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“HELL YES!” Penina cheered as she got back onto her own bus later “Frank asked me to stay in his room! BAZINGA!”

“Hello to you too Penina.” Daniel said sarcastically.

“I’m staying in Frank’s room, I bet that we’re gonna have sex…” Penina sang as she danced around.

“Would you maybe be quiet?” Alex begged “I have a really bad headache and we have a show tonight and eugh…”

“Come on, cheer up!” Penina grinned then pouted “Raven will be happy for me. Isn’t she back from her date yet? Surely the movie will have ended by now?”

“What do you think they’re doing?” Maria giggled “Making out…”

“Has Frank kissed you yet?” Samantha asked.

Penina shook her head “No but I wish he would…”

“He will… Maybe.” Daniel smiled.

“Thanks for the words of comfort Daniel.” Penina said sarcastically, flopping down onto the sofa next to him.

Raven climbed onto the bus “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?” Penina cried.

“On my date with Ray. Mom.” Raven rolled her eyes and smiled.

“But I have something to tell you! Frank asked me to stay in his room! We’re gonna have sex!” Penina grinned.

“Has he even kissed you yet?” Raven asked, raising an eye-brow.

Penina pouted “Well no…”

“Then what makes you think he’s gonna suddenly have sex with-“

“So how did your date go?” Samantha asked quickly to change the subject.

“It was amazing.” Raven smiled and sat in between Penina and Daniel “I didn’t watch most of the film which is just as well since I hadn’t watched any of the others anyway.”

“Why weren’t you watching the film?” Maria asked, completely oblivious.

“Because I was making out with Ray obviously!” Raven laughed “And then afterwards he took me out for coffee and then maybe we made out some more…”

“How come you’re making out with Ray all over the place and Frank hasn’t even kissed me on the cheek?” Penina pouted.

“How come you’re dating Frank and you’re dating Ray but Mikey won’t ask me out?” Maria smiled.

“I never even knew you liked Mikey.” Penina said.

“That’s because you guys never asked!” Maria cried.

“Maybe you should tell him how you feel?” Samantha suggested “He might feel the same way! You never know!”

“No way I’m too shy for that!” Maria hid her face with her hands “I will just stick with what I’m doing right now. Admiring him from afar…”

Everyone laughed and went off to get ready for the show.

After the show, when both bands were at the hotel, Gerard couldn’t sleep. He had a room to himself with a large double bed. He sat up in the bed on his laptop going through his mentions on Twitter. At first he was worried that the fan he’d made cry would’ve told everyone what had happened but no one seemed to know. All the mentions were about how awesome he was and how much people wanted a reply from them. One girl said she’d cry forever if he replied. He didn’t want to make anyone cry forever. How come just one tweet from him could make people so emotional?

In the end he got out of bed and padded down the corridor in his skeleton onesie and knocked three times on the door at the end. Samantha answer, rubbing her eyes. From outside Gerard could hear Maria snoring “How do you sleep with her snoring like that?” Gerard laughed.

“I share a room with her back at home.” Samantha told him “I’m used to her snoring.” She paused “So umm what are you doing here?”

“I feel really bad about making that girl cry.” Gerard admitted “And now I doubt I’ll ever meet her again and I won’t ever be able to make it up to her.”

“Well you could just try treating your fans better from now on?” Samantha suggested.

Gerard nodded “I don’t know what’s wrong with me lately.” His eyes filled with tears “I’m a monster!”

“Oh my god, no, don’t cry, please!” Samantha begged. She was so bad at knowing what to say when people cried “Look, you’re not a monster…”

“Yes I am, I yell at everyone, boss people around, freak out at everyone for no reason and I don’t have the right to do that!” Gerard hissed.

They were both making a lot of noise and someone knocked really hard on the wall to shut them up. Samantha took Gerard’s arm and took him back to his room “Look, just go to sleep.” She whispered to him.

“Will you stay in here with me?” Gerard asked, his eyes wide.

Samantha looked around and realised there was only bed. She looked back at Gerard who was begging her with his eyes to stay. So she sighed and got into bed with him, wrapping one arm around him “Just go to sleep.” She muttered as he cried into her shoulder.
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