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The next day at twelve, both buses were parked at the venue and Waiting For Tomorrow were dressed and walking over to MCR’s tour bus “Are you sure they said twelve?” Raven asked nervously “And they definitely invited us over to watch movies didn’t they?”

“I don’t see how we’d have made it up.” Daniel said, shrugging his shoulders. He knocked on their tour bus door and Mikey answered almost straight away.

Mikey smiled at them “Hey, you guys took forever to get over here!”

“Yeah, sorry, Penina couldn’t find her hairbrush.” Samantha sighed, rolling her eyes.

“Did you want me to come here with tangled up hair?” Penina snapped.

“Your hairbrush was in your suitcase.” Raven said slowly “Where you left it. Where you kept looking every two seconds and somehow you still failed to see it.”

“Pfft whatever.” Penina said as they got onto the bus.

“What movies are we watching then?” Alex asked.

“We’re gonna watch The Sixth Sense.” Frank told them.

They all got comfortable first. Penina sat next to Frank with Raven on her other side and then Ray sitting next to her. Gerard sat in the corner of the other sofa moodily with his mobile phone in his hands, Mikey sat next to him with Maria next to him and then Daniel. There were no more sofas after that so Bob sat on the floor with Alex and Samantha “I’ve never watched this movie.” Penina said.

“It’s got a twist.” Frank told her.

“You shouldn’t have told me that.” Penina sighed “Now I’ll spend the whole movie trying to guess the twist.”

“Also, look out for anything red.” Frank whispered and then turned his attention back to the movie.

They watched most of the movie quietly except for Penina trying to guess the twist and Samantha going ‘eww’ every so often. Once the movie was over Penina gasped and went “Wow. I never guessed that. That’s possibly one of the best twists ever…”

“So you liked it?” Frank smiled.

Penina nodded “Yeah, it was awesome.”

“Hey… I was wondering if I could talk to you about something. It’s umm guitar related. Can I talk to you outside please?” Frank asked her, ruffling his hair awkwardly and looking at the floor.

“Yeah sure.” Penina nodded and the two of them left the bus together.

Jennifer hopped up the steps of the bus and grinned “Oh hey guys! Your sound check is in twenty minutes so I’d head over to the venue in ten. And then MCR your sound check is at four.”

“Oh yeah!” Ray snapped his fingers “I meant to tell you guys. We put your photos from that photo shoot yesterday on the website.”

“Already?” Raven cried and looked as Ray picked us hip laptop and connected to the venues wifi. On MCR’s website there was a picture of the six of them altogether and then individual shots of each of them “Wow. Have people commented on them?”

“Yeah. Most of the girls think Daniel’s hot.”

“Can you blame them?” Daniel grinned and shrugged his shoulders.

“And everyone’s saying they’re jealous because you got to go on tour with us. There a couple of stupid comments in there but I wouldn’t worry about them if I were you.”

“I swear to god if we get bottled or something one of these nights then I’m not gonna be happy.” Maria groaned.

After the sound check, the six friends all went out to find another Starbucks and yet again sat around drinking coffee, squished into one of the booths “So what did Frank want to talk to you about?” Alex asked Penina “You’ve been smiling to yourself ever since he did.”

“It was just a guitar thing, like he said. You wouldn’t understand.” Penina giggled to herself and took a sip of her coffee to try and hide it.

“I play guitar. I’m pretty sure I can handle it.” Samantha said, leaning across the table towards her “What did he say Penina? What did he say?”

“Look, I can hardly think about it without dissolving into giggles let alone tell you about it without laughing.” Penina giggled again just saying that.

“Well write it down then!” Daniel cried “Please tell us Penina, we tell each other everything.”

“I’ll tell you when I can stop laughing and giggling.” Penina whispered, grinning into her coffee cup.

Raven rolled her eyes “Anyone got any news then?”
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