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Draven’s POV…

I looked up from the ground, wiping away my tears with my free hand “Mommy?” I whispered “Mom, don’t you remember me?”

Mom barely glanced at me, just kept her eyes on Dad. I let go of Dad’s hand and walked towards Mom. Dad grabbed at my arm but I pulled away from him. I walked right up to my Mom and took her hand “Please don’t shoot.” I begged “He loves you. And I love you too. Mommy, please remember me.” I wrapped my arms around her waist and hugged her tightly.

She stood there for a moment before asking “Draven?”

I looked up at her and smiled “Mom!”

“I can’t believe I didn’t remember you!” Mom sobbed, falling to her knees, dropping her ray gun and hugging me tightly.

“You got your memory back?” Ray cried “Thank god!” He ran over and hugged the two of us.

Penina looked at Raven, her ray gun still aimed at Frank. She looked confused and then turned back to Frank “Penina, just remember me!” Frank begged, taking a step closer to her “Put down the gun.”

“You can’t trick me.” Penina whispered uncertainly.

Frank took another step closer to her. She didn’t do anything. So Frank went right up to her, took the gun out of her hand and dropped it down to the floor “Who are you?” Penina asked. Frank didn’t anything, just hugged her, the way I’d hugged my Mommy. Penina burst into tears and hugged Frank back.

“I hate to break up this sweet moment…” Gerard said “But can we please leave now? I don’t want any of us to get hurt or worse.”

“I can’t believe I didn’t remember you!” Penina sobbed and then pulled away from him, lifting up Jora and Miles “I can’t believe I forgot you guys as well! I love you all so much!” She put them down, kissed them both on the cheek and then kissed Levana and Ezra as well “Let’s get out of here quickly.” She lifted up Jora in one arm and took Frank’s hand.

Mom picked me up and we all left BLI headquarters “Where are we gonna go?” Shayla asked “We can’t go back to our house because BLI know where it is.”

“We’re gonna build a boat.” Frank said randomly “And we’re gonna sail out of this country.”

“And go where Frank?” Gerard asked.

“To England!” Frank told him “Please! Can we at least try?”

“That is the most random I have ever heard.” Penina sighed “Right now, I just wanna relax. I need to sleep. Like right now. Oh god, I think I’m falling asleep…”

“Jesus Christ.” Frank whispered. He took Jora off of her, set her down and then carried Penina back to the car.

“How are you feeling?” Dad asked Mom.

“I’m kinda tired too.” Mom muttered.

“I’d better carry you too.” Dad laughed. So Mom had to put me down and Dad carried Mom.

When we were in the car, both Mom and Penina were already fast asleep “She’s not dead is she?” Jora whispered, taking Penina’s hand.

“Of course not, she’s just sleeping.” Frank replied, pulling Penina onto his lap “She’ll be fine when we get home.”

“We’ll have to go back to our place.” Ben said “We’ve got loads of spare rooms. We built them in case we found some stranded killjoys.”

“I don’t like being underground.” I muttered.

“Well we’ll only have to be there one night, won’t we?” Dad smiled, putting one arm around me and one arm around Mom.

“And then we’ll build a boat!” Frank announced. He prattled on about boats the entire car ride home.

When we made it back to Ben and Jack’s place, Mom and Penina were still asleep so my Dad and Frank had to carry them inside. Ben and Jack showed each of us to our rooms. Our parents each had a room and all the kids had to share.

I woke up in the middle of the night. I’d had a horrible nightmare that my Mom had actually shot Dad. It felt so true that I got up and crept into their bedroom. Dad was in bed fast asleep but Mom was wide awake. She was sat up, crying “Mommy?” I whispered, creeping towards the bed.

She quickly wiped away her tears “Hey Baby,” She whispered, looking at me “Is everything okay?”

“I-I had a bad dream.” I muttered, shutting the door behind me and going over to the bed “Why are you crying?”

“I had a bad dream too.” Mom smiled, pulling me up onto the bed and hugging me “But don’t worry, they were just bad dreams. Everything’s okay now.”

“Can I sleep in here tonight?” I asked “I’m too scared to go back to my room.”

“Of course you can.” Mom kissed my forehead and let me sleep in between her and Dad. I closed my eyes and fell asleep. I didn’t have any more nightmares that night.
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