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Just run Frank!

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Penina's P.O.V

Everything was going great. Frank and I are stronger than ever, and my math skills are improving. He’s the best boyfriend ever. It was my birthday last week though. I’m now officially 16. Frank took me out on a secret birthday date, and it was amazing. Addie’s awesome too, but there’s something about her that I can’t place my finger on. It’s like she likes me, but not the way I think. I don’t know what it is. She’s not here right now though. Everyone’s at Mikey’s house.

‘I want another one.’ Mikey whined as Beck wrapped her hand around his finger.

‘I don’t want to be in that pain again anytime soon.’ Sara complained.

‘But it would be worth it, she’s so cute.’ Mikey said. He put his glasses on the baby, and we all giggled at how cute she was in them.

‘Oh, Frank, I’ve got this math thing I need your help with.’ I said.

‘Okay, let’s go.’ He said. Everyone thinks that when I need help with maths, I need to speak to him in private because it’s easier to concentrate. I just want to speak to him about us.

‘Beck’s so adorable.’ I whimpered as quietly as I could. He giggled.

‘I know. Kids are so cute.’ Frank said.

‘I want one. Not now, but oh my god! I want one so badly!’ I said. He laughed.

‘I know the feeling. But I’m really not ready for one right now. Those things are difficult to take care of. I had to babysit the twins when they were babies. It was basically a death sentence. I loved them, but still.’ He said. I giggled and kissed his cheek. He kissed my lips, and soon enough, we were making out.

‘Hey, I was wondering if you’ve seen my boa… Oh my god!’ Gerard screamed. We pulled apart instantly.

‘Fuck. Gerard, oh god. Don’t tell anyone.’ Frank said closing the door.

‘The hell I won’t. You’re a paedophile!’ Gerard shouted. He punched Frank in the face.

‘Gerard. Don’t!’ I begged.

‘Penina, trust me, what he’s doing is so wrong.’ Gerard said.

‘No it’s not.’ I said. I tried to pull him back.

‘What’s going on?’ Ray asked. Everyone came piling into the room.

‘This sick pervert was making out with your daughter.’ Gerard said stepping back from Frank.

‘What?’ Mazy asked.

‘It’s true.’ Gerard told her.

‘I hate you!’ Ray screamed beating Frank up.

‘Ray, stop it!’ I screamed. I pulled Frank up. His nose and mouth were bleeding, and he had a black eye. I sat him down on the bed.

‘Get away from him Penina!’ Ray warned me.

‘No. You hurt him.’ I said. I began crying. I took a wet towel and dabbed Frank’s blood away.

‘This is disgusting, girls, take the kids to another room, we’ll deal with Frank.’ Bob said.

‘No you won’t.’ Jennifer said.

‘What, so you’re taking this disgusting freaks side?’ Mazy asked. ‘He’s been kissing my daughter, and god knows what else.’ She said angrily.

‘I’m just saying we need to talk about this.’ She told everyone.

‘There’s nothing to talk about. Other than the fact that you hurt Frank.’ I shouted. Frank started crying. I sat next to him and pulled his head on my lap.

‘I don’t want my children near him. Jesus Christ. Can’t you see what he’s doing? It’s disgusting.’ Mikey said.

‘He’s been amazing to me. He’s done nothing wrong.’ I argued.

‘Yes he has.’ Ray said kicking Frank.

‘Stop it!’ I screamed. ‘Frank, run. You know where to go.’ I said. About 2 weeks ago we set up a plan in case we were ever caught. I made sure no one could get to him, and he ran to his car. He began driving to where we planned to meet up. I began sobbing.

‘I’m going to kill him!’ Ray screamed.

‘I hate you! You can’t just let me be happy! First you take me out of that stupid home, then you beat my boyfriend half to death simply because he’s my boyfriend!’ I shouted. I stormed out of the room.

‘He’s 11 years older than you! It’s illegal!’ Ray shouted, following me.

‘He’s made me happy. He’s the nicest guy I’ve ever known. I love him way more than I ever thought possible.’ I said.

‘I’m calling the police.’ Mazy said.

‘And say what? “Hello? Oh yes, my daughter’s been kissing her secret boyfriend! Quick! Put him on red alert!” No, you’re not.’ I said.

‘I’m calling them because he’s been molesting a minor.’ She told me.

I screamed and ran to one of the bedrooms and just cried. I want my Frankie to be okay. It’s not our fault we fell in love. About half an hour later, the police came round. A woman talked to me in private.

‘So, did Mr Iero ever touch you anywhere you didn’t want to be touched?’ She asked.

‘He didn’t rape me. He didn’t do anything like that.’ I said.

‘Well, have you ever had sex with him?’ She asked.

‘Yes. Yes I did. I slept with him because we love each other. People who love each other do that right?’ I asked angrily.

‘Miss Toro…’ She started.

‘It’s Miss Dayne. I want nothing to do with them.’ I said. She sighed.

‘Miss Dayne, there’s a reason why people with such big age gaps aren’t allowed to be together.’ She told me.

‘Yeah, because some people don’t like it. I don’t like certain things, but that’s not illegal, is it? He’s done nothing but be a good boyfriend to me. I’m the one who kissed him. Not the other way round. I love him, and he loves me too.’ I told her.

‘How many times have you slept with him?’ She asked.

‘5. 5 fucking great times.’ I said angrily. ‘Let me guess, you’re a virgin, and not by choice, it’s because no one wants to sleep with some bitch like you.’ I shouted. I ran out of the room managing not to punch that idiot in the face.

‘Penina?’ Jennifer asked. I ran up to her and hugged her.

‘I hate this. I want Frank.’ I said.

‘I know sweetie. I know. Don’t worry. It’s going to be okay.’ She said. I cried on her shoulder. I doubted it would be anything of the sort.

Shalom fellow Jews and non Jews! Yay! Oh god, what's wrong with me? ... ANYWAY... I hope you liked this chapter. I know I didn't. I hate Frank crying. :'( Don't worry, I'll make everything okay, but I might need your help with that. Tell me how to make the grown ups okay with Franina's relationship? Last night I watched The Vow, and it wasn't that bad... REGINA GEORGE!!! Her friend's dad invented toaster strudel! Haha. So, yeah. Rate and review, and don't cry. I give everyone free virtual tissues for your pain! XD xx

P.S. I know what my next story's going to be about. Yes, there will be auditions for it, and I'm looking forward to it. XD xx
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