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That night’s show went smoother than their first show. All of them were less nervous and were feeling good after MCR had complimented them. Once the show was over none of them could be bothered to watch MCR perform except for Samantha. The rest of the band had had a sleepless night on the tiny tour bus and were exhausted but Samantha had slept just fine and loved watching MCR perform. Whenever she thought about their live performances it made her want to do better in her own shows.

She watched Gerard on stage as he smiled, sang and blew kisses at the crowd. How come the amazing Gerard onstage was so different when he got off that stage? Why was he so angry all the time? Why was he moody? Samantha couldn’t understand it. She was always the same onstage as she was off.

The moment that MCR came off stage, Samantha ran over to Gerard and asked “Can I talk to you please?”

“No you can’t, I’m going back to the tour bus.”

“You won’t be able to go back straightaway, you know the place is swarming with fans and you can’t stand the fans, remember?” Samantha raised her eye-brows and Gerard groaned but followed her through the building until they got to an empty corridor where they could talk privately “Have you let fame go to your head or something?” Samantha asked bluntly.

“What are you talking about?”

“I mean why are you such a jerk?” Samantha wasn’t angry, her tone was even and wasn’t raised “You’re rude to the rest of the band, your fans, all of the sound and lighting guys, basically everyone who helped you get where you are. Like, what’s your problem?”

“Listen! I don’t know who you think you’re talking to-“

“Neither do I.” Samantha muttered “Because I thought you were Gerard Way, the man who saved my life and gave me a purpose. But he’s not a jerk and your Sir, are definitely a jerk. Goodnight.”

Samantha walked towards the exit “You’ll get swarmed by fans.” Gerard told her.

“They’re not here to see me, are they?” Samantha yelled and charged outside. She pushed past the fans, even the ones yelling her name and collapsed onto the tour bus.

All her friends were sitting around; still wide awake “I thought you’d gone to bed?” Samantha exploded.

“Unfortunately Penina kept having giggle fits and kept us awake.” Daniel explained “She said she’s ready to tell us what Frank said to her but she didn’t wanna repeat it to you so we had to wait until you got here so shut up and sit down so we can find out.”

“Okay fine, tell us then.” Samantha said, sitting cross-legged on the floor.

Penina smiled “So I followed him inside and he was all ‘I’m kinda nervous’ and you have no idea how adorable Frank is when he’s nervous so I was all ‘oh don’t worry I’m kinda always nervous around you’ and he laughed and then he totally asked me out on a date LIKE OH MY GOD GUYS FRANK FUCKING IERO ASKED ME OUT ON A FUCKING DATE OH MY FUCKING GOD!”

[A/N] - Short chapter before I go to bed to make up for lack of updates recently :)
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