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After MCR had finished playing they had to wait about an hour for most of the fans to go. Gerard said he wasn’t going to bother going out and talking to any fans. Mikey and Bob were too tired as well so it was just Frank, Ray and all of Waiting For Tomorrow. Danielle, Darren and Connie were still there and were really happy when Waiting For Tomorrow and Frank remembered them from earlier “We thought you were amazing tonight.” Danielle told Maria “Is any of your stuff on iTunes yet?”

“Unfortunately not.” Maria pouted “We’ll see if we can get some stuff up soon though, okay?”

“Well the moment you do, tweet about it and I’ll totally buy it! I already follow you on Twitter.” Danielle grinned and Darren tugged on her sleeve.

“It’s gonna take us ages to get home, we need to go now.” He said urgently.

Danielle threw her arms around Maria’s neck “Thank you for being so nice!”

“You’re welcome!” Maria laughed, hugging her back.

Once most of the fans had gone, both bands returned to their tour buses. Maria and Alex went straight up to bed because they were sensible “We’ll have to be up early tomorrow and we’re on a tiny tour bus so we’ll probably get hardly any sleep as it is-“

“Oh shut up Maria and go to sleep.” Samantha laughed.

Maria and Alex said goodnight to them and went to sleep. Raven sat on the sofa and started thinking up new lyrics for new songs while Penina, Samantha and Daniel started up a game of ‘truth or dare’.

“Dare.” Penina smiled.

“I dare you to open the window and yell ‘I am Yoda and you shall not pass!’” Daniel said.

“Why? What does that even-“

“Just do it woman!”

Penina shrugged her shoulders and pulled the window all the way down “Oh my god, shut it, it’s freezing!” Raven cried “Isn’t this game a little childish?”

“No, of course not!” Penina snapped and then stuck her head out of the window “I AM YODA AND YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” She shrieked at the top of her lungs and then shut the window “That was so easy.” Penina sat back down “Alright Samantha your turn. Truth or dare?”

“Truth.” Samantha said, picking the safe option.

“Out of Mikey, Gerard and Frank… Kiss, Marry and Kill?” Penina grinned.

Samantha thought about it for a second and then said “Uhh marry Gerard… Kiss Frank… Kill Mikey.” Samantha frowned “I don’t wanna kill Mikey! He’s like a little puppy! Aww I feel bad now.”

“We’re totally gonna tell him that you’d kill him.” Daniel laughed.

“Oh my god no, no, please don’t!” Samantha grabbed a pillow and whacked Daniel round the head with it. He lay on the floor and pretended to be dead “… Daniel?” Daniel didn’t respond “Daniel, are you okay?” Samantha started getting really worried and leaned forward to touch his shoulder. Daniel screamed and grabbed her wrist making her jump “Don’t do that!” Samantha giggled “Okay then truth or dare?”


“Okay, I dare you to kiss Penina. On the lips. For ten seconds.”

Daniel shrugged his shoulders “I’m down for that. Penina’s rather pretty.”

Rather pretty?” Penina asked but Daniel kissed her before she could continue arguing.

Raven and Samantha counted down until they got to zero and then Daniel pulled away “Hmm not bad.” Daniel winked at Penina.

“Sorry, I only have eyes for Frank.” Penina shrugged her shoulders “Anyway, is it my turn again?”

“Can I play?” Raven asked, putting her notebook down.

“I thought this game was childish?” Daniel raised an eye-brow and smirked at her.

“Yeah well I can’t concentrate on lyrics and what the hey this looks pretty fun.” Raven laughed, sitting down on the floor in between Penina and Daniel.

“Alright fine.” Daniel smiled “Truth or dare?”


“Is it true that you have a massive crush on Ray?”

“Where did you hear that?” Raven cried.

“Maria told me.” Daniel shrugged.

“Oh yeah Maria told me as well.” Penina said.

“Eugh.” Raven groaned.

“Come on, answer the question!” Samantha yelled.

“Okay, fine, yes. I have a crush on Ray. I wouldn’t say it was a massive crush but whatever.” Raven shrugged her shoulders.

“Ooh you should totally tell him!” Penina squealed.

“No!” Raven yelled “You’re not gonna tell Frank that you love him.”

“No because Frank’s a sex god and what am I? Just an average girl…”

“Okay this game is starting to get a little deep.” Daniel laughed “I’m gonna go up to bed now. Night!”

“Night!” The three girls chorused and Daniel went upstairs to go up to sleep.

“So now what do you wanna do?” Raven asked.

“We should totally prank call someone.” Penina pulled her phone out of her pocket “I’m gonna prank call Frank.” She dialled ‘141’ before his number and pressed the green button.

“Hello?” Frank answered in a sleepy voice.

“What colour panties are you wearing?” Penina said, suddenly developing a Texas accent.

“Uhh… Blue.” Frank replied, sounding half asleep.

“Blue? I like blue.”

“That’s nice. Good night.” Frank hung up the phone.

Penina laughed “When someone asks you what colour panties you’re wearing do you tell them the actual colour?”

“Honestly Penina I’ve never had someone ask me what colour panties I’m wearing.” Samantha replied, shaking her head and laughing.

[A/N] – Sorry not updating on Saturday but I overslept and then I had to meet my friends in Oakengates for a day of shivering and complaining that there wasn’t enough heat… It’s all Jess’ fault -.- On the bright side my Mom took me to a Victorian Town for a Halloween thing and a guy in the school jumped out at me D:
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