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“Why are you in such a bad mood all the time?” Mikey asked his older brother when they got back to the bus.

“Well they keep getting everything wrong. That’s not my fault.” Gerard snapped, throwing himself down on the sofa. During their sound check he’d yelled at several people and demanded that two of them were fired immediately “I just want us to have a good show tonight. What’s wrong with that?”

“There’s nothing wrong with wanting to have a good show. It’s how you scream at people though. They’re doing their best.”

“Well they should try harder because their best just isn’t working out for me.” Gerard sighed “Look can you just leave me alone for a bit?” He shoved his headphones into his ears and started blasting out loud music, cutting off Mikey moaning at him.

Mikey rolled his eyes and went over to ‘Waiting For Tomorrow’s tour bus. He tapped on the door and Daniel answered “Oh hey Mikey.” He smiled “Wanna come in?”

“Guys! I can’t find my shampoo!” Mikey heard Penina shriek when he got on the bus.

“You put it in your bag.” Samantha told her.

“It’s not in my bag! I bet Alex took it.”

“What would I do with your girl shampoo?”

“You tell me!”

“Penina, your shampoo’s here! In your bag! Right where you left it!” Raven yelled.

“Half-an-hour until you’re on and Penina hasn’t even had a shower yet?” Mikey asked, raising his eye-brows.

“Penina already had a shower…” Daniel said “I dunno why she’s ranting about shampoo.”

Raven came into the room wearing nothing but a towel “Why didn’t you tell me we had company?” She shrieked, running back off to get dressed.

“Why do you walk around in towels?” Daniel asked her but Raven was gone by this point. He rolled his eyes and turned back to Mikey “Is there a reason you came over?”

“Not particularly. I just really wanted to get away from Gerard.” Mikey said “And I also wanted to see if you guys were okay and if you needed anything.”

“We need shampoo!” Penina yelled from a different room.

“I highly doubt that Frank’s going to be sniffing your hair!”

“Well if he did he’d think it smelt lovely! Sniff it Alex, you know you want to.”

“I don’t wanna sniff your- Wow, that does actually smell really good.”

“Would you two quit smelling each other’s hair?” Raven asked.

“At least we’re wearing clothes.” Alex retorted.

“Are they always like this?” Mikey asked Daniel.

Daniel nodded “Pretty much.”

“Well I’m hope you’re settling in. If you could be inside the venue in ten minutes that’d be great.” Mikey smiled at him and got off the bus and was immediately swarmed by fans “Oh shit…”

“Waiting For Tomorrow, you’re on in ten minutes.” A member of the backstage crew called to the band who were sick with nerves.

“Have you seen how many people are out there?” Penina squeaked “And they don’t wanna see us. They wanna see MCR. I know how stressed out I got when I was at an MCR concert watching the support band. I wanted them to get off the stage and for MCR to get on.”

“You made three people cry.” Raven said.

“Well I was excited!” Penina cried “But now I’m just really, really, really, really, really, really, really-“

“We get it, you’re nervous.” Maria laughed “But we’re gonna be fine. We were chosen for a reason.”

“Yeah because the other band weren’t old enough.” Daniel sighed.

“But we were their other choice!” Alex yelled “Do you think they’d pick us if they thought they were rubbish?”

“Yes.” Samantha said “They’d pick a crap band to make themselves look better.”

“They’re not like that.” Penina pouted.

“You were the one that started this whole nervousness thing!” Daniel pointed out.

“I’m nervous but I’m not about to accuse MCR of picking us just so they could make themselves look better.”

“Five more minutes guys!” The backstage guy told them “Better get up here and start getting ready to go out.”

“I’ve completely forgotten all of our songs in the space of two seconds.” Penina said nervously, her eyes wide as they walked towards the stage “No, guys, you don’t understand.”

Penina, Samantha and Alex got their guitars, Maria got her drumsticks and Raven got her microphone. Daniel’s keyboard was already on the stage so he just stood there awkwardly holding nothing “Two more minutes.” The backstage guy said.

“I’m gonna puke!” Maria whispered.

“Why? You’re at the back, hiding behind a drum kit!” Penina hissed.

“You’re not the ones that have to do all the talking!” Raven cried “And I’m not that nervous because I believe in us-“

“No, don’t give a whole ‘I believe in us’ cheesy rant.” Alex said, shaking his head “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

The band guy said “Alright, go on when you’re ready.”

“Is it too late to back down?” Penina whispered.

Raven grabbed her arm and practically dragged her onto the stage.
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