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“Hi my name’s Debbie.” A young woman with a messy ponytail and a clipboard in her arms smiled. She looked young and kind of scruffy but she spoke in an extremely posh voice “I spoke to Raven over the phone?”

“Oh yeah hi, I’m Raven.” Raven waved at her shyly.

“Hi!” Debbie beamed at her “I think that before your sound check it’d be best if you met the band. I should warn you that Gerard isn’t in the best of moods… Actually he’s pretty much permanently in a bad mood recently so I’d just avoid him.”

“Oh umm okay…” Daniel said awkwardly.

“Come on, follow me, they’re just through here.” Debbie told them and led them down the corridor to a room labelled ‘dressing room’ “You’ll have a dressing room too obviously.”

“Oh my god guys we get a dressing room!” Penina squealed “That is so fabulous!”

“Okay then, here we go.” Debbie said, opening the door and going inside. They all followed her in.

Penina squeaked and grabbed Raven’s hand when she saw MCR sitting on sofa’s smiling at them. Well, not all of them were smiling. Gerard didn’t look too happy “This is Waiting For Tomorrow.” Debbie announced and then she turned to the others “I’ll give you ten minutes and then I’ll call you for your sound check and then while MCR are having their sound check you can have your photo shoot.” They all nodded dumbly, staring at their favourite band “I’ll be back shortly then.”

Debbie left the room and Frank got up “Hi I’m Frank.” He said “This is Ray, Bob, Mikey and Gerard. What are your names and what instrument do you play?”

“Hi I’m Raven, I don’t play an instrument, I just sing.” She said shyly.

“I’m Samantha but you can call me Sammy. I play lead guitar.” Samantha said quiet confidently.

“I’m Maria and I play the drums.”

“I’m Alex, I play bass.”

“I’m Daniel, I play the keyboard and I think you guys are awesome.” Daniel blushed bright red and laughed.

“It’s great to meet you all.” Frank smiled and then looked at Penina “And you are?”

“Oh umm I’m umm Penina and I like umm play rhythm guitar.” She said awkwardly.

“Awesome, just like me.” Frank grinned at her and Penina nearly passed out on the spot “We loved your band. We were just wondering are all your songs in Japanese?”

“Oh no, only about four of them.” Raven told him “And we have just over fifty songs.”

“They weren’t on your YouTube channel.”

“Oh yeah, we only put a couple on there because we didn’t want people stealing them.” Daniel nodded “Why are we having a photo shoot by the way?”

“We’re gonna put some pictures of you guys on our website.” Ray told them “And they’ll be on like promo posters and if you’re trying to get signed it’s better if you send a professional picture of yourselves.”

“Oh right.” Maria nodded.

There was an awkward silence until Raven asked “What time does the show start tonight?”

“Seven. Well, that’s what time the doors open. You’ll be on stage at half past seven, play for half-an-hour and then we’ll go on at half eight.”

“By the way, there were three fans outside in MCR tee shirts.” Penina said, overcoming her shyness to help the fans outside “We had our picture taken with them but I think they’d love it if you guys went out.”

“Why should we waste our time like that?” Gerard snapped.

“Gerard!” Mikey cried “It wouldn’t be wasting our time. In fact, I’m gonna go out now.”

“I’ll go out with you.” Frank said and the two of them left.

“I’ll go out in a bit.” Ray flopped down onto the sofa again “Take a seat. We’re not gonna bite.”

Penina looked at Gerard doubtfully but then sat down on one side of Ray, Raven sat the other side, Daniel and Alex sat with Bob and there were no more spare seats so Maria and Samantha sat on the floor.

They talked about random crap for a while (except for Gerard who was sulking) until Debbie returned and told them it was time for their sound check.

After the sound check and the photo shoot, all that ‘Waiting For Tomorrow’ wanted to do was go and have a cup of coffee. So that’s exactly what they did. They found a Starbucks; each of them ordered a drink and a cake then squished all six of them into one booth “So what do you think?” Alex asked, taking a large bite of chocolate cake and spraying crumbs everywhere.

“Of what?” Raven asked “The band or the experience?”

“The band first.”

“Most of them are really nice.” Penina said, sipping her hot chocolate “I know Debbie said that Gerard would be in a bad mood but jeez. That seemed to be more than a bad mood. He just seems like a bit of an ass.”

“I don’t think we should judge him so quickly.” Samantha said quickly. She couldn’t bear the thought of her hero being an asshole “Maybe he’s just having an off day.”

“You heard what Debbie said. He’s like that all the time.” Daniel muttered “I don’t know what to think.”

“Which is why we shouldn’t judge someone so quickly.” Samantha sighed “Anyway, what do you think Alex?”

“They’re awesome!” Alex grinned “They left some chocolate in our changing room.”

“No they didn’t.”

“Yeah they did but you guys didn’t see because I ate it.” Alex shrugged his shoulders “Sorry.”

“God, do you ever stop eating?” Penina laughed “What do you think Maria?”

“I like them.” Maria smiled.

“Okay then what did you think of the photo shoot?” Alex asked “Because personally I had fun.”

“Yeah you had a great time flirting with the photographer.” Daniel laughed “And honestly, I didn’t like it that much. I hate people taking my picture. And everything I did just didn’t feel real.”

“I didn’t like it too much either.” Penina shuddered “I felt like I was doing everything wrong.”

“It wasn’t that bad.” Raven smiled “I could get used to this.”
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