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Just Another School Day

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But a romantic evening.

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Penina's P.O.V

The next morning, I woke up, got ready, had my breakfast, and walked straight to school before Ray or Mazy could greet me in their sickly sweet way. I stopped off at a shop to get some snacks for school. I got a chocolate milkshake, because I love chocolate milkshakes. I got 2 packs of skittles, one for me and one for Addie. I also got a bottle of water in case I die of thirst in one of the classes. I hate how the teachers don’t let you go out of the room when you’re in desperate need of something. I hate teachers sometimes. I walked into the school, and Addie greeted me straight away.

‘Hi Penina.’ She said sweetly.

‘Hey Addie. I got some skittles for break time.’ I told her.

‘I love skittles.’ She said, but for some reason she didn’t seem to be telling the truth. It’s probably just my mind being weird though. Why would anyone lie about liking skittles?

‘Me too. I also got some chocolate milk.’ I told her.

‘Chocolate milk is my favourite!’ She said. It looked like she was telling the truth this time.

‘I know right? I just don’t know why it tastes so amazing. It’s like they’re made from the tears of god or something.’ I said. She giggled.

‘I’ve never seen anyone so passionate about chocolate milk before.’ She told me.

‘Yeah well, chocolate milk is my one true love.’ I told her. Okay, maybe that was a lie. Frank’s my one true love, but if Frank was a drink, he would be chocolate milk, so I guess it was kind of truthful.

‘So, you’re single?’ She asked. I had to lie to her about this.

‘Yeah. I am.’ I answered.

‘Seriously?’ She asked in disbelief.

‘Yeah, why? What have you heard?’ I asked making it sound like a joke.

‘Nothing, it’s just that I would’ve thought you could be with anyone if you wanted to.’ She said. I smiled.

‘Thanks. That’s really sweet, but I guess I’m just not interested in anyone.’ I told her.

‘Oh well. Let’s get to Mrs Wheeler’s class. We have her first period anyway, so if we get the best seats in registration we get the best seats for history.’ She said. We walked to the classroom and took the seats that were in the back corner. I’ve got to be honest, I don’t particularly like history all that much. I don’t like most lessons, but Mrs Wheeler is nice, so I don’t mind it.

We had maths after that. You could probably tell how much I hated it, but at the same time, it confused me, which excited me. Frank got to be my teacher which I find incredibly sexy. I’m sure he found it sexy too.

‘I thought you hate maths, why do you look so happy?’ Addie whispered to me.

‘Because, Frank’s my math tutor, and he’s really funny, so it’s going to be fun.’ I answered.

‘What?’ Addie asked excitedly.

‘Girls, keep it down. Do your work.’ The teacher said. Once I was sure he wasn’t looking, I spoke to Addie again.

‘Yeah, yesterday I couldn’t understand the work, and the only one that could was Frank. I guess my whole family has a history of rubbish math skills, so Frank’s tutoring me.

‘Lucky. I would cut off my limbs for any of them to tutor me. Especially one of their wives. I think Sara’s the sexiest.’ She told me.

‘Jesus Christ Addie.’ I said. We both started giggling.

‘Addie and Penina, if you don’t stop it right now, I’ll put you both in detention.’ The teacher shouted again. We did keep quiet for the rest of the lesson. I didn’t want to be late for Frank. It was finally break time though. We went outside and sat on the bench. I pulled out the skittles and the milkshake.

‘So, I’m coming over to your house on Saturday. No excuses. I’m sick and tired of being bored and doing nothing.’ She told me.

‘Deal.’ I said.

‘So, how’s the whole clan like?’ She asked me.

‘Honestly, it’s great. I just find my relationship with Ray and Mazy weird. I don’t know why it should be though. They’re my parents.’ I told her.

‘Well, if I were in your position, I’d probably act the same. I mean, it’s not something you can just get used to. It’s just a weird change that you have to live with.’ She said.

‘Maybe, but they’re really nice, and that’s the worst part. I just wish I was with them my whole life.’ I told her.

‘Yeah, but you couldn’t have been. Maybe it’s time to let go of the past and be happy with what you have now, and look forward to the future with these guys. It seems as though they’re doing their best for you.’ She told me. I smiled.

‘Yeah. I guess you’re right.’ I said. We had an amazing day at school, and the best part was the ending. Frank came to pick me up. Addie insisted on walking me to the car. I got in the front, and Addie just got so excited about meeting Frank.

‘Hi Frank.’ She said excitedly.

‘Hi, Addie is it?’ He asked. She smiled and nodded her head.

‘Yeah, but you can call me anything you like.’ She winked. Oh god.

‘I’ll see you tomorrow Addie.’ I said.

‘Yeah, see you.’ She told me. Frank drove off to his house, and as soon as we got in, we started making out with each other.

‘How was your day?’ He asked when we pulled apart. I smiled.

‘It was good, but I’ve been thinking about you so much. It’s so hard to concentrate when you’re on my mind.’ I told him.

‘I know the feeling. Mama was chewing all my shoes and I didn’t notice because I was thinking about kissing you all day.’ He told me. I smiled and hugged him.

‘I love you so much.’ I told him.

‘I love you too.’ He said before kissing me again. Damn it. Today has been perfect.

Hi guys. Sorry I haven't updated in a billion years, but I have my reasons. First of all, I've been feeling so ill. My throat's been hurting and my body's been aching all over. I'm still in pain. :(. Secondly, yesterday it was my sister's first driving test, and she passed. I sent her a text saing this - "Huh?!? On your first go? That's like becoming a slut the second after you lost your virginity." and apparently she laughed. It wasn't even funny. Why did I send it?!? Also, later on today I'm meeting my gay step-brother's boyfriend, and he wants a dog, and I really want a dog, so I'm going to convince him to buy a dog. Mwahaha! XD Thank you for all the Franina one-shots so far. Keep them coming! Rate and review please! XD xx
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