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Gerard went back to the tour bus and flopped onto his bunk, staring at the ceiling. How could he have made that girl cry? Why were they so sensitive about his opinion? He was just a normal guy that happened to make music.

He loved the fans but was it so bad to want some for himself sometimes? He hadn’t meant to scream at that girl… But he had been talking to Samantha. Gerard was aware that maybe he’d over re-acted. It was just the way that the fans always seemed to interrupt him. Meeting him at a meet-and-greet was fine. The fans waiting after concerts were okay too. If he was walking down the street by himself, then maybe he’d say yes to a photo. But what about the fans who interrupted him when he was on a date? Or talking to a family member? Or if he was just in a bad mood. He just wanted to be left alone most of the time. Was that so bad?

The guys had been telling him for months that he was really rude and a jerk but it hadn’t bothered him. Not until Samantha had told him he was a dick. Why did he care so much about her opinion? He cared about her opinion more than his own brothers.

Samantha wasn’t having the best time either. She was feeling really guilty about telling Gerard he was a dick… But he needed to hear it. He couldn’t go around treating everyone like shit, could he? Samantha shook away the guilty feeling and sat down next to Raven who was freaking out “He wants to take me to the movies in an hour.”

“It’s the middle of the day.” Daniel said, raising an eye-brow.

“I know but we have a show tonight, don’t we?” Raven smiled “And he wants me to stay in his hotel room.” Since the London show had been sold out, they’d added an extra date the night after so they were sleeping in a hotel instead of a tour bus. They couldn’t wait to sleep in a real bed.

“Eww he wants to have sex with you!” Alex cried “One of us should beat him up.”

“No one will beat him up.” Raven said “It’s gonna be awesome!”

“What film are you gonna watch?” Penina asked.

“Paranormal Activity 4. I haven’t watched the first three so I’m gonna be so confused.” Raven laughed “You, me, Frank and Ray should go on a double date.”

“That’d be so awesome!” Penina grinned and bounced up and down then pouted and stopped “Frank didn’t ask me to stay in his room so who I am supposed to share with? Do you want me to sleep by myself?” Penina sighed.

“You can sleep in our room?” Maria suggested.

“No, they got two people bedrooms.” Penina groaned “Fine, I’ll sleep alone…”

“I’m gonna go and get ready.” Raven said, going upstairs to get changed out of her baggy hoodie and into something a little more pretty.

“Don’t overdress; it’s a date to the cinema!” Daniel yelled upstairs.

“Aww, you’re so adorable!” Maria giggled, ruffling his hair.

“Hey, I just got my hair right!” Daniel moaned, trying to put it back to right.

“I’m gonna go and see Frank.” Penina said, standing up and going to the door “Maybe he’ll ask if I wanna sleep in his room?”

“You really like him, don’t you?” Samantha smiled.

“I LOVE HIM!” Penina cried, running over to his bus.
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