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First Day of School

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Kindness goes further than expected, and this is just the beginning.

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Penina's P.O.V

Once the movie finished, Jen noticed a new creature crawling around the floor.

‘Shit! Get rid of it! It might have rabies!’ Jen screamed.

‘Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, I bought a new cat.’ Bob said. He went down on the floor and started stroking the cat.

‘What’s its name?’ Frank asked.

‘She’s called Belle.’ He answered.

‘Did you name her after yourself?’ I asked. Everyone looked confused. ‘You know, bell end?’ I asked. Jen and Frank giggled. Bob frowned.

‘Calm down Bob, she didn’t mean it.’ Jen said before kissing his cheek.

‘Yeah I did.’ I joked. Frank giggled and nudged me. If Bob weren’t here, Frank would probably be being kissed right now. I really love him. He took me home though, and he kissed me goodbye when we were sure no one was looking. He wished me good luck for tomorrow. My first day of the new school. I went to bed as soon as possible, and when I woke up, I got ready.

‘I can’t believe you really want to go to school.’ Ray said in the kitchen.

‘I just do.’ I said.

‘I know. I need to give you a lift though. I need to fill out a few forms at the reception.’ He answered.

‘Okay. Is Mazy coming too?’ I asked.

‘Of course she is. So are the twins.’ He answered. He gave me a hug, and I hugged him back. I suppose I’m getting on better with him.

We left pretty shortly after that. When we arrived, we went straight to the front desk, ignoring the stares people were giving us in the front garden bit. The twins noticed that there were some swings outside, and they tried running towards them.

‘Not now you silly sausages. We’ve got to do this. We can go to the park later on though.’ Mazy said. The lady at the desk looked at us. She looked really mean to be honest. Of course she noticed Ray though, and she began flirting. What a gold digging whore!

‘Listen, I need to sign some forms for Penina.’ Ray said. The woman, who I learned was called Hannah, gave me a dirty look.

‘Here you go sweetie.’ She said handing the forms to Ray sweetly. I texted Chloe to let her know that I was here. ‘Oi, no phones on in school.’ Hannah snapped.

‘Oh, I’m so sorry Hannah.’ I said sarcastically. I put my phone in my bag and mentally cursed her. She had blonde hair with fake extensions, and I couldn’t even tell what colour her eyes were because of the length of her fake eyelashes. I hate tarts like that.

‘Excuse me, it’s her first day here. She didn’t know the rules.’ Mazy said.

‘Well, now she does.’ Hannah said. She rolled her eyes and began filing her nails.

‘Okay, the form is filled out.’ Ray said handing it back to her. ‘Oh, and just so you know, I’m taken. Stop acting so desperate and spoilt next time.’ He said. Hannah gasped and ran off in embarrassment.

‘Have a good day at school baby.’ Mazy said giving me a hug.

‘Let us know if you need anything.’ Ray said before ruffling my hair.

‘Yeah, okay.’ I said. They all left, and one of the nice teachers showed me to my form. Turns out, that woman was my form tutor. She was an old, plump, and very sweet lady.

‘Kids, this is Penina Toro, she’s new here and I expect you all to be very nice to her.’ The lady said.

‘Yes Mrs Wheeler.’ The class chanted unenthusiastically.

‘Okay Penina, I’d like you to sit next to Addie.’ She said guiding me to a table at the back of the room. There was a girl there about my age. She had dyed black hair that was over straightened. She had blue eyes, and thick eyeliner. Everyone sniggered when I sat next to her.

‘You don’t want to sit next to her.’ A guy told me. I sighed, frustrated at this class already.

‘And why not?’ I asked.

‘Cause she probably has AIDs. She’s a lesbian. Who knows how many diseases she’s got?’ One of the cheerleaders said. The whole class laughed.

‘Not as many as you.’ I fought back. ‘Are you really that small-minded? I never wanted to believe the “cheerleaders are dub sluts” rumour is true, but if you’re saying this, I’m afraid it might just be the truth.’ I said. She sent me a death glare.

‘Oh come on. Everyone knows she slept with every girl she laid her eyes on.’ She said angrily at me.

‘I appreciate how brave your being in coming out of the closet like that. Do your parents know?’ I asked. Everyone gasped. That cheerleader just turned and faced the front. I turned back to Addie.

‘Wow. Thank you. No one’s stood up for me like that before.’ She said.

‘No problem. I hate bitches like that.’ I said. She smiled and held out her hand for me to shake, which I did.

‘My name’s Adele Simms, but everyone calls me Addie. The people who talk to me do anyway. I’m mostly alone at this school.’ She said.

‘Penina Dayne, or Penina Toro. I don’t really know.’ I said.

‘You’re Ray’s daughter aren’t you? I saw him coming through the school. I wanted to rush up to him and say how much I love his music, but I didn’t want to bother him. Besides, we were told not to go up to him anyway. We had this huge assembly about the fact that you were coming to this school. We were told not to bother you.’ She told me.

‘Well, I wouldn’t mind you coming up to us. You’re actually decent. Hannah at the reception is such a cheap skank.’ I complained.

‘She flirts with any guy in the hopes that they’re rich. She probably thought he was because he’s in My Chemical Romance, but trust me, no one sane likes her.’ She told me. The bell rang.

‘Everyone, it’s time to go to your first lessons now. Addie, I think you’ve got all the same lessons with Penina today, so can you show her around?’ Mrs Wheeler asked.

‘Yes Mrs Wheeler.’ She answered sweetly.

‘Don’t let those people get to you honey. At least you get good grades. Hopefully you’ll do the same Penina.’ She said. I smiled.

‘I’ll definitely try.’ I said.

‘That’s what I like to hear.’ She told us. Addie and I left the room and went to the first lesson. Maths. Oh god! I hate maths.

Hey guys! I hope you liked this chapter! AJ, well done with your hurricane survival skills! Respect brah! I still hurt all over from the concert by the way. Oh god! So much pain! OUCH!!! I touched LynZ though, so IDGAF!!! I touched her hair. I can't get over that. Her hair felt awesome. Her hair! Her tats! Her face!!! HER!!! But seriously though, I love Frank. Anyway, as you've probably knew, Addie has a big, LESBIAN CRUSH ON ME! SUCK ON THAT! AYAYAYAY!!! (Mean Girls reference!) So yeah... Rate and review! XD xx
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