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The six friends bounded off the stage then shrieked and had a massive group hug “We just opened a concert for My Chemical Romance!” Maria screamed excitedly and all of them started cheering and jumping up and down while still hugging each other.

“That was amazing!” Penina grinned “So glad I remembered the songs when I got on the stage though.”

“Nobody noticed that I fell over did they?” Samantha asked worriedly.

“Oh yeah that was the funniest thing!” Daniel laughed and Samantha pretended to hit him.

“Hey so you guys can go back to your bus or stay and watch MCR.” The backstage guy told them “But you’ll have to watch from the sides.”

“We should stay and watch MCR.” Raven grinned then frowned “I just remembered… We brought six tickets to see MCR and they were gonna arrive soon… But now we kind of don’t need them anymore.”

“Oh well.” Alex shrugged his shoulders “We can just keep the tickets and look at them every so often and laugh.”

“… What would be the point in that?” Daniel asked.

“I don’t know. I just think it’d be fun.”

“Hey, do you wanna hang out with us until we have to go on stage?” Frank asked, suddenly appearing out of nowhere.

“Oh my god, yeah, sure!” Penina beamed and followed him to their dressing room.

“Wow, she really likes him.” Maria giggled to Raven.

They all went into MCR’s dressing room. Gerard rolled his eyes when he saw them walk in. He was getting kind of sick of them hanging around all the time. He couldn’t stand the thought of spending the next few months with them.

Penina sat down next to Frank and he told her “We watched you perform tonight. You were really good.”

“Oh really?” Penina smiled “That means a lot coming from you guys.”

“I think you played an average performance.” Gerard said sulkily.

“Oh umm thank you?” Samantha said awkwardly, sitting down next to Penina.

“Hey tomorrow we were gonna watch some movies before the show.” Ray said “Do you guys wanna come watch too? Just come over to our bus at twelve?”

“Yeah, that’d be awesome.” Raven replied, blushing a little as if Ray had made a date with her.

“What time’s our sound check tomorrow?” Maria wondered.

“You’ll have to ask Debbie, we never really check these things.” Mikey laughed.

At that moment Jennifer came into the room “Oh my god Jennifer!” Alex shrieked, running over and hugging her “We haven’t seen you in so long!”

“You saw me just the other day.” Jennifer giggled, hugging him back “I’m so glad you guys won! You really deserved it.”

“Wait, you guys knew each other before the whole competition thing?” Bob asked. They all nodded. Bob glanced at the others “Well that was kind of against the rules. If you know someone near the band you weren’t meant to enter.”

“Oh my god, we’re so sorry, please don’t disqualify us!” Raven begged “Please, please, please!”

Ray laughed “If you pretend around the others that you’ve only just met Jennifer then we won’t tell. We like you guys and your music is amazing. We don’t want you to go anywhere.”

“Speak for yourself.” Gerard spat.

“That’s a time out!” Mikey yelled “Go and stand in the corner!”

“I’m not standing in no fucking corner.”

Mikey walked over to him and yanked him up “Mikey, get off me!” Gerard shrieked but Mikey wasn’t put off. He placed his brother in the corner of the room, facing the wall.

“You can come out of the corner once it’s time for us to start the show.” Mikey told him sternly “And we’re all blanking you until you apologise.”

“Oh come on, I didn’t do anything wrong!” Gerard snapped but everyone ignored him and carried on with their conversation.

“Well the rest of us like you guys.” Mikey smiled “So don’t worry about it.”

“Great because we love being here and even though we got really nervous before the show it was actually really fun.” Raven grinned.

“My Chemical Romance on stage in five minutes.” Jennifer told them, checking her phone.

“You can’t go on blanking at me!” Gerard cried, turning away from the corner. Mikey shot a look at their support group and Gerard groaned “I’m sorry for what I said about you guys. I’m happy that you’re here as well. Deep down. Like really deep down.”

“We forgive you!” Samantha smiled, throwing her arms around his neck.
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