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Chapter 8 : Cave of Wonders

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Atlanta wakes up in a dark place. Is she alone? She finally meets someone, but they're as confused as Atlanta is.

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Atlanta groaned. Her head was pounding. Everytime blood pulsed through her head, it brought a new wave of pain. She cracked her eyes only to reveal them to darkness. Atlanta was lying on her side, her head lying against a cold stone floor. She straightened up slowly, lifting her heavy head. Atlanta groaned again as a throbbing sensation went around her head. Atlanta blinked again, trying to adjust to the darkness. Her eyes slowly adjusted and she looked around. She could see the rough details in the rock wall across from her. Atlanta kept exploring with her eyes; she seemed to be sitting near the back of a cave tunnel. Farther down, Atlanta could see something almost like a nest. It seemed to be made out of large tree leaves. They were laid randomly, but there was a large imprint in the middle, making a rim with the leaves. Atlanta looked to her left. There was a small white circle at the very end. From what Atlanta could see from squinting, that was the exit.

Atlanta staggered upright. She wobbled and shot out her hand for balance, leaning up against the rock. Her head spun. Atlanta rested her other hand on the side of her face, her head was still pounding lightly. She walked slowly towards the light, hand still on hte wall, feet dragging as she walked. Atlanta blinked and squinted her eyes, the bright light blinding her momentarily. She looked down. The tunnel ended at a steep drop. There was no way for Atlanta to get down, the cliff was to steep. It would be suicide. Atlanta scanned the forest bottom. The trees were too thick, there was no sign of the rest of the group. Atlanta sighed and looked down again. 'The PMR!' she thought, the idea turning on like a lightbulb. She reached down to the pocket of her blue cargo caprees. It was empty. She tried the other pockets, but nothing was there. 'Oh, just wonderful!' she thought, turning angrily back into the cave to search. She carefully combed through the crevices and cracks in the cave. She hadn't found anything. As Atlanta search she ended up at Synara's nest. Atlanta searched around and in the nest. When she looked in the nest, she discovered something.

It was her PMR. Keyword, WAS her PMR. Atlanta PMR must have fallen out of her pocket. Synara must have picked it up and crushed it. Atlanta picked up the dead remains of her only chance for rescue. Rage bubbled over Atlanta's patience line. She walked back to the cave entrance and threw her PMR's remains out in the open. She watched as bits of metal and chips fall lightly through the sky, getting lost among the dense trees.


Atlanta sat like what felt for hours. After her pathetic outburst, she went back into the cave to think. She needed to make a plan. Atlanta knew she couldn't get down from the cave. She knew the rest of the group wouldn't leave her behind, but she didn't know what was happening. Atlanta hated not being in on the action. Just when Atlanta thought she would rot away in the cave, something blocked the cave light. Atlanta was doused in darkness, like a candle being snuffed. Synara's wings were opened wide as they blocked the light. Synara pulled up a limp form with red hair, almost like fire. Synara dragged the frail body deeper into the cave. She stopped a few feet before Atlanta, hissing. Theresa dragged behind her. Synara released Theresa, glared at Atlanta and backed out of the cave. Synara came to the opening, turned her feirce head her red hair blowing in the wind and hissed again at Atlanta. She jumped out, wings flying open as she disappeared from veiw.

As soon as Synara was out of sight, Atlanta lunged towards Theresa. Theresa was lying on her stomach, hair lain everywhere. Atlanta grabbed her shoulders and turned her face up. Theresa's eyes were closed, but she was still breathing.

"Theresa! Wake up!" Atlanta cried, wiping the few strands of hair from her face. Theresa stirred and groaned, eyelids twitching. Atlanta picked up Theresa's head gently and laid it on her lap. 'She's obviouslu unconsious,' Atlanta thought. Atlanta waited a couple of minutes before Theresa started to stir.

"Theresa? Are you there?" Atlanta said, noticing Theresa groan and move her head lightly.

"'Lana?" she said, lips barely moving, her voice quiet and raggid.

"Yeah. It's me Theresa. Wake up, ok?" Atlanta said, smiling.

Theresa groaned again and opened her heavy eyelids slowly. Theresa's eyes were dark as they looked up at Atlanta's. "Where are we?" she groaned, getting help from Atlanta to sit up. Her head was punding as she leaned up against the cold wall. Atlanta eyed her carefully and sat across from her. "My head is pounding," Theresa said, head in her hands.

"Yeah, that goes away soon," Atlanta said, giving a small smile. Atlanta watched Theresa rub her face and sigh. 'I'll wait till her killer headache is gone,' Atlanta thought, wanting Theresa's side of the story.

"Ok, I know you want to know what happened," Theresa said, taking her hands from her face and placing them on her knees. Atlanta smiled. Theresa sighed lightly and dove into her story. Atlanta stayed quiet as Theresa struggled with parts of her story. Theresa finally finished, letting out a long breath. Atlanta waited for Theresa to calm down before asking.

"Do you have your PMR?" Atlanta asked quietly. Theresa nodded and dug into her pocket.

"Great!" Atlanta exclaimed, she grabbed Theresa's wrist and stood her up, pulling her towards the entrance. Atlanta and Theresa scanned the forest bottom. As they looked, Theresa turned on the PMR. She tried PMRing Jay, but the static blocked the signal. Theresa moved back into the cave, trying to find a semi-clear signal.

"Jay! Can you hear me?" Theresa said, hoping Jay could hear her.

"Theres'" Jay cried, he sounded relieved to hear from Theresa.

"Synara just left but," Theresa started, trying to make her message informative and short all at once. "I think she's coming back soon."

"Theres' - explain late'!- We're comin'-" Jay said, Theresa didn't know what else to say to him.

"Theres' Is Atlant - there with you?" Jay said, Archie must be wondering if Atlanta was OK.

"Atlanta's here," Theresa said, looking at Atlanta, who was still looking out into the forest horizan.

"We're comin'-," Jay said, almost shouting his little message.

"Hurry!" Theresa said, turning off her PMR and walking back to Atlanta. "So?" she asked, looking at Theresa sideways.

"They're coming," Theresa said, turning and walking back into the cave.

"Well, what are we supposed to do?" Atlanta asked, sounding frustrated. She stomped her feet as she walked back towards Theresa, now sitting down.

"It sucks, I know. I wanna be down there too. All we can do is wait I guess," Theresa sighed, watching Atlanta pace back and forth angrily.

Atlanta sighed heavily and sat angrily across from Theresa. Theresa stared at Atlanta thoughtfully. 'She hates being out of the action,' Theresa thought, agreeing with herself and Atlanta's behaviour. Theresa and Atlanta sat on the rough cold ground and waited. The silence dragged on. There was nothing to talk about. Atlanta and Theresa wanted to talk about something to push aside the akwardness. The only problem was, they never knew how the other would react. The wind blowing outside made a whistling noise when it blew against the cave opening, like someone blowing on a bottle top. The sun created a giant warm blanket over the trees, creating a hot sauna under the tree tops. It was cool in the cave, but the two girls where unaware to the cool air.

"If you don't mind me asking," Theresa whispered, making Atlanta start. "What's going on with you and Archie?" Theresa was wondering if she was smart to ask such a question.

Atlanta stared at Theresa. "What?" she whispered, turning her full attention on Theresa, staring at her with wide eyes.

"What's going on with you and Archie?" Theresa repeated, hiding her smile. The corner of her lips were curling up into a smile. Theresa was glowing inside from the succes of Atlanta's reaction to her question.

"What do you mean, 'Me and Archie'?" Atlanta said, trying to figure out what Theresa was talking about.

Theresa sighed and moved into a more comfortable spot on the hard ground. "I mean, what's going on? Do you like him?"

"Nothing's going on! We're just friends! Atlanta said, a little too quickly. Atlanta was glad that there wasn't much light in the cave. Atlanta was blushing lightly, but she felt like someone could of fried an egg on her face.

"Right," Theresa said, smiling mockingly and tilting her head slightly.

Atlanta glared at Theresa. "What about you and Jay then?" Atlanta said, raising her voice and making it echo throughout the cave.

Theresa's smile faded. "What gaves you that idea?" she whispered.

"You guys are always together! Always paired up, always sitting together! How can you, of all people, not see that?!" Atlanta exclaimed, Theresa's question had embarrased her and she was a bit angry.

"Well, Jay's a really great guy., but..." Theresa sputtered. 'How do I really feel about Jay?' she asked herself.

"You don't have to answer," Atlanta said. "I think we both know the answers to those questions," Atlanta said, her anger going down as she smiled weakly at Theresa.

Theresa smiled. She was confused by her thoughts. 'Do me and Jay really spend all that time together?' she thought. "Sorry I asked you that question, Atlanta. I know it suprised you," Theresa said, breaking the silence of her twisted thoughts.

"It's alright. I just don't what my feelings are, and I know your thinking it too," Atlanta said, her mind as muddled as Theresa's.

Theresa laughed lightly and looked at Atlanta again. She knew Atlanta liked Archie, but didn't want to badger her about it again. Small conversation circled occasionally between Theresa and Atlanta. It was still akward no matter the conversation. Usually Atlanta could talk for hours on end, but knowing that their friends could be in danger made it even worse.

As the minutes passed, unknown presences swirled around. Atlanta and Theresa waited. As they waited, the silence crept on, making everything quieter. A small tumble of pebbles brought Atlanta and Theresa's attention to the entrance. They were pretty far in the cave but could still see a dark figure appear in the entrance, blocking the light.

END OF CHAPTER 8! I was killing myself because I kept you all waiting. I knew I had to update sooner or later, but I coudln't find the time! But guess what? I found it today! That chapter was a bit difficult for me to write, but I managed it. I think I screwed up at the ending, I didn't know how else to end it without giving it all away. It killed me inside. I just had to add in the A/A and T/J slashing talk. I was going to end it shorter, but that great idea popped into my head! Hope you liked it, there is definetly going to more where that came from! I'm leaving for my Cabin tomorrow and won't be back until next Wednesday. Then I'm leaving on the 4th again! As much as I like going on vacation, it kills me to be so far away from my story. I will defineltly work on Chapter 9 this weekand, don't worry!
Hope you all have a magnificent weekand! Toodles! :)
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