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It's Delilah and Julius 1st anniversary party!

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Chapter 2: Party!

Delilah's point of view:

Todays the day, I told myself. I couldn't stop smiling. I was acting as if I won the lottery. Nothing could ruin this day. I picked out a nice, long black dress. I spent at least an hour on my hair, deciding to put it up a little and curl it. I put on a little make-up, but made sure I didn't over do it.

When I walked out of the bed room, Julius greeted me. He was wearing a nice tux, and his hair wasn't his usual messy style. It was neatly combed.

"Looking good. You're so beautiful."

"Thanks." I said, blushing.

Julius offered me his hand, and I put my hand into his. Julius drove us to a nice, big hall, where everyone at the academy clapped. Julius and me smiled. Ursula was being her snobby self, and pouted. Emmet and Nosey smiled, and congrats us, while Al and Scarlett came up to us and told us how happy they were for us.

It was a nice party. The music started to play one of my favorite songs. I jumped excitely. "JULIUS! My favorite song! Wanna dance?"

"Delilah, you know I can't dance." said Julius, looking down.

"Come on, I'll help you." I told him.

"I rather not..." replied Julius, but I cut him off.

I grabbed his hand, and dragged him on the dance floor. Julius wasn't kidding when he said he couldn't dance. I had to teach him some moves, and Julius kept on messing up, and tripping over his feet. I laughed, and so did Julius.

It was then time for supper. It was a big banquet, and so very good. After supper and dessert (which was HEAVEN), Julius stood up, tapped his glass with his spoon.

"I would like to make a speech." Julius said.

Everyone went silient to listen to what Julius had to say.

"Delilahs been my partner for almost four years now at the academy. I always had feelings for her, but always thought I was never good enough for her. It was actually quite funny, for Delilah was the one who had to ask me out."

Everyone laughed at this, including me.

"I concider myself more than lucky to have Delilah. Delilah, I have a little something for you."

Julius took my hand, and made me stood up. He took something out of my pocket. It was a very pretty, silver ring.He put it on my finger.

"It's a promise ring," Julius explained. "It's a promise to my love for you, and to remind you I'm always there for you."

"Thanks, Julius." I said, giving him a kiss on the lips.

Everyone said, "awww..." and stuff like that.

"I also have a present for you," said Delilah, smiling.

She gave me a neatly wrapped white present with red hearts. Julius unwrapped it, and showed his surprise. He gasped. in it, was a picture of Julius and when we were both about ten, on the tire swing together at the park in a nice picture frame. There was also another picture frame, that said "I love You" all around it. Inside was a picture of us in the present, both sitting on my bed.

"Thanks, Delilah." Julius said, and gave me a kiss on the lips.

Everyone "awwwed" again.

I never been so happy in my life.

(a/n: Sorry, guys, for the short chapter. My dad is getting pissed off at me, and yelling me to get off the computer...will continue soon, LOL)


xxDarkness' Kidxx
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