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Tutoring the Girlfriend

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Frank manages to become Penina's math tutor.

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Penina's P.O.V

I walked home that day. Addie invited me over to hers, but I had to get back. It was my first day after all, and I haven’t seen Frank today. I knocked on the door, and Mazy answered.

‘Oh thank god you’re back. We thought you were murdered.’ Mazy said squeezing me.

‘No we didn’t. You did.’ Ray said. He gave me a quick hug as well. ‘How was it today?’ He asked.

‘Good. I met a girl called Addie, and she was being picked on for being a lesbian, so I stood up for her. I’ve got maths homework though. I hate maths.’ I complained.

‘Why?’ Frank asked sipping his beer. Everyone was round for dinner.

‘Because it’s the most stupid subject ever. I don’t care, and I can’t do it.’ I protested.

‘Not with that attitude.’ Frank said.

‘Well, what if I don’t want to find out the answers? Who’s going to make me? No one. Or else it’d be like math rape.’ I said crossing my arms.

‘Let me see it.’ Frank said. I gave him my bag and he found my maths book. ‘That’s easy.’ He said. He got a spare piece of paper and worked out the sum. We all gasped because it was right.

‘Wait, but how did you get that?’ I asked pointing to one of the numbers on his working out.

‘I subtracted that from that.’ He said, pointing at two different numbers.

‘Oh!’ We all exclaimed.

‘Wait! Frank, you could be Penina’s math tutor!’ Ray exclaimed.

‘What?’ Frank asked.

‘Well, let’s face it, you don’t have much going on in your life right now. No offence, and all of us are shitty at maths. How about you pick Penina up every day she gets math homework and you help her with it?’ Ray asked.

‘Well, only if you’re up to it.’ Frank said to me. I smiled.

‘Yeah. Sure.’ I said happily. Now we get an excuse to be together alone most days of the week. He smiled back at me.

‘Okay guys, can we get some pizza or something?’ Mikey asked.

‘Oh god yeah. I’m starving.’ Sara said.

‘We’ll share a margarita. Get French fries if they have any. We’ll go start on the work.’ Frank said. He got up, and we went to my room. I closed the door and we began making out. We pulled apart for breath though.

‘Oh god Frank. I’ve been thinking about you all day.’ I whispered.

‘I’ve been thinking about you too. I’ve missed you so much.’ He said. We cuddled on my bed and he kissed my cheek.

‘I love you so much.’ I said. I began playing with his hair.

‘I love you so much too.’ He told me. He was stroking my back.

‘Can you tutor me in sex ed too?’ I asked suggestively. He giggled.

‘Sure.’ He said before kissing me again. We heard the door open, and we pulled back in shock and fear.

‘See how easy that was. You two should be ashamed of yourselves. I told you to be more careful!’ Jen scolded. We sighed in relief.

‘You scared the crap out of us.’ Frank said.

‘Good. You guys need to stop being so careless.’ She said.

‘Jen, if you don’t mind, we were in the middle of something.’ Frank said. She rolled her eyes, and closed the door as she left. Frank sighed. ‘Sorry about another ruined moment, but I promise I’ll make it up to you.’ He said. I smiled.

‘How?’ I asked.

‘I have my wicked ways. We should probably do that homework though.’ He said. I nodded my head.

‘Yeah, we should.’ I said. He gave me a quick kiss before teaching me how to do the answers. I finished my homework in record time.

‘Well done baby.’ He said giving me a hug.

‘Thank you so much. You know, we could role-play like this. You could be a teacher, and I could be a student, and I could be in detention, and one thing leads to another until we start making detention fun.’ I said. He giggled.

‘Yeah, maybe someday.’ He told me. I smiled, bit my lip, and gave him a quick kiss before we went downstairs.

‘Finished the work.’ I said.

‘Wow. You should consider a job in teaching in case My Chemical Romance goes to shit.’ Mikey said.

‘Which it won’t.’ Gerard told him angrily.

‘Good job kid.’ Ray said. He kissed my forehead.

‘When’s the pizza going to get here?’ I asked.

‘A couple of minutes.’ Mazy answered.

‘Great.’ I said. I grabbed the phone and called Chloe.

’Hello?’ She asked once she picked up.

‘Hi. It’s me. I’ve got so much to tell you about today.’ I said.

’What?’ She asked excitedly.

‘Well, first this whore receptionist started flirting with Ray, and then I went to my form with my teacher who’s really awesome. Then I stood up for a lesbian who’s friends with me now, and then it was lessons and everything boring.’ I started. I talked about my whole day for a while.

’Jesus. Some people can be serious bitches.’ She said. ’Listen, I’ve got to go. I’ll talk to you later. Bye.’ She said.

‘Bye Chlo.’ I said before hanging up.

‘Hurry up! Your pizza’s getting cold and Frank’s eaten most of it.’ Abbie said from the dining room. I put the phone down and rushed to the table. Frank was about to take my half, but I whacked his hand away.

‘No.’ I said. He frowned, and I giggled. I ate my pizza, and made sure Frank knew about it. ‘Yum! This pizza is so good.’ I moaned happily as he watched me munch my last piece.

‘Come on! That’s just mean!’ Frank complained.

‘Shush Frank. You’re acting like a child. Now, if you’ll excuse me, Shayla and I must play mummies and daddies.’ Hozzie said taking Shayla’s hand. Once they left the room, we all giggled at their cuteness and the fact that they were trying to act so mature.

I hate how everyone would hate the fact that Frank and I are going out. It’s not like we act that much different in private. We just kiss more then. I hate this. Everyone loves Frank right now, but when they find out he’s been going out with a 15 year old girl, they’d hate him. I need to make them see how much of a good guy he is before we decide to tell them.

Hey guys! I hope you liked this chapter! It's Halloween where I live. Do you know what that means?!? FRANK IS 31!!! I'm so happy for my baby. I just want to kiss him! Okay, I've got a little competition if you're willing to enter it. Basically, for his birthday, you write a Franina one-shot, and whoever I decide is the best will win a one-shot with them, and a person of their choosing. I hope you like this idea! Of course, if you're in the hurricane and you want to enter, don't worry! It'll be open until you can do it, that is if you want to anyway... (Is that a bad competition idea? I don't know.) So, yeah. Rate and review! Sleep time now! Goodnight! XD xx
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