I was originally scheduled to be on that flight!”

“What?!” She exclaimed taking a step back.

“Yeah but the flight attendant moved me, I even tried to get on after that flight, you know in case anyone was late I could have their seat. Shit! I've got to get to a payphone, excuse me.” I said, not finishing my sentence before I rushed off towards the direction of the payphones.

“Shit, shit, shit.” I muttered as I jiggled the coins in my purse, trying to find the exact change. “Fuck!” I muttered a bit louder than before. I immediately went to call Mikey’s cell but no one picked up and I got given to voice mail. I growled in frustration and tried my hardest to remember Frank’s number.

“Pick up you fucking idjit!” I growled as it began to ring. Memories suddenly came flashing back, of when I had been waiting to see if I could get on the earlier flight, memories of those children and the newly-weds, tears rolled silently down my cheeks as I realised that they were all dead. Frank didn't pick up but I tried it once more before went to try Mikey’s again. The rings droned on and on until finally he picked up.

“What?!” He growled in a horse and annoyed voice.

“Frankie?” I replied delicately, tears making my voice weak.

“Who is this?!” He asked angrily, I could tell he had been crying from his voice. In the back of my mind I was worried at what he had been crying at because if it was me then how was Mikey?

“It’s me, Frank! It’s Fiona.” I said with a sob that escaped my lips.

“Fiona?!” He exclaimed in surprise with a sniffle. “Oh my god, Fiona!” He now shouted, now openly crying. “Fiona, I thought you were dead, Oh my god, I just…Fiona…I mean…Oh my fucking god!” Fuck, am I happy to hear your voice! I thought you were gone forever I just couldn't cope any more, I didn't want to cope...I thought I'd lost you, holy shit!” He sighed a shaky breath.

“Frank, I need you to pick me up, I'm at the airport.” I said cutting off his rambles.

“Okay, I’ll be there in a few, you just wait there, don’t you dare move okay? I'm coming to get you.”

“Thanks, Frank.” I said just barely above a whisper as he hanged up the phone.

I shuffled along in the airport trying to find somewhere to sit but eventually gave up and was reduced to sitting rather uncomfortably on one of my bags. I waited for Frank and hoped that everything would be okay after this, always hoping, forever hoping, you hopeless girl.

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