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Chapter 7 : Meetings of Men

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Jay and Herry finally meet up with Archie and Neil. What's the plan? Sometimes things go the right way or the wrong way.

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Archie and Neil had gotten there first. Jay had told them to keep going. As soon as Neil had caught up with Archie, he told them Jay's plan. Archie hadn't said anything, but Neil could see the glimer in his eyes. Archie had turned and headed towards the mountain. Neil knew Archie would never give up on Atlanta, but his sudden change of mood had scared him. He really thought Archie was going to keep walking. Neil had never been this worried, he wanted to get Atlanta back, but he was still cautious about Archie. Archie had taken the lead again and was walking at a fast pace, not speaking a word. Neil had fallen back, but managed to catch up, keeping a short and silent distance between them. Things were akward enough as it was, Neil didn't want to make it worse.

Jay had PMR's them about Theresa. Neil had gotten the message, but didn't say anything. Archie hadn't spoken at all, only quickened his pace. The silence dragged on as Archie and Neil walked.


Jay and Herry hacked at the vines. It was the only way for them to express their anger and worry without hurting themselves. Their arms swinged with pent up anger. Sweat covered their faces, but they didn't notice. The bush was getting thinner as they neared towards the mountain. Herry and Jay slowed down why they noticed this.

"We should be meeting up with Neil and Arch' soon," Jay panted, raising his xixphos and chopping lazily.

Herry and Jay kept walking, occasionaly cutting their way through. The sun still blared down on them, burning the backs of their necks. Jay checked his watch. It was only 12:30. They kept moving.


Herry and Jay stopped at the sound of Neil's voice. It was coming from their right. Herry charged towards Neil's voice. Jay quickly followed after him.

Herry and Jay finally came to the destination of Neil's voice. Neil was standing next to a large rock. Archie was sitting on the rock with a blank face.

"You guys ok?" Jay asked, stepping towards Archie and Neil. He noticed the line of dry blood that went down Archie's forehead. He seemed to be fine physically, but emotionally; Jay had no idea. Maybe he felt the same was as him.

"We're fine," Neil said, shooting a quick glance at Archie.

"Arch'?" Jay said, stepping forward.

"I'm fine," he said, his voice cracking. Arcie reached into his bag and pulled out his water bottle. He took a long drink to rehydrate his dry mouth.

"So...what happened?" Neil asked quietly, hands behind his back.

Jay gave Herry a nod. Herry started to explain what happened with Theresa. Jay stayed quiet. 'Times like this, I wish I was deaf,' he thought, closing his eyes as the memories flashed before him like a slideshow. Jay opened his eyes slowly as Herry finished the explanation.

"What's the plan?" Archie said, standing up. He seemed to of gathered his bravery back as his eyes twinkled as he stretched. He wanted revenge, they all could see that.

"We're going to get them back," Jay said, staring at the mountain, analyzing. Herry flexed his muscles and punched his hand. Neil scratched his head, confused. He ended up pulling his mirror out and checking his reflection. Archie stretched again and digged around in his backpack, looking for something. He pulled out some rope and climbing pegs.

"But how are we going to get up there?" Neil asked, gulping as he stared at the steep wall of rock.

"We climb," Archie said simply, tossing a circle of rope at Neil. Jay's PMR buzzed. He picked it up and answered Odie.

"What's up Odie?"

"Did you guys piss off Synara or something?" Odie said, static making it hard to hear him.

Jay was suprised and looked at the others. He raised his eyebrows quizingly.

"Why would you say that?" Jay asked, still confused.

"Well, you guys must of made her angry. Looks like she's headed your way. Gonna try and finish you off, I guess," Odie said, static blaring.

"Oh, not again!" Neil whined, sitting down angrily on the rock.

Jay sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. 'Not again is right,' he thought. "Thanks Odie," Jay said, turning his PMR off and walking towards the mountain.

"So, what? Are we going to fight or start up the mountain?" Herry asked, watching Jay walk past him.

"We might as well start up the mountain," Jay said. "If Synara comes, then we can try to fight her off."

Jay grabbed his gear from the backpack and joined Archie getting ready. Neil sighed loudly and grabbed his gear as well. Herry stood there, confused. He was inching towards his backpack but was still thinking hard.

"Are you coming Herry?" Archie asked, tying the rope securly onto a peg. Before Herry could answer, Synara's bloodcurling shriek drowned out the other noises around the trees. All their heads snapped up.

Synara was very quiet, they all knew that. She had managed to of flown beside them, without making the slightest attention brought to herself. Herry managed to get out of the way as Synara flew towards them. Archie pulled out his whip and whipped it at Synara. It caught around her leg. As soon as the whip had caught onto her, Archie pulled. Synara shrieked as her body was pulled towards the ground.

"Bring her down!" Jay yelled, pulling out his xixphos. Neil had shrieked when Synara flew out, but he pulled himself together. He was now throwing rocks of all sizes towards Synara. Herry had grabbed onto Archie's arms and was helping him pull Synara down.

Synara was struggling when Herry grabbed onto Archie and was pulling. Herry's extra strength was pulling her down even harder. Synara shrieked angrily and grabbed at the cord. She got her grip on the cord and pulled hard. Grunts and cries of suprise came from Herry and Archie as they got lifted off the ground. Jay ran forward and grabbed onto Archie's leg, grinding his feet into the ground and pulling them down.

Synara clawed at the whip cord. Her clawed nails were so sharp, they started to cut through the rope. As she was tugged back towards the ground by the three, the cord started to rip away. Just as Synara prepared for the final ripping swipe, a rock the size of an apple hit her in the head.

"Yes!" Neil cheered, dancing around in a little circle for his success.

Synara shrieked even louder and took a swing at the cord. It snapped and Herry, Archie and Jay fell like dominos. Neil bent down again and picked up a rock the size of his fist. He threw it and it managed to hit Synara's wing. It bounced off andcame flying back towards Neil. He screamed and ducked out the way before they rock hit him. Synara shrieked again and dived towards the fallen three.

Herry jumped up quickly as Synara dived and joined Neil in throwing rocks. He picked up one the size of a melon and launched it. As Synara was diving, the rock smashed into her stomach. Synara clutched her stomach and doubled over in mid-dive. She dropped down towards the group; they all tensed up as she dropped slowly. All their eyes were on her as she dropped slowly, trying to pick herself up. She gasped loudly and regained her breath. Synara stared down at them menancingly, shrieked again and turned.

Jay realized that she was heading back to her little cave. "Let's get moving!" he shouted, grabbing his gear and running to the wall of the mountain. Just as Jay was preparing the pegs, his PMR buzzed.

'Who could that be?' he thought, looking at the rest of the group as he picked it up.

"-ay! Ca' you hear -'e?" Theresa said, the static interfering with her message, cutting off half of her words.

"Theresa?!" Jay said, griping his PMR with both hands. Archie spun around, hoping to hear from Atlanta.

"Syna- left -a whil'- ago," Theresa said, Jay was listening intently, trying to make sense of the broken up words. "I thin' sh's coming bac'- soon," she said.

"Theresa, explain later! We're coming!" Jay said, hating being so far from Theresa.

"Is Atlanta ok?" Atchie asked, standing close to Jay, wide eyed.

"Theresa, is Atlanta there?" Jay asked, staring at Archie trying to encourage him.

"Atlant-'s here-," Theresa said, trying to clear out her message.

"We're coming!" Jay said, watching Archie sigh and rub his face.

"Hurry!" The line went dead.

They all rushed towards their gear. Neil asked where the cave was and they all looked up at the giant rock. They finally spotted an unusual formation higher up. As soon as all the gear was prepared, they started up the mountain. They kept their quick pace up the mountain. The unusual formation got clearer and clearer. It was a cave opening. Nothing could be seen from the outside, but the guys knew something or someone was in there.

I'm semi proud of this. I am ashamed. This last week I watched Sybaris Fountain. I realized how I had taken many ideas from that episode. Oh well, everyone has their time. I should get started on the next chapter. I have until Friday because I'm leaving for the weekand. It's going kill me to be so far away from writing the next few chapters! Goodness, I'm tired. I have to pee
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