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Agony Aunt

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Sometimes, a little bit of advice can go a long way. (Clean version of last chapter, and an added scene.)

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Penina's P.O.V

Yesterday was so amazing and exhilarating. Frank is such a sadist, which excites me further. We saw an advert on TV for a carnival that was on today. Frank and I really wanted to go, but the others were too busy. That’s why it’s just Frank and I going today. Ray and Mazy said I could, and it might give me a good chance to look around the neighbourhood. Yeah right! We’re leaving early to go to his house and have a little fun of our own. I was ready, and we were just waiting for Frank to pick me up.

‘Make sure you’re back in time for dinner.’ Ray said.

‘We’ll see.’ I said.

‘Penina, Frank’s going with you. You might as well say yes.’ Mazy said.

‘No, Frank’s not responsible enough.’ Ray told her. I giggled. A car horn beeped. I looked outside and saw Frank’s car.

‘Okay, that’s my ride. See you later.’ I said. I ran out of the house and into Frank’s car.

‘Hey sexy.’ He greeted.

‘Hi baby. Let’s go get some candyfloss!’ I said excitedly. He giggled and began driving. He stopped when we turned a corner so he could give me a quick kiss.

‘I’m going to hate hiding from everyone.’ He said before driving again.

‘Me too, but it’s kinda exciting too. It’s like we have to have all this fun without getting caught. It’s really sexy if you ask me.’ I said. He smiled.

We carried on chatting in euphemisms for the rest of the ride. When we parked, Frank put on a wig and sunglasses as a disguise. We got out, and immediately cued for the Ferris Wheel after getting some candyfloss.

‘My god. I love the smell of carnivals. It’s just so cool.’ He said. He took a bite out of the candy floss. He then kissed me making it dissolve in both our mouths. Damn it. I love him so much.

‘Me too. I love the taste of your mouth.’ I said.

‘You’re going to really love later on then.’ He said.

‘Okay, it’s time to go to yours now.’ I said. He raced to the car with me. He made it in record time. His flat was really nice too, but he pushed me to the bedroom, and onto the bed.

We had a lot of fun. I loved it, and so did Frank, but he seemed really guilty afterwards.

‘Fucking hell!’ Frank groaned.

‘What’s the matter?’ I asked.

‘This. What we just did. I could get arrested for statutory rape. I had sex with a minor, and my best friend’s daughter. Jesus fucking Christ. I’m such an idiot!’ He shouted. He buried his face into his hands. I pulled them away and kissed his cheek.

‘I did this with you because I trust you. I love you, and I wouldn’t have wanted to do it to anyone else. I love you Frank.’ I said. He looked at me, and he hugged me.

‘I hate this. I love you so much, and I love being with you, but I hate this. I don’t want to feel guilty after every time we do this. I love you so much, I shouldn’t feel guilty, but I never wanted to do anything like this.’ He said.

‘Don’t worry sweetie. I love you too much to let anything to happen to you. You’re my guy.’ I said. He smiled.

‘And you’re my girl. I love you Penina. So much. It’s ridiculous that this isn’t allowed.’ He said.

‘I know. When two people love each other as much as we do, age shouldn’t matter. No one but the two people should matter.’ I said. We fell asleep for a short nap while cuddling before going back to my house. Frank’s the best man any girl, and some guys, could ask for. I’m so happy he’s mine. I need to make him feel good though. I know exactly who to talk to about it.

Frank dropped me off at home as soon as we were ready. I gave him a massive kiss goodbye before getting out of the car. When I got in, I saw Bob and Jen sitting on the couch. Pru was playing with Hozzie and Say. Jen was exactly the person I wanted to talk to.

‘Hey Penina, did you have fun at the carnival?’ Ray asked. I smiled and nodded my head.

‘Yeah, it was really fun.’ I answered. ‘Jen, can I talk to you in private?’ I asked. She looked confused, but she agreed. We went to my room.

‘What’s wrong honey?’ She asked.

‘Okay, so, there’s this guy who I really like, and well, I lost my virginity to him a while ago. Our relationship is secret, and probably not allowed, but we just can’t stay away from each other.’ I partially lied. She sighed, and looked scared.

‘In what way is it not allowed?’ She asked.

‘He’s older than me. He could get arrested. He was so upset afterwards because he thought what he did was wrong, but I don’t think it was. It just felt right. I love him, and I know he loves me. I don’t want him to feel bad about it.’ I told her.

‘How much older?’ She asked.

’11 years. I don’t know what to do to make him feel alright. He’s just the perfect guy for me.’ I answered. Her eyes widened.

‘It’s Frank, isn’t it?’ She asked. I looked at her innocently, and nodded my head.

‘How did you know?’ I asked getting scared.

‘Penina, it’s okay. I just assumed because he’s 11 years older than you. He doesn’t lie to be with people though. What did he say to you?’ She asked.

‘It just happened. We kissed, and it was amazing. I kissed him first, and he got scared, but we kissed again and it was magical. We didn’t spend much time at the carnival today.’ I told her. ‘He said he loves me though.’ I said smiling.

‘Then I won’t tell anyone. If he said that, then he genuinely does love you. But, if you want my advice, don’t tell anyone else. They won’t understand. You can tell them someday, but not any time soon. Don’t even tell them that you’re in a secret relationship. Don’t mention it at all. If this relationship means anything to you, you won’t tell anyone. I’ll help you though. I promise.’ She said.

‘I love him Jen. Like, proper, love him. I’d die for him. I just would. I love everything about him. I just want him to be okay with it, he says he’s probably going to feel guilty after every time we… you know.’ I said.

‘It’ll be okay. Trust me. I’ll talk to him okay?’ She offered. I smiled, nodded my head, and gave her a hug. I hope Frank’s going to be alright. I love him.

Hi! Oh my god! MSI were amazing! LynZ crowd surfed, I think I accidentally smacked her face during it, but I touched her hair, her face, and her arms. Her tattooed arms! I loved the show! I got Kitty's autograph, but I didn't manage to meet any of them because they didn't come out in the end, but I understand though. It was pouring with rain, it was really late, and they had to get up really early to go to France! It was the best thing ever! That is were I lost my concert virginity! I was in a mosh pit, and fell over 3 or more times! It was the most perfect day! I hope you liked this chapter! Rate and review! XD xx
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