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Chapter 1: Distance


In a moment, everything can change. With one word...with one action...everything can change. Words can sometimes be used as swords...piercing peoples hearts that it hurts so much. Actions can hurt just as much. So can choices. It's the littlest things can make the biggest difference...but how you deal with it is the real question.



It was late at night. Midnight, to be exact. I couldn't sleep. I was twisting and turning in my bed. My mind didn't want to go to sleep. I really messed up, I told myself. I really did mess up. Mistakes were made, what's done is done, I told myself. Everything will be alright.

Tomorrow will be Julius' and my 1st anniversary of dating. Julius told me he had something planned, I was excited. Don't get me wasn't a mistake to date Julius. I do love him. Just things are too complicated for words.

I became distant with Julius lately. I was scared he would find the truth about me. How we were too close...yes, you guessed it...I was preganant. I couldn't hide the truth forever, but I could try to hold it back. Julius asked me what's wrong, but I would never say a word.

I got up, went to my nightstand to get my cup of water. It was refreshing. I then put my glass back down, and headed for my bed again. I couldn't see in the dark, and I stubbed my toe on the edge of my bed. I screamed in pain, then cursed under my breathe.

About a second later, when I finally found my bed, I heard a knock on my door. When I didn't answer, the door opened to reveal a tall, nice looking man with lovely blonde hair.

"Hey Delilah." Julius said.

"Hey." I replied.

Julius came and sat beside me. "I heard you curse. You okay?"

I laughed. "Just stubbed my toe."

Julius also gave a little laugh. "That always hurt. I bet you need a hug," teased Julius.

He quickly grabbed me in a hug, and forced me to fall back onto my bed. I laughed in surprise, as he kissed me on the cheek. Julius than sat back up, and laughed out a sigh.

"Delilah, you know you can tell me anything, right?" He asked me.

"Yeah." I replied, maybe a bit too quickly. "Why?"

"I dunno...we seem distant lately..." Julius said, looking down. "Did I do something wrong?"

"NO!" I cried out. "I didn't think we were know I love you, Julius."

I put a hand on his hand. "Don't think anything different."

Julius smiled, as he wispered an "okay. Goodnight. Can't wait for tomorrow"

"Me, too." I replied.

Julius gave me a kiss on the forhead, then on the lips. He tucked me in, as if I was like a little kid. Then he left.

"If only I could tell you the truth..." I whispered under my breathe.

I put the blankets over my head, and greeted darkness and sleep, wishing I could just stop lying.


xxDarkness 'Kidxx
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