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They Make Me Play Princesses In Drag

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An attack on 2 guys by 3 girls.

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Penina's P.O.V

We ended up doing my homework. It was really frustrating though.

‘No, you don’t do that.’ Frank shouted.

‘Why not? Maths is a stupid ass subject. I hate it.’ I argued.

‘This isn’t about your personal feelings, this is about grades!’ Frank said.

‘I’m so turned on right now!’ I shouted.

‘Me too.’ He shouted. We kissed on the table. ‘So, you wanna move it to the bedroom?’ He asked.

‘Sure.’ I said. Then something in my brain clicked. ‘Damn it. I can’t.’ I said.

‘Why not?’ He asked.

‘Because of all these female issues that females have to deal with monthly.’ I answered.

‘Oh.’ He sighed.

‘Female.’ I said.

‘Do you think vampires become rapists when women are on their periods?’ Frank asked. I giggled and hit his arm playfully.

‘I don’t know.’ I answered. Frank attached his lips to mine. I sighed into the kiss. I placed my hand just above his ear, and began playing with his hair. He sucked on my bottom lip, and lifted me up. He walked while we were kissing, and placed me on the couch.

‘You’re so gorgeous Penina.’ He said.

‘Not as gorgeous as you.’ I told him. He smiled and we continued kissing. I loved the feeling of us being so close together. I loved his stubble on my chin. I loved him. He’s just my perfect boyfriend. We pulled away eventually though.

‘We should probably get your homework finished.’ He said. I groaned.

‘But I don’t want to. I just want to be with you.’ I said.

‘You know, in about a weeks’ time, I’m going to give you the biggest teacher punishment ever.’ He said.

‘Good.’ I said. He smirked. We did end up doing the work though. It took a while, but I finished it. I put it in my bag, and we got in the car. Frank started to drive.

‘Okay, so for this fantasy, you need to be wearing plaits or something, stockings, and your school uniform, but really slutty, and in return, I’ll be wearing a suit without the jacket, and the shirt won’t be tucked in, and I’ll bring pointing stick for extra fun.’ He said. I snickered.

‘Did you see this somewhere?’ I asked.

‘It may be in my DVD collection. Why?’ He asked. I giggled.

‘Just wondering.’ I said. I kissed him on the cheek and we made it to the house.

‘Ray and Mazy want me to come in to tell them how the tutoring was.’ Frank said. He got out of the car and I rang the doorbell. The door opened very slowly.

‘Attack!’ Shayla screamed. Say and Hozzie grabbed Frank and pushed him to the floor.

‘Girls, what are you doing?’ I asked them. As I got closer into the house, I saw what was going on. Ray had his hair straightened, and was put into a pink dress, and had a crown on him. He was drinking a beer on the couch.

‘Help us! Frankie needs to be a pretty princess or he’ll have boy cooties for life!’ Hozzie said. I giggled.

‘Sure, okay. Pass me the lipstick.’ I said. The quickly got some red lipstick. I sat on Frank’s tummy so he couldn’t move.

‘You don’t treat teachers like this! I’ll have you expelled.’ Frank jokingly argued.

‘I hate maths.’ I said. He laughed. I opened the tube of lipstick and put it all over his mouth.

‘Ugh! That’s weird.’ Frank complained.

‘Just wait for the dress to come. It’s weirder, and yet, surprisingly free.’ Ray said. He swished his dress.

‘Where’s Mazy?’ I asked.

‘Making dinner.’ He answered.

‘Can I join you? I don’t have anything in my fridge.’ Frank asked.

‘Sure.’ Ray answered. ‘Beck said her first word today.’ Ray told us.

‘Aw. What did she say?’ I asked.

‘Mummy. Mikey’s jealous.’ Ray answered. Frank and I giggled. Frank and I looked at each other for a bit while I was doing his makeup, and I felt something poke me. Frank’s face got really red, so I had to hide what was poking me. I sat further down his body which hid his problem, and I pulled the top half of his body up so he was facing me.

‘This is so much easier.’ I said to pretend that’s why I changed the position.

‘Thanks. It may make me look less like a painted whore now.’ He said.

‘Dude! Not in front of the kids.’ Ray hissed.

‘What’s a whore? Is it a clown?’ Shayla asked.

‘Oh god!’ Ray exclaimed.

‘Yes it is, but it’s a rude word for clowns so we can’t use it okay? Frank just said it by accident.’ I answered. Frank smiled at me, and I felt his issue lessen.

‘Okay. What’s for dinner?’ Hozzie asked.

‘We’re having spaghetti and…’ Mazy started as she walked into the room. ‘Christ! Frank, you look like a painted whore!’ Mazy said. Frank and I just laughed.

‘Mummy! That’s a rude word. You can’t say it.’ Shayla said.

‘Yeah, but I’m your mum, I can say what I like.’ She said.

‘Why?’ Hozzie asked.

‘Because I said so. Now, it’s time to eat. There’s grated cheese on the table. And stop doing that to Francine.’ Mazy answered making us all giggle. We all went into the dining room and ate.

‘This is awesome.’ Frank said.

‘You’ve had it before, why do you always get so happy every time you have spaghetti?’ Ray asked.

‘Because, it’s like long leprechaun droppings. It shouldn’t be so good, but it is.’ Frank answered.

‘Frank, that’s the weirdest thing to ever come out of your mouth, and you’ve said a lot of weird stuff.’ I said.

‘Yeah, and I’ve licked a lot of stuff making women moan in pleasure.’ Frank whispered. I laughed hysterically.

‘What’s so funny you two?’ Mazy asked.

‘You wouldn’t understand. It’s a joke from the tutoring.’ I answered.

‘So it’s going well then?’ Ray asked.

‘Yeah, it’s so much fun.’ Frank said.

‘Speak for yourself, I’m the one that has to do the work.’ I told him.

‘Oh come on, don’t deny you had a fun session today.’ Frank nudged me.

‘Yeah okay, it was kind of fun.’ I said.

‘Well that’s good then.’ Mazy said.

‘Yeah, it is.’ I answered. Frank and I offered to clean up the plates so that we could kiss each other goodnight then. When he left we all said goodbye. Why must being in love with the wrong guy be so right? I’m going to have to get Mazy and Ray to see how amazing Frank is for me somehow.

Aloha guys! As your request had it, Frank and Ray got turned into pretty pink princesses. There weren't any spare dresses, so Frank had to wear the crown on Ray's head as a compromise to not getting boy cooties. If he does have them, then I do now too. Mwahaha! I want your guys ideas on how everyone will turn out to be okay with the whole Franina thing. This story isn't even nearly over I don't think, but the relationship is going to get discovered. Also, I need an eventual girlfriend for Addie. You know what to put. Also, are there a lot of fireworks now for any particular reason...? Oh shit! It's nearly Guy Fawkes night. That's embarrassing. But still... It's my sister's birthday today, and because she hates me so much, I'm not even allowed in the same house with her for the weekend. I had to go to my dad's at 11 last night just so everything would be perfect for her. She's so mean to me and for no reason. I hate having to move houses weekly anyway. It's my parents fault they're divorced! NOT MINE!!! (Sorry for the unexpected rant.) Anyway, I hope you liked this! Rate and review! Dinner time now! Chips! Omnomnomnom! XD xx
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